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Mini IO Controller is covered with robust plastic case and screw terminal connections. It is meant for sturdy connection, analog and digital interfaces of Smartmax modems. I/O controller provides high range flexibility when attached with Maxon's Smartmax Modem for data transmission and helps in controlling limitless applications. Smartmax’s built-in Web Interface or via the maXconnect portal helps for local or remote programming of I/O interface controller.

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Mini IO Controller - Maxon Solutions

  1. 1. M2M HSPA Smart Modem Solution - I/O Board: MA-4020 CHOOSE WELL... CHOOSE WISELY... CHOOSE MAXON... TRANSFORM THE SMARTMAX INTO A POWERFUL COST-EFFECTIVE MINI REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT Turn your Smartmax M2M HSPA Smart Modem Solution into a cost-effective mini RTU with the I/O Interface Controller. When used in conjunction with Maxon’s Smartmax Modem for data telemetry, the I/O Interface Controller provides wide-ranging flexibility for system integrators and users for automating and controlling innumerable field applications. Local or remote programming of the I/O Interface Controller can be done via the Smartmax’s builtin Web Interface. The fully featured web interface includes programming of the DNP3 settings and I/O status updates via SMS. The SmartMax connects directly to the IO board via a ribbon connection, while the I/O controller can be wired to collect data automatically and connect directly to sensors, meters, loggers or process equipment. Smartmax I/O Board Features *N ot to sc ale • 6 Digital Inputs (1 configurable as pulse input) • 2 Analogue Inputs • 4 Digital Outputs • 1 Pulse Input • DNP3/SMS Settings configurable via web page inside Smartmax Modem. • I/O Board controllable via DNP3, SMS, or using inbuilt web page. • SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for the Smartmax HSPA Modem (Product Code: MA-2010) 081112 The Mini I/O Controller MA-3020 is a fully labelled , robust enclosure that secures the I/O Board. This solution provides an all-in-one product.
  2. 2. M2M HSPA Smart Modem Solution - I/O Board: MA-4020 Frequency Bands • WCDMA/HSPA 850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz General Features • Packet Data 6 Digital Inputs Characteristics • 2 Way SMS · VIH (Input voltage high range): 2 ~ 24V • Remote SMS diagnostics & reset · VIL (Input voltage low range): -2 ~ 0.8V • Embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP STACK · Ri (Input impedance): more than 5 kΩ • In-built periodic reset · Rd (Internal pull-up): 47 kΩ for short to ground detection • External DC Powered Metering Connection Specifications · Input chatters are filtered by S/W setting • Support VPN Server and Client Mode Water • Dynamic DNS 1 Pulse at Input 0 • Supports DNP3 (Outstation) using extension I/O board • Rugged Metal Casing for industrial use • In-Built Web Interface · Accuracy (25°C) 0.05 % of span · Temperature stability  0.005 % / °C • Programmable scheduler to control WAN connection • Telnet support Road Signs · Frequency range 0 ~ 1000 Hz • Save and restore modem configuration from a file • FOTA - Firmware upgrade over the air • External antenna connectivity to maximise HSPA coverage • External LED to show Network and Connection status · Input impedance 47kΩ   4 Digital Outputs · MOSFET switch to ground · Ro (Output resistance): less than 300 m Ω · VOpen (maximum allowed output voltage on open): 24 VDC · IOut (maximum allowed switching current to ground): 1A Connections · Switching time < 10 msec • 6 x Digital Inputs (INPUT 0 ~ INPUT 5 in terminal block) · Chatter free • 4 x Digital Outputs (OUTPUT 0 ~ OUTPUT 3 in terminal Security   block) 2 Analog Inputs • 2 x Analog Inputs (ANALOG 0 and ANALOG 1) • 1 x Pulse Input (INPUT 0) Transport · Accuracy: Typical ±0.25% ; Worst Case  ±1% • 1 x Case Open · Maximum sampling rate: 10 sample/sec • 1 x Battery (Monitor Battery Level) · Input signal type: one of 0~20mA, 0~5V, or 0~10V • 1 x 20 Pin Terminal Block (SmartMax Interface) Power Environmental Specifications • Normal Operation Temperature • Extreme Operation Temperature Compliance T | +612 8707 3000 • RoHS Compliant · 12bit resolution -20 to 60° C · (The input type is selected by the jumper “PULSE” on the connected Smartmax and INPUT# on the I/O board) · Input impedance for the signal type 0 ~ 20mA < 100Ω · Input impedance for the signal type 0 ~ 10VDC > 10K Ω -25 to 75° C Dimensions • 210mm X 1100mm X 650mm (with connectors) F | +612 8707 3001 E | 36A Gibson Avenue, Padstow NSW Australia 2211