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Java array111
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Java array111


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  • 1. Java Array<br />Java Array <br />Array, what is it? An array is a group of variables of the same data type and referred to by a common name. An array is contiguous block of memory locations referred by a common name.Why array is needed?<br />You might come across a situation where you need to store similar type of values for a large number of data items. For example : to store all student mark , you need declare thousands of variables  In addition, each variable name needs to be unique. To avoid such situations, you can use arrays do store the thousands of student mark.For example Java ArrayTo store the marks of 5000 students, you can declare an array, marks, of size 5000 and can store the marks of as many students.<br />int marks[] = new int[5000];<br />Java Software<br />Java Software <br />Java technology allows you to work and play in a secure computing environment , that together provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform environment. Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones on the low end, to enterprise and supercomputers on the high end. Java is used in mobile phones.<br />Database<br />Third poll question result. The question is " Is Java one of the more difficult programming language to learn?" Total vote we got 2. We have simplified the results into a diagram as below: <br />According to the poll result. Most of the people choose YES. We assume that major of people learning programming is hard to learn.<br />Testing Wireless Java Applications<br />Testing Wireless Java Applications <br />Wireless applications written in the Java programming language that is wireless Java applications, that same like all types of software,all applications must be tested the functionality and usability under all working conditions. Testing the applications more important in the wireless world because working conditions vary a lot more than they do for most software. For example, wireless Java applications are developed on high-end desktop machines but deployed on handheld wireless devices with very different characteristics. Part to test wireless applications :Provides an overview of software testingDescribes the challenges in testing wireless applicationsPresents a tutorial on testing wireless applicationsFurnishes testing checklists for user interface, networking, and other areasDiscusses certification programs for applications targeted at the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME applications)<br />Oracle’s Fight to Be Upwardly Mobile<br />Oracle's Fight to Be Upwardly Mobile <br />Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt thinks he can build a  $10 billion mobile business. The Oracle CEO acquired his way to dominance in enterprise software, and his purchase of Sun Microsystems secured him an invite to the mobile party. But while Sun's Java programming language anchors  have many basic phones, it is at risk of being left behind in smart phones.That is despite Google using an adapted version of Java for its Android software, the fastest-growing mobile operating system for smartphones. Oracle claims the work-around violates Sun's intellectual property.If you want know more information please refer below website...<br />What is Oracle In Java<br />what is Oracle in java.... <br />Java is one of the computer industry's best brands and most widely deployed technologies in world. With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle will drive continued innovation and investment in Java technology for the benefit of customers and the Java community.Oracle Fusion Middleware is built on Java technology in support of applications and services written in the Java language. Oracle has been a leading and substantive supporter of Java since its emergence in 1995 and takes on the new role as steward of Java technology with a relentless commitment to fostering a community of participation and transparency..Question:What is Oracle....??<br />