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Money - March's global theme for Creative Mornings
VIDEO: because context is helpful.
We looked at the myths and terrors artists often have with the mundane business of moneymaking. And how our internet re-sculpts the future for creative business.

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Creative Mornings - Money Making Art

  1. 1. Max Kaizen“Money”@CapeTown_CM#cptcmHunter of Genius@maxkaizenMoney, Creatively
  2. 2. for Xis there an actual problem?Who benefits if you develop this fix?What are you solving? Is it WORTH fixing?VOLUNTEERS?
  3. 3. Go ProRead: Steven Pressfield - Turning Pro
  4. 4. can you findthe MILLION bucksin the room?thanksTinaSeelig
  5. 5. “Ideas are a dime a dozen.People who can make them happen,priceless”** Mary Kay Ash, lightly remixedcan you afford to bean artist?will you pay the price?Earn it
  6. 6. be convincedif you don’t look like you really care,why should we?Buy ityourselfto be convincing3
  7. 7. Demo4your idea in actionCraft/sketch/weld/draw a prototype.Simulate the interaction.Make it as tangible as!make a mock-upEven if it isn’t fullyfunctional, or beautiful yet.I need _____________before I ____________
  8. 8. skillslovemArket$$.and where theangels rejoice
  9. 9. Produce!Bias to be anti-fragile. TINKER.20%investIdeas and ideals are not enoughlearn to thrive in chaos
  10. 10. Perfectionismkills cash
  11. 11. Be Visible & make it Easyfor People to Buy from you
  12. 12. Remixyou’re an originalchoose wiselyfonts are (mostly) freedesign and trust are entangled
  13. 13. Teach metell me something surprisingthat I didn’t know
  14. 14. Scientifictrack. test. tweakDon’t guess. Price test.Slay superstition.MethodWillingness to pay + high desirability/utility + right customers
  15. 15. InteractCan you draw your audience in,by asking a question/ getting themto do something with you?Most pitches are rapid-fire monologues.
  16. 16. Priceis a signal[what do Haitian bus drivers and wine brands know]Sculpt how and who you serve. GOOD TASTE counts.Measure! but BEWARE THE SUNK COST WARP.HELP THEM WIN = you win.
  17. 17. CashFlowLet your customers be your funders
  18. 18. Freemiumvalue = priceCwF + R2B = $ThanksMikeMasnick
  19. 19. Moneyflows through peopledon’t go it alone.not (magical) treesgood for introverts!
  20. 20. I love what you’re’s my credit card.
  21. 21. TradeSeriously. Don’t go it alone.Find others whose offerings couldstrengthen your soft spots.Do-It-Together.alonegeniusnot zero sum19thcenturyromance
  22. 22. stop googling “how to make money online”.The Web isevolving uslearn to earn EXPENSIVE ATTENTION
  23. 23. Rock theRemixIMPACT = REUSEfree!
  24. 24. statistically improbablethat someone willSTEAL your IDEA
  25. 25. skillslovemArket$$.And where theangels rejoice
  26. 26. 4minutesto pitch your product/service/project.Gasp! tough, but yes, you can.The following 15.5 suggestionsshould help youdo it in style >>Not what you can do.What you alone can do.Stand Up
  27. 27. Don’t wait. Create.IMPLEMENT YOUR IDEAS sooner
  28. 28. will you findthe MILLION bucksin this room?the price of peace?courage
  29. 29. maxkaizen.comthe call to edventuremake it count
  30. 30. Shared and Licensed under Creative Commons on Flickrby these rather excellent photographers:Image CreditsTarotastic Slide: 4minutesRnout Slide: Solve for XWhiteAfrican Slide: DemoDaveyBot Slide: RealWorldGoefTheRef Slide: DesignIgorSchwarzman Slide: TeamSeanMcgrath Slide: Be BoldSmath Slide: Augmented CourageTarotastic Slide: Judge notthank youThe presentation is licensed under Creative Commons BY SA to Max Kaizen
  31. 31. Thank you Cape Town Partners |