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UrinateNow.com – Urinate Now e-Book or PDF,

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UrinateNow.com – Urinate Now e-Book or PDF

  1. 1. UrinateNow.com – Urinate NowTypical treatments, such as Gradual Exposure Therapy, Hypnosis, Cognitive BehavioralTherapy, and Systematic Desensitization have so far worked only for a small number ofpeople ... and may take several years.But just recently, a breakthrough method that works in less than 7 days has beendiscovered and is currently curing people across the globe.Now, because of this groundbreaking method, many "hopeless cases" are now permanentlycured.Before I explain how this is possible, let me share with you a personal story..."...I Was Humiliated..."When I was 12 years old I went on a long car trip with my family.
  2. 2. A few hours in, I realized I needed to relieve my bladder. Not finding any close rest rooms,and nearing emergency, we did what most families would do. We pulled over to the side ofthe road.However, when I got out of the car, I couldnt relieve myself. I couldnt help thinking aboutmy whole family in the car who must be irritated with me for making them stop. I wantedto get this over with and back on the road, but I simply could not go.I thought about the passing motorists watching the situation unfold, and the pressurebecame too great for me.I was unable to urinate. Period.Shamefully, I crawled back to the car, my whole family aware of the situation, and waitedin agony until we arrived somewhere more private.That was my first encounter with shy bladder, or more formally, Paruresis.For many years, Paruresis wreaked havoc on my life. I completely lost the ability to urinatein public. It got so bad, I even had trouble peeing at home, worried that someone I livedwith would hear me.Frustrated and ashamed, and quite frankly, fed up with it, I did what any sane human beingwould do. I went to my doctor.My doctor who referred me to a specialist: a urologist.I Did Not Want To Use The Painful Catheter My Urologist Gave Me...Unfortunately, this legitimate medical condition is laughed off by most urologists.The ones that do treat paruresis seriously will often suggest a catheter: a painful device thatis jammed up into your urethra.(Trust me, you DONT want one unless you absolutely have to have one.)My urologist said that your only other option is therapy.And I didnt want to go to therapy! Its expensive, it takes months, if not years, and reallymy only problem was that I couldnt pee.I didnt need therapy. And chances are, you dont either.Besides, most therapists have absolutely no understanding of paruresis. Theyre wellintentioned, but they dont specialize in this area.
  3. 3. I begin searching for a better solution...I Started Asking Hundreds Of People Who Had Cured Their Shy BladderHow They Did It, And Every Single One Followed These 2 Simple RulesNot finding a solution anywhere among medical "professionals", I decided I would startasking people who have cured their shy bladder just exactly how they did it.At first, their answers seemed very different. I asked people online, from around the world,and hear many stories of frustration, misery, and eventually, triumph and success.But the more answers I got, and the more people I asked, it became clear that they were allsaying pretty much the same thing.Rule #1 -Dont Face It Head On. Take Small Steps.All of the people who cured their shy bladders did it incrementally.In other words, you should gradually improve, taking small steps, until you are comfortablypeeing in any situation.This is so important of a rule that entire systems -- Exposure Therapy andSystematic Desensitization are the most popular -- have been created around it.The problems with these therapies is that, like CBT, they can be slow and oftentimes, notvery permanent...Theyre missing the second element, which I discovered by accident.Rule #2 - Add A New Routine When You Go To The Rest Room.Amazingly, to cure shy bladder, its best to do something every time you need to urinate,which is just as important as unzipping your pants.But you cant just do any old routine...There is a special kind of routine that is necessary. The discovery of this routine is thekey part of my new research and groundbreaking system to curing shy bladder.Its so simple ... but when you incorporate it into your life, youll find that urination reallyisnt a problem.You and I, we NEED to add something to our bathroom routine. Were not "naturals."Once you add this new routine, youll be shocked. In less then a week, youll be cured.Permanently.
  4. 4. Its because ...This Simple "Mind Trick" Causes Urination Even If Youre Nervous As AllHell...See, its not a matter of how you feel walking into the rest room.Nervous? Worried? Anxious? ...FANTASTIC!If the mind learns how to urinate under certain conditions, and those conditions have beenmet, it will always begin to go. No matter how you feel.For most people, those conditions are: I need to urinate, and a toilet is available. But for uswho are "naturally shy", this isnt enough, and we need to create a new condition ourselves.In other words, in order to cure shy bladder, you need to re-train your brain.You do this by adding a new routine to the one you have when you go to the bathroom.Fortunately, from working with hundreds of men and women across the globe, Ive foundthe fastest way to do this.Its called Cognitive Metacoding, and it takes the best of what we know from severaldifferent psychological theories, including CBT and Systematic Desensitization.The name isnt important, though -- whats important is that it works.Finally, Youre Free From The Shackles Of Shy Bladder ... And You KnowIts Gone For Good.I want you to feel the immense satisfaction of having this area of your life handled onceand for all.Dont wait for decades like I did.I wish that I had taken care of this problem earlier.But let me tell you, once I got this area of my life handled, I felt fantastic.Achievement is like knocking down a domino. Once one comes down, others follow.If you have his area of your life handled, and finally have your shy bladder cured once andfor all, youll see other areas of your life transform. Its not magic, its just how life works.
