Vans Research Plan


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Vans Research Plan

  1. 1. Vans. Max Mattacks
  2. 2. Purposes of Research • • • • Research is useful as it allows you to: Gather information about your brand and its history Find out who your target audience is To learn more about your target audience and what they like • To spread the word about your brand and attract more attention • Find out what techniques are successful and work well in advertising
  3. 3. Primary Research • Primary Research is new research that doesn’t exist yet, and is used to find out answers to specific questions. • A good way to conduct primary research is by creating questionnaires, surveys or small focus groups. • To show variety in my primary research I plan to do both a questionnaire and a focus group. • These will focus on different aspects of my research, the questionnaire will mainly be about vans in general and the perception about the brand. • And the focus group will be used to talk about a specific advert I will show to try and see what is expected of vans adverts.
  4. 4. Primary Research • I am trying to find out what people think of the Vans as a brand. • Also what the target market is for people seeing the advert. • If I can identify these things then I can tailor the advert to the correct audience but also try and interest people who are new to the brand or its products.
  5. 5. Quantitative Research • To ensure that I accumulate some quantitative research I will compiled a questionnaire and send it out to a group of 13 people. • I will send the questionnaire to people all around a similar age group to me, as this is who I think the target market for Vans will be. • To show the results of this questionnaire I plan to put all the numerical research I receive into graphs and present them on my blog. • I also plan to do an evaluation of my results and include what I could of done better. For example what better question I could of asked.
  6. 6. Qualitative Research • To guarantee that I gather some qualitative research I’m also going to conduct a focus group based on an advert for Vans. • I will recorded the responses of the 3 or 4 people in my focus group after they’ve seen the advert. • To show the results from this focus group I will analyze the recording and write up a transcript of the most important points made during the discussion. • I plan to publish these results on my blog with a link to the advert I showed the group. • I will then finally do an evaluation and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the focus group and what I have learned form it. • The evaluation will also be posted on my blog.
  7. 7. Secondary Research • Secondary research is research that is carried out with already existing research. It uses materials such as books, magazines, newspapers etc. • Secondary or ‘desk’ research can also be historical research or theoretical research. • This will be useful to me as it will enable me to find out all the information about Vans that has already be done. • I plan to research using different medians including books about Vans and advertising as well as websites showing vans sales
  8. 8. Secondary Research • I plan to base my secondary research on data that I gather from the book ‘Vans: Off the Wall: Stories of Sole from Vans Originals’ • Using secondary research is the most appropriate way to find out this information because obviously my primary is not going to give me the same level of results. • Also obviously it’s not really reasonable for me to make a book to gather information.
  9. 9. Quantitative Research • To ensure that I have some quantitative secondary research I plan to find past surveys that have been done on Vans. • I will also try and find some existing information on the sales figures of Vans. • I will present this information using graphs and I will then analyse any mistakes or aspects I could improve on, and write it up in an evaluation. • I will also evaluate what I did well and how good the research I gathered was.
  10. 10. Qualitative Research • To ensure that I have some qualitative secondary research I intend to read through the books I have selected and highlight key points. I will then type this key points into my own words and present them in a word document. • I also then plan to evaluate the quality of my notes and how I could improve and on this, and how I could accumulate more data. • I will also evaluate what I did well and how good the research I gathered was.