Pecha cucha of gamada
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  • Gamada was born on July 19 1957, In Madagascar, Africa. Madagascar is an island South East of Africa (point at Madagascar). Gamada is currently 54 years old. Being born in Madagascar shaped his identity because he started off in a poor area and as he got smarter he became wealthier.
  • Gamada is the youngest of 3 children, his mom worked at his school, and his dad was a cattle rancher. His family was a big contribution to his identity because they started his life and allowed him to go to school instead of having to work on a ranch which would have changed his future a lot if he did.
  • Gamada went to a school which only taught a few subjects. His favorite subject was PE because usually they only played soccer which was mainly because they didn’t have any other equipment. This allowed him to get more training in soccer and school also taught him the basics in life.
  • As a child Gamada went to school, played soccer and worked on the ranch where he gained a strong work ethic and discipline. That work ethic made him work harder at soccer until he eventually became the best.
  • The school that Gamada went to was run by French missionaries who taught the kids about other countries, and basic skills. Courses were taught in Malagasy, French, and English.
  • As a teenager, his friends had a big impact on his life because most of his friends were his teammates on the soccer team, and Gamada relied on soccer for his earnings and to help his family. He earned around 4000 Ariary for scoring 2 goals in a game which they win(which is around 2 dollars or 60 baht).
  • Gamada’s village is one of the poorest in the country and as he got older he wanted to help reduce poverty. Gamada cares a lot about the world and other people. Caring about the world made Gamada more appreciative of everything.
  • In 1974 Gamadassoccer team got invited to the Madagascar national tournament during this tournament he would meet national coaches, players and friends.
  • The tournament would have 20 of the best teams from Madagascar, this experience allowed him to meet national team coaches and play against national team players, who will later on become his teammates and friends.
  • As the tournament day arrived Gamadas team is physced and is warming up so they will be ready for their first game against the 3rd seed in the tournament. In this game he starts a friendship with a goalie named Marc Ravalonam who later becomes president of Madagascar from 2002 to 2009.
  • Gamada’s team moves on to the finals against the first seed team, where he meets business man Jelani Fayola a later sponsor of Gamadas Football Development Academy. He also gets scouted by French club Le Manes FC
  • After playing on Le Mans for 4 years he gets moved from second division team Le Mans to a first division team Marseille. He plays on Marseille for 12 years. While winning league title 5 times.
  • In 1976 he gets selected for the national team of Madagascar where he meets Marc Ravalonam again because he is the national teams goalie.
  • In 1980 Gamada opened a soccer academy for kids in Madagascar. He named the academy Madagascar Football Development Academy (MFDA), one of the main sponsors of the academy is Jelani Fayola who he met in a National Tournament earlier on in life.
  • He retires from Marseilles and the Madagascar national team in 1990 and starts coaching Cottonline FC of the Madagascar champions league for 7 years, this showed Africa that he was a good coach which allowed him to be chosen for the coach of the National Team.
  • In 1997 (40yo)Gamada was selected as Madagascar National team coach. While coaching for the national team the teams record started getting better, making them better told Gamada that he was a good coach.
  • 3 years later Gamada coached the National team to make history by qualifying for African nations cup, Under Gamadas leadership the Madagascar National team qualifies for the African Nations cup 4times.
  • Moves to South Africa to become Secretary General of SAFA (South African Football Association). He is the first non south African to take an executive position within SAFA
  • In 2002 Africa gets selected to host the 2010 World Cup, for the next 8 years Gamada helps organize the biggest football event in Africa. His help organizing made the World Cup a success where everyone throughout Africa cheered teams on.
  • At age 54 Gamada is still running his Football Academies and now has 4 of them throughout Africa. He is also an advisor to Marc Ravalonam who is the President of Madagascar. Through hard work and dedication Gamada was able to give back to soccer and to his country.


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