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Trend Blend 2009 Map


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Transcript of "Trend Blend 2009 Map"

  1. 1. Trend Blend 2009+ Severe water shortages Global supply Severe heatwaves chain disruption People taking trend maps too seriously Nano-solar Alternative energy bubble Eco-Cynics Wind power a map of time and tide Electricity Vertical agriculture Clean coal Return of SARS shortages Rehiring of retirees Bio-fuel backlash Networked risk Declining water quality Space weather Asset price uncertainty Peak landfill Income inequality Major earthquake in Negawatts economic centre Increased regulation Iran Energy dashboards Pakistan Skills shortages Skimming Nuclear power Facebook fatigue Oil /gas price spikes Resource shortages Short formats Influenza pandemic Green cities Flight to quality Collapse of nuclear Low cost competition Online video non-proliferation treaty Urbanisation Seriousness Green taxes Storytelling Outsourcing backlash e-books Virtual protests Protectionism Too much Transparency information Digital privacy Immigration backlash Fantasy & escape Web 2.0 campaigning CSR Climate change Micro-boredom Energy insecurity crisis Fall of US Empire Digitalisation Digital diets Search for We not me Globalisation in retreat control Collapse of US dollar Sustainability Global Pensions funding Growth of autocracy Connectivity Anxiety Old skool Merchantilism Rising protectionism Prediction markets Slowdown in growth Enoughism Volatility Uncertainty Religious and Shorter product lifecycles Industry consolidation Power Shift ethnic tension Eastwards Utility Re-regulation De-leveraging Debt Authenticity Deflation Obesity GRIN tech Ageing Trust Sovereign wealth funds Islands of Tranquility Food shortages Web 2.0 Debt stress 2-speed economies Green IT Inflation Allowable luxuries Virtualisation Increased societal Simplicity appetite for risk Data security Single person households Credit default swaps Energy storage IMBYs LEGEND Telepresence Major Device convergence internet failure Extended financial families www.nowandnext.com Cloud computing Robotics Renting things Critical Global Risk Society Politics infrastructure Gesture based computing attack Home cooked meals Dangerous currents Technology Business Rapid growth of transnational crime Mobile computing Economy Family Unplugging EMF radiation Possible red herring Geo-fencing Middle class unrest Environment Media Back to basics Gated communities * Size of circle denotes likely impact of trend (hey, it’s just an educated guess). Nicole Kidman wins another Oscar This map is published under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike License. Map by Richard Watson with help from Ben. More at www.nowandnext.com
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