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Media evaluation q2

  1. 1. The combination of the trailer and supporting texts EVALUATION QUESTION 2
  2. 3. HOW THEY WOULD WORK TOGETHER <ul><li>One of my main aims was to create some continuity between the 3 texts that the audience can instantly recognize. Similar to the James Bond style font, this “Agent One” logo is present in all of my texts. </li></ul>With this clearly visible on my poster and the focal point on my magazine cover, the audience can instantly relate to the trailer when they see it on the magazine or poster. In terms of the genre, I don’t give it away in the magazine and poster that this is a comedy, as it gives the impression in both of the supporting texts that it’s a serious spy film, not a spoof. Regarding the sections of the audience that has seen the trailer beforehand, they know that it’s a spy spoof so will have a sense of satisfaction knowing the real genre of the film.
  3. 4. REACHING THE TARGET AUDIENCE <ul><li>My trailer has a universal appeal that attracts people of most ages, but younger men and teens are most likely to enjoy the film more, as it plays on a more younger sense of humour. </li></ul><ul><li>In my poster I used a light blue as background, which lightens the mood of the poster and makes it seem less “harmful” than a strong, intense, threatening background like this one which I decided against in the end. Mainly because I didn’t feel this fitted in with the “character” of the trailer, if this had been a gun blazing action movie, then I would have used it instead. </li></ul>
  4. 5. ADDRESSING THE TARGET AUDIENCE <ul><li>The audience is attracted to the film magazine because of the bright “Agent One” logo and its contrast with the mainly black character. By saying that the film is better than James Bond and “The Living Daylights”, which are internationally known successes, my target audience knows that “Agent One” will be attractive because of its merits as a film. </li></ul><ul><li>Regarding the poster, the audience is attracted by the light blue, and the character on the poster is pointing his gun “at the viewer”, which gets them personally involved with the poster. </li></ul><ul><li>A film poster basic function is to make the audience want to see the movie, whilst a magazine draws attention to it, a film would have a magazine piece if its just been announced (in conjunction with the teaser trailer), whilst the poster would be on public display nearer release. In the case of “Agent One”, on the poster it says it will be released in summer 2010, so the poster would appear around spring 2010, to build up excitement and momentum for the release. </li></ul>