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Please contact Maxwell Finn at max@dailyhundred.com or 609-664-6630 for more information.

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Daily Hundred Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Investor Presentation March 2013
  2. 2. Welcome The Daily HundredThe Daily Hundred gives away $200 casheveryday to loyal customers who share the best photos! Our users pay nothing! Ready to learn more?
  3. 3. Executive Summary The Daily Hundred The Daily Hundred has developed an innovative social media and mobile-based marketing platform that harnesses the power of word-of-mouth advertising. The Daily Hundred’s mission is to change the DNA of modern day marketing tactics and platforms by giving customers a powerful voice. Our core technologies include a contest hosting platform and social ranking algorithms; we offer and manage daily, location specific challenges for businesses to advertise; additionally, we offer enterprise level licensing opportunities utilizing our platform. Our revenue is derived from usage and licensing fees. Usage fees consist of service charges to our clients who offer promotions through our local Daily Hundred mobile platform. Licensing fees consist of charges to use our platform under our client’s name and hold promotions independently of our named site. Our iOS beta program in Gainesville, Florida ran from 08/20/12–12/10/12 and we had 5,700+ downloads from the Apple app store, more than 2, 500+ submissions, and over 40,000+ votes. Our target market is projected to control more than 30% of global advertising spending by 2014 with more than $50 billion dollars being spent on marketing efforts mobile and online. We anticipate our disruptive and proprietary technology will not only capture a significant portion of that market, but also induce even higher spending in the market we are redefining.
  4. 4. The Problems Daily Mobile Brand Photo Deals Ads Loyalty Contests Companies of all sizes today areSmall business owners have It is no secret that the world is Customers today no longer think running photo contests to engageresorted to running daily deals in going mobile and the traditional that a receiving a free small drink directly with their customers.order to attract new customers. banner ad model does not after 10 full priced purchases is a Unfortunately even the biggest translate to mobile devices. good reward for their loyalty.This model does not work and companies are just hackingsmall business owners In order to reach consumers on Companies spend a majority of together existing social mediathroughout the country have mobile devices, businesses their marketing budget on the tools like Instagram, Twitter andlost large amounts of capital need to look beyond traditional medium instead of the actual Facebook to run these contests.and customers by running advertising methods and adopt customer. Businesses of all C u r re n t o ff e r i n g s a re n o tcampaigns through Groupon more engaging models like The sizes need to rethink this model producing consistent orand LivingSocial. Daily Hundred. or risk losing customers. controlled results. Important Fact! 10% of all media is currently consumed on a mobile device, but only 1% of total ad spend is allocated to mobile. Currently, 25% of global ad spend is allocated to print despite the fact that only 7% of all media is consumed through the medium.
  5. 5. The Solution The Daily Hundred provides business owners with an innovative advertising platform,which turns their customers into an extension of their marketing teams. Businesses run funphoto contests, using our platform, where customers compete to see who can receive themost votes. In essence, customers are excited to promote the business running the contest. a win-win-win scenario for everyone! Photo Contest Platform Maintain Gather Reach Total Detailed Customers Control Analytics reward Set all Moderate & View Total Run Exciting the right discover Top contest Own All Reach of Contests customer Influencers variables Photos Campaign behavior The most cost effective & powerful Advertising Platform
  6. 6. Contest Process The Business Comes Up with an awesome contest idea The business receives detailed analytics and all We work with the business to of the photos create all contest materialThe incredibly happy winners Both the business & Dailytell all of their friends hundred promote contestabout the business and prior to start datecontest The contest ends and at On contest day dozens of least two users win the $100 users interact with the business prizes and take awesome photos Users then share their photos with friends via Social media, text and word of mouth
  7. 7. Why it works How are customers influenced? Display Ads on Ads on Social Ads in Ads on Word Of Mouth Mobile Devices Networks Newspapers Television Advertising 33%of consumers are influenced by 36% of consumers are influenced by 46% of consumers are influenced by 47% of consumers are influenced by 92% of consumers are influenced bydisplay ads on mobile devices ads on social networks ads in newspapers ads on television recommendations from people they know Power of Word of Mouth Once a user has entered a Daily Hundred contest it is in their best interest to share their submission with as many people in their network as possible. For the business sponsoring the contest this means that their advertising dollars will be more than twice as effective in terms of influencing the consumers to purchase their respective product or service.
  8. 8. The Impact of Sharing What happens during a Daily Hundred Contest? After submitting a photo in the contest, users share their respective photo on Facebook, Twitter, Text Message and word of mouth. 650 connections Assume 35% of 35% of these connections see photo connections User Shares Photo and 4% of them reshare see photo1 Photo 2,070 Total ImpressionsAverage Contest 22 Photo 65% of 29,000 Total CPM Rate Submissions Users Share Impressions of $10.35 Average CPM rate $7-$15
  9. 9. Two Products Daily Hundred Private Label mobile app Platform For SMB Customers For Enterprise CustomersRun daily contests in select local markets Run daily contests in unlimited marketsContest is universally accessible on all Ability to fully customize and brand appsmartphones Access to detailed, comprehensiveReceive access to all photos submitted analytics for all contests and usersReceive access to detailed contest Identify and connect with top influencersanalytics participating in contests All features from Daily Hundred App$300 (min) per contest Pricing varies
  10. 10. The Daily Hundred AppThe following screens reflect the newest version of our mobile app, which will be releasedwithin the next month. This version will be compatible with all Android and iOS devices. The design is responsive, which means that the user experience on an iPad, desktop, Android or iPhone will be consistent.
