Team Building Presentation


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Presentation on Team building and it's exercise in Organization. Team Building exercise and activity. Effective leadership skills.

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Team Building Presentation

  1. 1. An Input to Productivity
  2. 2. TEAM means… Training Encourage Motivation Aim T E A M Together Everyone Achieve More
  3. 3. In a team,  People depend on each other;  May or may not work in the same physical location,  Combine to achieve something together WHAT IS TEAM ???
  4. 4. The process of working with a team to clarify its task and how team members can work together to achieve it. A strategy that can help groups to develop into a real team is “team building”
  5. 5. TEAM BUILDING Focus on Contribution Develop a Participatory Role Promote Team Responsibility Establish Objective Together
  6. 6. Key Actions in Team Building Setting and maintaining the teams objectives and standards Involving the team as a whole in the achievement of objectives Maintaining the unity of the team Communicating efficiently with the team Consulting the team – members before taking any decisions
  7. 7. Team Building Motivation Determination Unity & Diversity Broader Perspective Goal Orientation Key Roles in Team Building
  8. 8.  Keeping the peace  Friendly  Enthusiasm  Feedback  Generating ideas  Initiative  Solving problems  Appropriate humour  Seeking approval  Encouraging others Helpful Team Behaviour
  9. 9. • Strategy • Clear Role & Responsibility • Open Communication • Rapid Response • Effective Leadership Key factors to successful performance of a team: S.C.O.R.E
  10. 10. Strategy  Shared purpose  Clearly articulated values and ground rules  Understanding of risks and opportunities facing the team  Clear categorization of the overall responsibilities of the team  To measure individual results
  11. 11. Clear Roles & Responsibility Clear definition of roles and responsibilities Responsibility shared by all members Specific objectives
  12. 12. Respect for individual differences Open communication environment among team members Rapid response to the team’s problems Effective management to change in the internal and external environment Clear Roles & Responsibility Open Communication
  13. 13. Effective Leadership Team leader who is able to help members achieve the objective and build the team Team leader who can draw out and free up the skills of all team members, develop individuals
  14. 14. Common Need The overriding need of all people working for the same organization: To make the organization profitable.
  15. 15. Work Place with No Goal Orientation
  16. 16. Importance of Team Building Leads one’s mind to creativity. Encourage one to take initiative. Combined effort to single target. Provide space for individual growth. Broaden one’s vision. Rewards and recognition moves side by side.
  17. 17. Impact of Team Building Activity Groom one’s personality. Broaden theVision. Feeling of ‘WE’ flourish. Developing trust we co-workers. Sense of responsibility develop instead of blaming
  18. 18. Coming together is a BEGINNING Keeping together is PROGRESS; and Working together is success
  19. 19. Presented by YUVRAJ ZALA