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Short Story Short Story Presentation Transcript

  • The Adventures of Koda By: Paige Euwer Max Hudson
    • In the first month of summer, baby dear are born all around the state. Well, we’re going to take you into the life of a special one named Koda.
    • Koda was extremely curious from the get-go. His mother, Lana had a very hard time keeping track of him.
    • While wandering one day, he witnessed a deer get attacked by a coyote. He becomes afraid that something terrible might happen to him.
    • After witnessing the attack he is afraid to ever leave his mom’s side.
    • Next Summer…
    • Over the year Koda has matured to become a young buck. Lana can no longer take care of him, and he is very sad and is afraid that a coyote may come and attack him.
    • Since his mother can no longer take care of him, Koda sets off on a journey to find a new home.
    • He walks through snow…
    • He walks through a forest…
    • He walks through a sweltering desert.
    • Koda has matured to become a very nice buck. He feels safe that he could defend himself in a fight with a coyote.
    • One night, after Koda had been traveling for almost a year, he hears a bush shake in the dead of night. Just as he begins to stand up, a coyote jumps from the bush, viciously attacking Koda. But because Koda is such a large buck now, he is able to fight the coyote, to save his life.
    • About a week after Koda is attacked by the coyote, Koda finds a
    • beautiful valley
    • Koda, after living in the valley for less then a week, he finds the doe of his dreams. Her name is Tayia.
    • About a year after Koda has arrived in the valley, a friend runs to him saying, “They’ve come they’ve come!!!”
    • Hearing a lot of rumors, Koda knew exactly what was taking place. It was another mountain lion attack on his valley.
    • Koda fights off the Mountain lions. He wins the battle of the valley, and is named the king of all the valley.