  11. 11. Enterprise ProductLarger National Businesses, such as Nike can license our contestplatform technology in order to have their very own version of TheDaily Hundred App. This provides businesses with a permanent customerengagement platform where they can run real time, location specificmarketing campaigns.
  12. 12. Client PortalOur robust client portalallows marketing teams toseamlessly Create, Manageand analyze Daily Hundredcontests on their laptops,tablets or smartphones.
  13. 13. Key Figures In 3 months with just an iPhone app we have accomplished the following in Gainesville, Florida: 112 5,500 2,500 28,000 $22,400CONTESTS DOWNLOADS PHOTOS VOTES Paid to winners 50 5-star ratings in apple app store
  14. 14. User Engagement Frequency of Use Compared to the Lifestyle Category Averages as stated by Flurry Analytics. 1.7 1.8 2.4 sessions/day sessions/week sessions/monthLifestyle App Average Daily weekly Monthly Sessions Sessions Sessions Daily Hundred 2.1 3.8 5.5 sessions/day sessions/week sessions/month
  15. 15. Market Penetration The Daily Hundred’s success in beta market of Gainesville, FL percent with Percent with Percent of TAM Smartphones iPhones captured in 3 MO.Gainesville TAM inPopulation Gainesville125,000 14,850 36% of all people own a smartphone 33% of the 45,000 smartphone 34% of the total addressable market owners in Gainesville, own an has downloaded the app iPhone
  16. 16. Industry Outlook Mobile Ad Spending Worldwide 2011 U.S. Ad Spending vs. Source: eMarketer, Dec. 2012 Consumer Time Spent per Media40 Source: Mary Meeker (KPCB), eMarketer, IAB $36.87 Ad Spend Time Spent per media per media30 $28.45 $20.3020 $13.5810 $8.41 $4.08 $2.34 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 United states mobile search and display ad spending was up 220 percent in 2012! mobile
  17. 17. Users Love Us!
  18. 18. Success Story The Problem Gator Domino’s Approached The Daily Hundred and asked us to help them increase their Facebook Engagement. Specifically, they wanted to increase both their “Likes” and number of people talking about them. Drag & dropyour image here The Results 35% 1,533% 87 Increase in Increase in people talking Facebook likes about Gator Domino’s wall posts 50 3,071 550 Photo Page views in The Votes cast submissions Daily hundred app in the app
  19. 19. Success Story part 2 The Problem After our initial success with domino’s, they wanted to run another challenge right away to see how quickly we could translate those results into sales! Drag & dropyour image here The Results 18% 250 25% Increase in orders from daily 100 users new gator sales to Gator Domino’s dominos customers 55 3,758 775 Photo Page views in The Votes cast submissions Daily hundred app in the app
  20. 20. Executive TeamNick Haase Chief Executive officerNick Haase is the founder and CEO of The Daily Hundred. An online enthusiast, diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and part-time chef, Nick has always held a wide variety of interests and passions.Nick graduated in 3.5 years from Emory University in 2010 with a background in Finance, Political Science and Economics. This concept, The Daily Hundred, is one that has been with him foryears and has been the impetus for his professional undertakings. Nick has worked in private equity, and is also a successful medical device sales representative. An accomplished leader with areputation of working well under pressure, Nick is enthusiastic about The Daily Hundred and the impact it can have on the business community.Max Finn Chief Operating officerMaxwell Finn is a founder and COO of The Daily Hundred. He has been involved in 5 start-ups in various industries. He was a dean’s list student at Babson College (3.65 cumulative GPA, 4.0concentration GPA) concentrating in entrepreneurship and strategic management. Maxwell is a Beta Gamma Sigma member, the international business honor society as he was in the top 10%of his class. Max has worked as an analyst in the commercial real estate industry where he ran complex proprietary algorithms to develop risk assessments and business intelligence forcompanies such as GE Capital Real Estate, Colony Capital, CB Richard Ellis, KPMG and W.P. Carey.Vahid Salami Chief Technology OfficerVahid has over 20 years of technology management and team building experience including a detailed working knowledge of Information Technologies, Software Development, and the Internet& eBusiness industry. For most of his diverse career he has focused on complex and emerging technologies including specialties in architecture, strategies, competitive landscape, ITinfrastructure, datacenters, operations, product and developmental methodologies, security, standards and future technology direction. He has served as CTO and Chief Architect for suchcompanies as Sungevity, Snapdragon Medical, Stockback.com, Pawnbroker.com and Lockheed Martin. Salami earned his master’s degree in Computer and Software Engineering fromWidener University and bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Youngstown State University, Ohio.Mike Mojarrad VP of data TechnologyMike Mojarrad is the Director of Technology at Stanford University Medical Center where he is responsible for solution conception, vendor selection, and development of success metrics aswell as driving implementation and delivery of both applications and infrastructure. Mike has over 10 years of progressive IT strategic leadership in the healthcare industry, as well as 18 yearsof experience in software, data and solutions architecture. Mike’s IT background includes success in a series of systems development, consulting, reengineering, and conversionassignments, as well as proven account management with business relationships lasting 6 months to 10 years. As a business technology consultant Mike has worked with Fortune 100companies, such as Intel and GE. Mike received his MBA from New Mexico Highlands University and his BA in computer science from Towson State University.
