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ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
ISG Alumni Asia
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ISG Alumni Asia


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Presentations of Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG) Alumni in Asia, plan of actions, key contacts...

Presentations of Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG) Alumni in Asia, plan of actions, key contacts...

Published in: Business, Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. ISG Alumni Asia Overview & Plan of Actions
    • 2. Quick Agenda Page  ISG Alumni Global ISG Alumni in Asia Action Plan and Objectives Questions & Suggestions 1 2 3 4 5 ISG Alumni in the United States
    • 3. ISG Alumni Global Page  ISG Alumni Official Group on LinkedIn
    • 4. ISG Alumni Global - Strengths and Actions
      • An High potential structured network
          • More than 300 graduates each year
          • 18,300 members worldwide
          • 30 delegations acting internationally
          • Multiple zones (France, USA, Germany, UK, Asia)
        • Mission & Objectives :
          • To promote professional relationships and friendships between the many ISG's working all over the world
          • To facilitate integration, evolution and advancement of its members in professional life
          • To maintain and develop relationships with ISG, its management and its students
          • To conduct actions for promoting the ISG diploma
          • To contribute to the development of business management education
      Page ▪ 4
    • 5. ISG Alumni USA
      • More than 200 persons listed in the United States
      • 4 social networking events each year, cocktail + dinner
        • Mainly in New York
        • Students and interns are also invited, sometimes sponsored
      • 6 students found a internship in 2011 thanks to alumni actions
      • 3 full time positions were offered via alumni
      • Managed by Gregory Zammit
      Page 
    • 6. ISG Alumni Asia - 2012 Action Plan Page  Build & Update Database Regular Events & Activities Promote Alumni Spirit Other ideas?
      • Close to 100 alumni already identified in China/HK
      • Research will be conducted on LinkedIn country by country
      • LinkedIn Group to be promoted to existing ISG school database
      • Networking cocktails, dinners, guest speakers
      • Shanghai to have quarterly events from tonight (HK, S’pore, Tokyo)
      • Alumni to speak when students visit Asian cities (calendar needed)
      • Job and internships postings from various alumni companies
      • Support eachother, make connections, help each other businesses
      • Weekly email newsletter to be distributed (via LinkedIn)
      • Event with other French business schools?
      • Partnership with either alumni and corporate business (gallery, service)
      • Any other suggestions?
      Key actions and tasks for Asia:
    • 7. ISG Alumni Asia - Role & Involvement Page 
      • Welcome students to their arrival in Asian cities e.g. Shanghai, HK, Tokyo
      • Guest speakers to talk their experience and explain various sectors
      • Be a relay of information.
      • Encourage meetings  between current students  and ISG Alumni
      • Give feedback on how to be successful and pitfalls to avoid in Asia
      • Communicate job offers and internship demand
      • Encourage international careers
      • Promote entrepreneurship spirit
      Relationship with ISG students:
    • 8. Alumni Asia - New Group on LinkedIn Page  Both groups “Asie Pacifique Moyen Orient” and “HK” will be removed Only one group for Asia will stay: ISG Alumni Asia
    • 9. ISG Alumni Asia - Key Contacts
      • Shanghai
      • Max Henry Mobile: +86 13917363434 Email: [email_address]
      • Julie Landau Mobile: +86 18616933623 Email: [email_address]
      • Anne-Marie Dertre Mobile: +86 13641602305 Email: [email_address]
      • Feng Zhao Mobile: +86 13918061497 Email: [email_address]
      Page 
      • Guangzhou
      • Vaizoue Huynh Mobile: +86 13422086493 Email: [email_address]
      • Hong Kong
      • Rudolf Hollander Mobile: +852 91091410 Email: [email_address]
      • Beijing
      • ?
      • Tokyo
      • Guillaume Boyer
    • 10. Page  ? Placeholder, enter your own text here Do You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions? ? ?