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Official Intro to Spiceworks 2012 Q3


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  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSMeet & greet attendees; thank them for attendingIntroduce yourself & establish credibility Set the tone for the session “Let’s start by hearing a little more about you guys… “ Do a show of hands Never usedNew, less than 6 monthsLess than a yearMore than a yearDetermine experience level of students & identify outliers for special attentionDetermine why students began using Spiceworks (i.e. Inventory, Help Desk, Reporting, etc.)[TRANSITION [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSDo a show of hands Never usedNew, less than 6 monthsLess than a yearMore than a yearDetermine experience level of students & identify outliers for special attentionDetermine why students began using Spiceworks (i.e. Inventory, Help Desk, Reporting, etc.)Is there anything in particular that you’d like to achieve or ask? We’ll note these requests and try to cover as much as we can during the course of the class…[TRANSITION]Let’s take a look at what we’ll be covering over the next few hours. [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSLet me start off with a little background on Spiceworks and what they’re all about… Every day, in every country around the world, IT pros use Spiceworks to do their jobs and learn about the products and services they need to make IT happen. Making Spiceworks the fastest growing and most widely used network management app in history.Here’s how IT all went down...and went orange!The “Spark”They came. They saw. They listened. After countless in-person visits to the often unsung IT pros in small and medium sized businesses, our co-founders had a vision: build an easy-to-use software app that simplifies the life of IT pros...kinda’ like an ‘iTunes for IT management.’ Oh, and make it free. After all, if it worked for Google in the consumer world, why not give it a go in the business world?The MomentumSpiceworks beta went live in July 2006. 60 days later, an IT pro in every single country of the world had installed Spiceworks. Fast forward to today, and over 2000 – yes two thousand! -new IT pros choose Spiceworks each day to do their jobs. Plus, we've been referred to as everything from "the Facebook for IT pros" by TechCrunch to "the future of media" by Forbes. All in less than 5 years!The Mighty MillionWith over 2 MILLION IT pros and growing the Spiceworks community is a force to be reckoned with! They call themselves SpiceHeads…wear Spiceworks gear proudly, hail a fierce yet friendly orange T-Rex (affectionately named “SpiceRex”) as their mascot…and command attention from leading tech companies and IT luminaries alike….Rawr!The Partners200 tech advertisers have tapped Spiceworks as a way to connect with and sell to SMB IT pros. Leading brands like Dell, Google and Rackspace have even integrated their offerings directly into Spiceworks. Add to that venture capital backing from the likes of Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and IVP (who funded Twitter!)…and we feel pretty darn good about our all-star lineup we have collaborating to help keep the “free IT” revolution going strong.The FutureWith over 30% of the world’s SMB IT pros and over 200 IT brands already in Spiceworks…where do we go from here? We keep on keepin’ on! Keep on simplifying the workday for IT pros everywhere – by developing the features they need to do their day-to-day duties, new ways to connect with other IT pros…and new avenues to learn about the products and services they need to do their jobs better, faster, smarter.[TRANSITION]So let’s start at the very beginning… what is Spiceworks the product and what can you hope to achieve by using it? It’s easiest if we start from the very beginning…[CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSSo, the folks at Spiceworks came up with a plan… What would happen if you combined great, functional apps to do your every day job WITHAn easily accessible, valuable community of your peers?You get the first truly social business application for IT… access to millions of peers worldwide directly in the flow of your daily work. [TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSThe foundation of it all really is the application – as we all know, all the bells and whistles in the world don’t mean a thing if your software doesn’t work. Since the beginning in 2006, the product has grown and evolved like crazy…We now have a fully-functional platform for managing and simplifying IT every day – from network inventory and monitoring – to help desk management – to support for MSPs – and even now channels for buying needed products directly within the app. [TRANSITION] Let’s take a few minutes to take a broad look at the product, and then we’ll dive into the guts. This may be familiar to some of you, but it helps us all get on the same level playing field. [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSLet’s start out the beginning – really where Spiceworks began. That’s tools for inventorying and monitoring your network. When you install Spiceworks, it uses standard protocols (WMI, SNMP, SSH, etc.) to go out and find everything on your network with an IP address… servers, workstations, routers, printers, etc. Spiceworks intelligently categorizes all these devices into a graphical view that enables you to easily navigate and browse all the devices under management. You can quickly set up custom monitors and alerts that will let you know when things change on your environment (i.e. marketing has run all the toner out of the printer again or someone as installed prohibited software). It’s all easily customizable, and you can have alerts sent to you in the software, in your email, or even on your smart phone!One more thing to mention here – it’s not just a passive monitoring tool… there are built in troubleshooting functions that help you get to the root of the problem fast so you can get on with your day. [TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSWe realize that managing a network is not justaboout managing devices (although that would be nice). You also have to manage software, people, and now a days, even cloud services.People View integrates directly with your Active Directory and enables you to link devices, software, tickets, and more directly to your users! At the desk of a repeat offender? Easily pull up their profile and get a full history of that user’s issues! You can even snap a picture of the user with your iPhone and upload it directly to Spiceworks for future reference!Use the software inventory to manage all your software licenses and keep track of those hotfixes. Sick of weatherbug taking up resources? Quickly see who has that unwanted software installed to clean up your network fast!Using Cloud Services inventory, you can keep track of both managed and unmanaged cloud services from Rackspace to Google Apps to Dropbox. Stay ahead of the cloud game.[TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSOnce you’ve got your network inventoried and your devices accounted for, you can really dig into customizing the environment and taking advantage of the many tools provided by our technology partners. On the dashboard, you have a one-stop-shop for monitoring your network… set up warranty alerts, manage your power consumption, track software licenses, view outstanding tickets, check the latest community news, and more.It’s all up to you, and it’s incredibly easy to customize – just drag and drop![TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSThe other big pillar of the Spiceworks app is the help desk. With it comes a customizable ticketing system, easily-created user portals, and more. With the Help Desk, you have all you need in one place to respond to tickets, track issues to devices, manage costs, and more. Plus, you can quickly create a custom user portal page to keep your users in line and on track with tickets![TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSTo help manage all that awesome knowledge both in your head and in the heads of all those IT Pros you are going to meet in the community, we have introduced the new Knowledge Base.Here you can create your own articles or bookmark and edit existing ones shared in the community. You can even select who you want to share the articles with. So keep it for yourself, share it with your team, or share it with everyone… that;s what my mom always told me was polite.Now you can educate your users on the most commonly asked questions they keep pestering you about.[TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSMany times, Spiceworks will help you identify a purchase need – whether it’s an alert that your Lenovo warranty is about to expire, your HP printer toner is almost depleted, or the marketing guy broke another laptop. In the past, that meant visiting multiple vendor websites, gathering multiple quotes, and dealing with salespeople to get all the right items purchased.In Spiceworks, we’re changing the purchasing game… we’ve enabled users to quickly and easily research and purchase critical items directly from within Spiceworks. [TRANSITION] [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSWe now have the mobile version of Spiceworks for both phones and tablets for both iOS and Android. It’s available today in the App Store and Google Play Store. Run a Help Desk & Tend to Your TicketsSee and respond to all of your trouble ticketsCreate new tickets, close and re-open existing onesAdd and edit ticket description and detailsAssign tickets and set priorities, due date & moreGet a Full Picture of Your End-UsersQuickly get contact info for your end usersView and update important user details (Active Directory)Take and upload pictures of users to their profilesDiscuss IT Topics with Other IT ProsSee the day’s most popular IT discussionsTalk-shop with and get advice from other IT prosTrack the IT-topics you care about the mostView Your Network Inventory & IssuesSee all the hardware & software on your networkIdentify if any issues exist with your assetsOpen a ticket for any assets that need attention[TRANSITION]Just a reminder of where you can get the latest and greatest Spiceworks… [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSGetting started with Spiceworks is extremely simple… Just visit to download the latest version… you should be up and running in less than five minutes!Spiceworks should be installed on only one machine in your network (a workstation or server). In the long run, it’s preferable to be on a server, but it’s super simple to move your install if you’d rather start on a workstation.The Spiceworks machine needs to be running Windows, and then it can discover the wide range of operating systems beyond Windows (Linux, Mac, etc.). You can even install Spiceworks in a VM!There is a ton of support for you out there – the community is incredibly responsive, and if you’re really stumped, we’ve got free support!The community of IT pros is growing like crazy… Every day, we have 2k new users and a company the size of Cisco joining the network…1 in 3 IT pros worldwide are using Spiceworks to simplify IT… it’s a staggering number, and it’s growing…[TRANSITION]Now, once you’re using the product actively, you must just stumble across something you’d like to see in the app… tell us! [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSThe most obvious and important one is the Spiceworks Community of more than 2 Million IT pros like you. Every day, we strive to find even better ways of integrating our passionate, super-smart community directly into the app… When you have a question, you’re just a click away from millions of colleagues standing by to help. [TRANSITION]There’s lots of ways to get the most out of the Spiceworks Community… [CLICK]IF YOU HAVE TIME/WANT TO EXPLAIN SPICEREX:Forget birds. Forget planes. SpiceRex is a hero in a league all his own - who’ll spread the spice and have your IT back wherever he goes! A modern-day dinosaur (and scientific mystery!), SpiceRex is a fierce force to be reckoned with of epic proportions…which is only fitting if he’s gonna’ represent the mighty, one-million-strong IT pros of the Spiceworks Community, right?! While paleontologists are still speculating on what scientific nuances enabled SpiceRex’s purported hatching, the information below outlines what we know and believe to be true about the life of SpiceRex thereafter. But the single fact that experts from all fields agree upon unanimously? That only from a community like Spiceworks could a phenomena like SpiceRex arise! SpiceRex: The Early YearsInternationally famous IT pro and blogger, akp982, a.k.a. Andy Phelps, discovered SpiceRex as a baby near Marlow, England (90 minutes west of London) and affectionately dubbed him “SpiceRex.” Andy took SpiceRex into his care – feeding him peppers (notorious for being rich in Vitamin-C!), letting him play…and doing all the typical stuff you do with a baby dinosaur.  He even took him to work with him each day. There, a young and impressionable SpiceRex learned about computers while witnessing the hassles and heroics Andy often had to go to keep his users happy and his network up and running.Now, he represents our 12M+ strong community of IT pros!