  21. 21. Our ClientsDomino’s Susan G. Komen United Way Mazda Life in Color Willy’s
  22. 22. 2013 Revenue Daily Hundred App monthly Revenue Enteprise Monthly Revenue Total Monthly Revenue$70,000.00 Assumptions Price Per Contest $300$52,500.00 Revenue per City $9,000 # of cities in December 2013$35,000.00 5 Enterprise Price$17,500.00 $2,500 # of Enterprise customers in December 2013 $0 8 March April May June July August September October November December
  23. 23. The Technology Large Businesses Large Businesses big Data Relational Users Database SMB Interacting through Interacting through mobile app client portal Daily Hundred Mobile App MicroMarketing Influencer RecognitionDaily Hundred Enterprise App
  24. 24. The Technology • All aspects of platform, both front-end and back-end, are designed and developed to create an intuitive User Experience and powerful micro-marketing product (hyper local vs nation wide). • Innovative mobile application that is designed and built by fusing together a custom web browser, native 3rd party custom code, and common user experience (HTML5/Java) code base that maximizes the reuse of technology. • The code base and components are developed to ensure the Same UI for mobile (iPhone or Android), tablets, and desktops. • Innovative micro-marketing/sales engine that bring together sellers and buyers within a targeted geographical area.  • The technology identifies and helps businesses connect with local market influencers. This is made possible by our ability to gather and filter "big data" analytics quickly, which provides our customers with valuable real time business intelligence.
  25. 25. Future ProductsThe Social Influencer MarketplaceBringing the Google AdSense model to Social Media Influencers across the country. Ads on social Ads on mobile TV Ads networks devices pretty 47% Trusted 36% Trusted 33% Trusted girls at UF Social Influencer Businesses can use the Social Influencer Marketplace to find and reach out to an influential person who is already part of the targeted demographic. They can then pay this person to become an extension of their marketing team and promote the company in a natural way to their network. 92% Trusted
  26. 26. The Influencer ScoreDaily Hundred stats Social Media Stats•Number of contests entered •Number of Facebook Friends•Number of contests won •Number of Twitter Followers•Number of top 3 finishes •Average number of likes/ shares on Facebook posts daily Hundred•Number of votes received•Total number of shares •Average number of retweets/•Number of consecutive wins favorites on Tweets score generator 65 This score takes into account the geography and type of contests entered (men’s retailer, fast food, etc.) This means that the score is fluid and changes based on the industry and location of the company looking at the influencer. This is something that current social ranking platforms do not take into account.
  27. 27. social influencer marketplace See how to Social Influencer Marketplace will work. Influencer’s Business Connections x List of all influencers Au to ma x se te Wants to find ts d in bid fl di ue ng Business is able to connect x nc sy er st with influencer and run a The influencer is able to pr em ic real time local marketing effectively spread the e campaign or product demo. business’s marketing message in a more natural and personal Influencer x way. xwith the following attributes:•Influence score of 60•18-24 yr. old male living in Gainesville•Influential about sports•College student and member of greek life
  28. 28. Investment Timeline Platform Evolution and Support With your investor dollars, we can build a team more than equipped to develop and improve upon our technologies and maintain our first-to-market advantage. Our greatest competition is ourselves: with proper resources in place, the sky is the limit. Client Back-end Added features Full Mobile platform beta such as video Platform release submissionsCurrent Products April 2013 May 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 Future Products Social Influencer Social Influencer Marketplace Beta Marketplace Wide release Release
  29. 29. Investment OpportunityAmount Raised We are looking So Far to raise $200,000 $1,500,000Raised through ConvertibleDebt Note with 20% discount Through an equity offering.and 8% annual interest rate. Valuation and other terms to Investments came from 3 be discussed in follow-up different angel investors, meeting. each investing $50,000. Take the opportunity to invest in the future of advertising - Identifying and connecting brands with local, targeted influencers.
  30. 30. Contact UsWe look forward to continuing the conversation! Facebook facebook.com/DailyHundred Twitter Twitter.com/thedaily100 Address Contact 1501 2nd Avenue max@dailyhundred.com Tampa, Florida 33605 dailyhundred.com
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