Digital Strategy of Gucci


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Digital Strategy of Gucci

  1. 1. The L2 Digital IQ Fashion Index ranks the digital competence of 49 prestige fashionand leathergoods brands on 350 data points to measuretheir Web sites, digitalmarketing, social media and mobile efforts.Gucci isrankingat the 4th place of Digital IQ, the brand waslauded for their use of theWeb, ecommerce, social mediaGucci received the highranking due to itsshoppablevideo : the brand istargetingWeb-savvyshopperswith the brand’s first click-to-buyvideo for itspre-Fall 2011collection.The new videocatalogallowsviewers to scroll over products in the video andclick to buythem. The videofeaturesnine Gucci handbags and accessoriesfrom thecollection.Thevideofeaturestwofemale Gucci-cladmodels,whoalsoappear in the pre-Fallregularcatalog. Themodels are in a modern-looking, glass-and-gray-slate house walking,posing andoccasionallybeingintimatewith a male model.The strong, structuredlinesin the pre-Fall collectionare emphasizedthroughthe modern, straight-edgemodern setting.Gucci wasinspired by theenergetic, sultry 1970s asthe motivation for thevideo, per the brand.Throughout the video, theiconic double-G symbol floatsacross the screen to alertviewers as to which items areclickable.When a shopperscrolls over the floating G icon, they are able to click on the product.This pauses the video and a pop-up emergesthat displays the full-name and price ofthe item and a buy-it-nowtab.When a consumer clicks on the tab, the product page opens, offeringadditionalviewsand more details.
  2. 2. If a viewer misses her chance to click on a product, shecansee all of the itemslocated on the right-handside of the video.The brand ispushing thevideoacross social mediaplatforms, includingFacebook and Twitter.Social media seemslike agood way for Gucci totapitsalready Web-savvyconsumers,givingthem a new way toenjoy the brand on the Web.Not to mention, the brand has a large reach via thesemethodswith more than 5million Facebook fans and 107,102 Twitterfollowers. Gucci isalsopromoting the videoon the homepage of itsbranded Web site.And recentTumblrlaunch :The brand has uppedits digital presencewith a newly-launchedTumblr page and anupdated version of itsiPad and iPhone applications thisweek.The Tumblr page highlights the brand’shistoryalongwithrecentrunway shows throughlarge, high-resolution images, joining the ranks of fellowluxury brands includingOscar de la Renta and Donna Karan. The busy brand alsoupdated the Gucci stylemagazine mobile app, nowallowingconsumers to shop fromtheirsmartphones andtablets.Gucci, whichis part of the PPR luxuryconglomerate, did not respond by pressdeadline.Rumbler
 The Gucci Tumblraccountcurrentlyfeatures a sidecolumnthatcontains thebrand’shistoryalongwith four largeimages from the past and present.The first image is ofcurrentcreativedirector FridaGianniniwithmodelsbackstageat theFall/Winter 2011 runway show.The second featured image is ofequestrian and Monaco royaltyCharlotte Casiraghi, whoissponsored byGucci.
  3. 3. Next, thereisanother photo from the Fall/Winter 2011 show. This one is a close-up ofa blonde model in a black and red Gucci gown. The last featured image is an ad from1971 thatwasshot in RomefeaturingsupermodelVeruschka.Within 10 days, the ’70s adhadreceived 796 notes,whichmeansitwasliked,mentioned or reposted inotherTumblr profiles. Guccialerted social-media savvyfans of the newTumblraccountthroughitsbranded Facebook and Twitterpages.Gucci has alsoreleased a newversion of its digital magazine, the Gucci Style app. The thirdedition of theappallowsconsumers to shop the featured looks directlyfromtheir mobile devices.The app engages aspirationalconsumerswith interactivefeaturesthatincludedirectingtheirownphotoshoots as well as watchingbehind-the-scenesvideos of how the products are crafted.In addition, appuserscanalsofollow Ms. Giannini on an Italian road trip and listen to aselection of her favorite songs.The appmayprove more efficient forreachingpotentialcustomersthen themass-marketTumblr page since manyiPhone and iPadusers are affluent.Luxury brands wishing to improvetheirdigital IQ in time for nextyear’s indexshould focus on creating and maintaininga social media presence, additionally,ecommercedevelopmentshouldbe a bigfocus for those brands that do notyetallow online shopping.An togiveconsumers a differentreason to be on its site, such as allowingthem to rateor review the products and linkingthem to a trustedthird-party wheretheycanpurchasethe product.Overall, brands need to learn to cooperateinternally and to organize in awaythatmakes a successful digital strategy possible.