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Europeana Creative in a Nutshell
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Europeana Creative in a Nutshell


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One year into the project - presentation at the first Europeana Creative technical review meeting in Brussels, 8 April 2014

One year into the project - presentation at the first Europeana Creative technical review meeting in Brussels, 8 April 2014

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Europeana Creative in a nutshell One year into the project Max Kaiser @maxkaiser Brussels, 8 April 2014
  • 2. creative re-use of digitised content
  • 3. content re-use ....
  • 4. * Slide by Harry Verwayen at Europeana AGM December 2013
  • 5. how?
  • 6. content for re-use Europeana Labs & technical infrastructure Europeana Content Re-use Framework co-creation events five Pilots series of challenge events with the creative industries incubation of the most viable projects evaluation cycle
  • 7. the project
  • 8. February 2013 – July 2015 (30 months) CIP ICT PSP Best Practice Network Call: CIP-ICT-PSP-2012-6 • Theme 2: digital content, open access and creativity 26 partners from 14 EU member states Coordinated by the Austrian National Library 835 person-months effort (838 after contract amendment) Budget: € 5,312,514 EU contribution: € 4,250,000
  • 9. project partners
  • 10. project structure
  • 11. WP1 Europeana Labs WP2 Infrastructure for Content Re-use WP3 Business Model Frameworks WP4 Pilots WP5 Open Innovation WP6Evaluation WP7Dissemination WP8 Project Management MANAGEMENT SUPPORTDELIVERY
  • 12. WP1 Europeana Labs
  • 13. goals build Europeana Labs build a Co-Creation infrastructure to support the Pilots source and prepare content
  • 14. Europeana Labs
  • 15. what? discover and be inspired by open collections re-use, remix, republish share tools, services and code join co-creation and other collaborative activities
  • 16. Co-Creation
  • 17. WP2 Infrastructure for Content Re-use
  • 18. goals build infrastructure components for Europeana Labs that facilite content re-use build services for pilots provide collaborative development spaces, agile methodology, workshops
  • 19. main achievements in year 1 SPARQL endpoint / Semantic Retrieval Service Image Similarity Search Geomapping Geographic Enrichment Annotation API
  • 20. example: Image Similarity Search inspiration for creative design search for patterns, colours
  • 21. WP3 Business Model Frameworks
  • 22. goals extension of the existing Europeana Licensing Framework to facilitate re-use of content develop business models for pilot themes develop business model for Europeana Labs
  • 23. main achievements in year 1 discussion paper “Extending the Europeana Licensing Framework” specifications for implementation four Business Model Workshops Business Model Trends Workshop Europeana Labs integrated in long-term Europeana Strategy
  • 24. WP4 Pilots
  • 25. 5 Themes – 5 Pilots – 5 Challenges started Nov. 2013started May 2013 starts May 2014
  • 26. History Education Pilot
  • 27. tools for creation of online learning activities
  • 28. Natural History Education Pilot
  • 29. serious adventure game
  • 30. memory card game for children
  • 31. Social Networks Pilot
  • 32. enrich sounds with Europeana materials and other websources
  • 33. Tourism Pilot
  • 34. recreate paintings and images and share via social media
  • 35. WP5 Open Innovation
  • 36. goals identify, incubate and spin-off viable projects based on the 5 thematic areas of Europeana Creative pilots as inspiration Challenge winner receives support package, incl. technical, strategic and business support to help develop the idea and get the business started
  • 37. First Challenge event for (Natural) History Theme: @ The Egg, Brussels 29 / 30 April 2014
  • 38. WP6 Evaluation
  • 39. permanent monitoring of the development sprint cycles of the Pilots (more than 30 sprint cycles so far) 1st Interim Report on the Natural History Education Pilot (NHEP) and History Education Pilot (HEP)
  • 40. WP7 Dissemination
  • 41.
  • 42. Max Kaiser @maxkaiser Thank you!