Archetypes case study part 6, 7 & 8 june 24, 2013
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Archetypes case study part 6, 7 & 8 june 24, 2013



Product development case study

Product development case study



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Archetypes case study part 6, 7 & 8 june 24, 2013 Archetypes case study part 6, 7 & 8 june 24, 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • part 5 of 7 part Case Study1Product development
  • Luxury brand Case Study2
  • Notes3
  • November 2012Max Ruckman, Black & Decker HHIProject TeamLuxury BrandBusinessDevelopmentCase StudyPart6-8www.maxruckman.com4
  • Phase viproduction
  • all agency listings and quality plans are complete and on the lineBulk build & testfirst full production lotafter the final pilot andconducted usingproduction tooling, bytrained persons
  • approved capital equipmentBulk build & testclean pilot lot i.e. no product design, tooling or process changessuccessful pilot lot test resultsstatistically significant reliability assurance test results from the laboratory and fieldramp up goalsproduction planlaunch plan agreed upon by team and marketingconfirmed product cost
  • productivity / waste & variancesBulk build & testbuild productsafety / process & variancesinventorymeasure to all promised deliverablesquality first time pass & finished stock auditservice level
  • bulk production review: program managerto hold monthly post production review,includes resident engineerBulk build & testsalable product forrelease to distributionaction plan to address misses
  • second pilot of “Product X” was run on “date” at themanufacturing facility consisting of 120 unitsPilot lot buildsummary
  • this product is very similar in construction to theexisting “product y” products being built at themanufacturing facility, and therefore the majorityof the processes already in place were carriedforward when this product was builtPilot lot buildsummary
  • there are three exceptions in the component assembly areaPilot lot buildsummary
  • the operators experience minimal disruption or problems when assembling these componentsPilot lot buildsummarymechanismdesign was changed to eliminate “problem A” that occurs in “product X” when underextreme environmental conditionsa plastic spring retainer was replaced with a powdered metal plate and six steel pins.
  • no action requiredPilot lot buildsummary
  • this must be closely monitored by all team membersPilot lot buildsummaryfinal recommendation: to insurethe product meets the highestquality standards acomprehensive audit plan mustbe followed, with specialattention to the sub-assemblies
  • add other issues as neededPilot lot buildsummary
  • cartonsall artwork completedall revisions and changes were made to carton art work to newinformation per marketing requestany other changes required to packagingPilot lot testPackaging example
  • “product x” products have been through several different builds,each time with major improvements to the durability of the designPilot lot testProduct testing summary
  • the following schedule summarizes the buildsaugust 2011 prototype build 20 unitsoctober 2011 esl 1 46 unitsjanuary 2012 esl 2 145 unitsmarch 2012 pilot lot 1 80 unitsapril 2012 pilot lot 2 120 unitsPilot lot testProduct testing summary
  • tested 54 units including all buildsPilot lot testfield testingtypical uses: door installationtypical users: home builders, DIYer’slogged over 5,250 days in the fieldProduct testing summary
  • application based reliability testingtested approximately 120 units on destructive cycling testapplications: list uses tests performedPilot lot testin-house testingremaining tests: in the process of completing all rig testing for a completeanalysis of the pilot lot units continuing application testing until failureProduct testing summary
  • agency certificationall testing has beencompleted and certificationwas received if applicablePilot lot testProduct testing summary
  • Phase viidistribution
  • audit of product to confirm its acceptable for release to distributionSqa confirm
  • audit resultstest resultsengineering test resultsSqa confirm
  • supply standardmanufacturing procedures asdictated by audit resultsSqa confirm
  • release the product to distribution on concluding a “good” resultSqa confirm
  • replacement parts must be available in the servicewarehouse before product introduction so they can beused by the service and reconditioning centersService spares
  • manufactured cost of spare partsService sparescomplete engineering BMO & related part drawingsproduct sales forecastforecast of replacement parts inventory using in-house testing resultsstructureof all part masters in supplier database
  • receive, inspect andplace replacementparts into inventoryService sparesstructure service part mastersdevelop service BOMdevelop list of recommended initial parts order quantitiesdetermine initial parts order quantitiesplace orders for replacement parts
  • ready-to-orderreplacement partsinventory in servicebase warehouseService spares
  • Phase viiiProgramTargetscoring
  • access performance of existingsimilar product to carry-overgood features and avoidrecurrence of “old” problemsPost auditassist in provision ofproduct feedback(after-the-sale)
  • request from product team forfeedback on current productPost auditrequest fromproject team toadd product toearly warning
  • discuss performance of existing similar product with project team (by service repair and/orreconditioning technicians to identify strengths and weaknesses of current similar products)Post auditprovide feedback to project team on after-the-sale performance of the productadd product to early warning program
  • product feedback information on similar, current productPost auditafter-the-sale feedback on new products
  • November 2012Max Ruckman, Black & Decker HHIProject TeamLuxury BrandBusinessDevelopmentCase StudyPart6-8www.maxruckman.com37