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSSpiceworksspend a lot of its development cycles on building features into the product that were SPECIFICALLY requested by users! Got an idea? Make sure to log it in the Feature Request group in the community – you might just see it in the next version! See a feature that you want? Make sure to “Spice” it up by clicking on the pepper… that helps the developers prioritize must-haves…[TRANSITION]As we wrap up this overview, let’s move away from the product itself and talk about all the resources that are available to you as a Spiceworks user. [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONS (DEMO THESE IN A WEB BROWSER!!)Discussion Groups and Support Forums [visit the discussion forums and navigate around]Help Docs and How-To’s [There are tons of easy-to-read documents and how-to’s… a great place to start if you’ve got a question]Webinars and Videos [From video snippets of just a few minutes to hour-long webcasts, there is a wealth of on-demand multimedia to supplement this class]Free Support! [And, if you’re still having issues, don’t hesitate to contact Support… it’s free!][TRANSITION]You might be asking yourself… how does this work? Free software? Free support? Free community? How does this company make any money? [CLICK]
  • KEY POINTS/ACTIONSWe think IT should be free for IT pros like you… So, you might ask… how does Spiceworks stay afloat? What’s the catch? There is no catch. Technology advertisers want to inform IT pros like you about products and services that help you with your job. We work with advertisers to run relevant ads in the side bar that you will find useful. Our users have told us that they find these ads educational and unobtrusive. The money we receive from these ads allows us to provide the application at no charge to IT pros around the world. Why did we work so hard to find a way to make Spiceworks free? Because we don't believe IT pros in small - and medium - businesses should have to pay for technology to manage technology. You should use your precious budgets on buying hardware, software and services that help your businesses grow. In addition to the banner ads in the sidebar, technology vendors offer relevant white papers, application notes, product advisors, and even plug-ins to the Spiceworks app… all designed to make your day-to-day life a little easier. [DEMO THE INTEL VENDOR PAGE:][DEMO THE EATON UPS PLUGIN][TRANSITION]Okay, enough overview… time to dig in! [CLICK]
  • Transcript

    • 1. An Introduction to SpiceworksSpeaker NameSpeaker CompanySpeaker Title
    • 2. Does anyone here use Spiceworks? Why did you initially install it?For how long have you been using it?What parts of the product do you use? How big is your network (nodes)?
    • 3. About SpiceworksSimplifying Everything IT.• Inspired by the Unsung IT Pro Heroes We’re focused specifically on “Simplifying Everything IT” for the millions of IT pros in small to medium business, all from our home base in Austin, TX.• Growing Like Crazy Within 60 days of its launch five years ago, Spiceworks had been installed in every single country in the world.• Support from the Top More than 200 technology partners have tapped Spiceworks to connect with SMB IT pros, and we have top-notch investors like Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures, and IVP.• Our Future’s So Bright… 30% of the world’s SMB IT pros already use Spiceworks, and more than 2,000 more join every day!
    • 4. The Goal: Make IT Easier…and Even a Little Fun
    • 5. What’s the Solution? True Social BusinessGreat apps to Community of Application for IT do your job your peersInventory, Monitoring, Research, Info,Helpdesk & Net. Mgmt Advice & Expertise “It’s like the Facebook of IT”
    • 7. Inventory & Monitor Your Network
    • 8. It’s Not Just About the Devices…
    • 9. All You Need, All in One Place
    • 10. Manage a Help Desk (And Your Users…)
    • 11. The More You Know… Knowledge Base
    • 12. Research & Purchase Critical Products
    • 13. Take Your Network on the Go • Run a help desk and tend to your tickets • Get a full picture of your end users • Discuss IT topics with other IT pros • View your network inventory and issues • Both phone and tablet!
    • 14. Download & Install … In 5 Minutes System Requirements • Windows XP Pro SP2+, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server SP1+, & Windows 2008 Server • 1.5 GHz Pentium IV class processor • 1.0 GB RAM Browser Requirements • Firefox 3.5+ • Internet Explorer 7.0+ • Not supported, but users report good experience with: • Chrome • Safari1. Visit www.spiceworks.com2. Download & install (Windows server or workstation)3. Join the community!4. Need help? Ask the community!5. Still need help? Email for free support!
    • 15. Interact (Vent! Learn!) with Fellow IT Pros
    • 16. Even Tell Spiceworks What to Build…
    • 17. Need Help?Discussion Groups / Plug-Ins, Scripts, and Webinars + VideosHelp Docs & How-To Reports Still stumped? Email the crack team in Spiceworks support… for free!
    • 18. It’s Free. Really. Here’s How.Leading tech companies want to reach the IT pros like you… WhenSpiceworks connects them to you, Spiceworks makes money.And, when you help Spiceworks with marketing & support, they save $$.Together, that allows the team to invest in what’s really important:building the features IT pros need to simplify everything about their jobs! High-Value Ads + White Papers, Vendor Pages, Plug- Promotional Offers Application Notes Ins, Product Advisors
    • 19. Questions?