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Breaking all industrial benchmarks, the top-of-the-range SMARTMAX M2M HSPA Smart Modem is an intelligent fusion of 3G capabilities coupled with advanced modem/router functionality. It offers unique built-in Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) features. Encased in a robust heavy duty metal casing, the device supports a wide range of connectivity options including RS232, RS485, and USB ports. The DNP3 protocol and HSPA wireless connectivity features ensure local, national, and international remote accesses via VPN, DDNS, and FTP protocol standards.

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Smartmax M2M HSPA Smart Modem - Maxon Solutions

  1. 1. GPS Smart Location Solution | MA-3065 CHOOSE WELL... CHOOSE WISELY... CHOOSE MAXON... TRACK YOUR ASSETS WITH THE SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE OF THE SMARTMAX HSPA SMART MODEM & GPS SOLUTION. Enhance the Smartmax intelligence with the GPS option enabling advanced location-based services for your mobile and fixed assets. Provides location data, geo-fencing with alarms, advanced configuration, and simple streamlined integration, making this Smartmax GPS an ideal solution for tracking and management applications. Complete your M2M solution with the I/O Interface enhancing your applications functionality by monitoring and controlling your assets. GPS Antenna Features • Built-in patch antenna • 12 parallel tracking channels • Fast TTFF(time-to-first-fix) and low power consumption • On-board rechargeable battery sustained RealTime Clock and control parameters memory for fast satellite acquisition during power-up • Automatic cold start without user reset. • Interference filter to major VHF channels of marine radar • WAAS compliant with EGNOS support ale c os tt o *N
  2. 2. GPS Smart Location Solution | MA-3065 Specifications for GPS Antenna General Features NME Messages • Geofence • • • • L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code, 12-channel, Carrier-Aided with HWTrack© Sensitivity • -143 dBm minimum Update Rate • 1Hz Accuracy Position:15m without S/A Velocity: 0.1m/sec without S/A Time: ± 1μ GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG Interface • USB • Cable length 5m standard WAAS Accuracy • Tracking • Acquisition • Dynamics • • • • Reacquisition: <100m second Antenna Built-in Patch Antenna Pole Mounted Dimensions Asset Management Position : 5m CEP Velocity : 0.05m/sec Cold start: < 120 sec (typical) Warm start: < 45 sec (typical) Hot start: < 15 sec Altitude : -1000m to 18000m Velocity : 500m/s Acceleration : ±4g Power • • DC 5V Height : 60mm or 2.36-inch Weight : 8.46oz or 240g Environmental Specifications • Operating Temperature -30˚ C to 80˚c • Security Storage Temperature-40˚c to 90˚c Transport T | +612 8707 3000 ● F | +612 8707 3001 ● E | ● 36A Gibson Avenue, Padstow NSW Australia 2211 ●