  5. 5. Sounds hokey, but its true.Heres how you can take the first (and the last) step ...Read My e-book "Urinate Now" Today.Its A Quick Read, And It Will Cure Your Shy Bladder In A Week,Guaranteed.Visit: UrinateNow.comAvailable as an instant .PDF download. We have a 98% satisfaction rate!Comes with a complete, no gimmicks 60 day money back guarantee.If you still have shy bladder, you dont pay a dime. Period.Give it a try. Order now.
  6. 6. Just so were clear..."Urinate Now" has nothing to do with... Lengthy therapy or workshops Hypnosis Gradual exposure therapy New Age mumbo-jumbo or "positive thinking" Herbal supplements or diets Catheterization All that "free" information out there on the web.Its Not Magic. Its Human Psychology.The best part about Cognitive Metacoding -- the method well use to cure your shy bladder-- is that its so easy.Cognitive Metacoding is based around how the brain naturally thinks and operates. Thinkabout it. Why try to fight against your brain when you can work with it?Once youve trained your brain in this specific way youll discover in Urinate Now, you canuse it whenever, whereever ... anytime you need it. In fact, I still use the same techniquesyoure about to learn.Ive worked with men who were too afraid to pee in their own homes and in a matter of adays were urinating comfortably in crowded public urinals. Its that powerful.The secret is that, you stop focusing on the fact that other people are there, and you startfocusing on what makes you pee.Youll learn exactly what I mean when you flip open the book...Heres Whats Inside...Curing shy bladder has never been so easy, so its no wonder Urinate Now is quicklybecoming the most popular treatment available online.Youve probably seen the ads, the testimonials, the results ...Well, once you flip it open for yourself, youll discover ... The 7 Day Step-By-Step Plan I used to cure my own shy bladder. This has worked for hundreds of people across the country, and I guarantee it will work for you. Discover The #1 Most Important Thing You Must Do First If You Want To Cure Your Shy Bladder. This is why most people NEVER cure it ... and continue to struggle with the wrong solutions.
  7. 7. The psychological reason why "tricks" like "running the faucet" works to get some people to urinate ... and how to master this principle to have it be 10x more effective. A huge toolbox of resources you can use at ANY time to get yourself to pee -- even if everything else fails. All of these tools are battle-tested and have worked wonders with shy bladder sufferers before. This one easy mental trick can get you out of any high pressure situation in the rest room. that would otherwise cause extreme anxiety. Just take 10 seconds, and with this trick youll "go" like a natural. How to make your cure last a lifetime. All you have to do is spend just 7 days, youll cure your shy bladder, and get on with your life. My own story with overcoming shy bladder. (Just to let you know, it gets pretty personal. I also give you my personal e-mail address, so that if you EVER need someone to talk to about your condition, you have someone.) An extremely powerful technique I developed called Rapid Personal Therapy that will resolve your nervousness and anxiety thats built up for years and help bring you peace and calm at last. This isnt your standard "feel good" exercises. Its specifically designed for shy bladder sufferers. 4 Essential Truths You Need To Know About Curing Shy Bladder. Im only going to tell you what works. No fat, no fluff. (This aint a novel were talking about.) How a psychological study about picking up $20 dollar bills off the ground may be a breakthrough in your shy bladder battle... What to do if all else fails... Ive developed an emergency tactic thats so good, youll NEVER have to worry about nightmare what-if scenarios again. What exactly Cognitive Metacoding is, and why its the best method currently available for curing shy bladder quickly. Some pretty wacky things you can do that deliver REAL results when it comes to urinating. (Approach this with an open mind, please!) How you can change how you feel about the rest room. INSTANTLY -- from anxiety to confidence. You just have to ________ (Try to guess. And no, it doesnt involve medication.) How to use a fundamental truth about how your brain works to YOUR ADVANTAGE. The Urinate Now program works with your personality, it doesnt try to change it. What you may actually be doing right when you step up to the toilet -- no matter how bad it seems -- (and how to do more of it.) Real advice from real people who cured their shy bladders. Ive taken all of this great information and distilled it down into 4 core tools, and then turned this into a 7 day plan. Its all you need. No tangents. No fluff or padding. No B.S. or fake claims. No promoting other products or supplements. Just one powerful system to cure your shy bladder. ...And thats just the beginning!Visit: UrinateNow.com