BUUEA Constitution


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BUUEA Constitution

  1. 1. Boston university Undergraduate Economics Association Constitution
  2. 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents Opening Remarks……………..…………………...........….…………………….……….3 Mission Statement…………………………………..…..………………………………...4 Organization……………………………………………………..………..………….....57 Core Activities……………………………………………………………………...…..7-9 Policy Regarding Representation and Plagiarism………………………………………...9 Contact Information…...……………………………………………………………….....9 Tentative Schedule…………………………………..…………….…………………….10 2
  3. 3. Opening Remarks Opening Remarks Dear Members, On behalf of the Executive Board, we would like to welcome you to the Boston University Undergraduate Economics Association. The economy influences everybody and we believe that in order for people to make better decisions, both for themselves and others, they have to be well informed on the underlying economic conditions. The Boston University Undergraduate Economics Association offers all students at Boston University a platform into the insights of today’s worldwide economic issues. In a rather unsympathetic way, we are fortunate to witness policy makers confront novel economic issues and challenges that are currently staggering the world economy. With a fragile global economy and tepid recovery the next several months promise to be enlightening. With this said, we thank you for your interest and are looking forward to working with you. Sincerely, The BU UEA E-Board President Daniel Currie Vice President of Marketing Shivani Desai Executive Vice President & Vice President of Economic Research Spencer Petitti Vice President of Operations Howard Wei Vice President of Economic Research Jeevan Parameswaran Vice President of Information Technology Massimiliano Hasan 3
  4. 4. Mission Statement Mission Statement Our mission is to socially, academically, and professionally develop Boston University student's interest in the Economics field. Vision Vision Our vision is to provide all of Boston University’s students aaplatform into the insights Our vision is to provide all of Boston University’s students platform into the insights of today’s worldwide economic issues of today’s worldwide economic issues Inform Inform Debate Debate Socialize Socialize The BU UEA has set three targets in order to accomplish our vision for Fall 2013-2014: The BU UEA has set three targets in order to accomplish our vision for Fall 2013-2014: Increaseaverage attendance for weekly meetings and events Increase average attendance for weekly meetings and events Increase the number of articles and presentations from our members and Writing Increase the number of articles and presentations from our members and Writing Committee students Committee students Startupthe Econometrics/ Stata workshop Startup the Econometrics/ Stata workshop 4
  5. 5. Organization Breakdown Organization Breakdown President Executive Vice Executive Vice President President  Event  Event Development Development  Project  Project Development Development  Treasury  Treasury  SAO  SAO VP of Marketing VP of Marketing VP of Operations VP of Operations  Marketing  Marketing  Event  Event Planning Planning  Networking  Networking  Social  Social Websites Websites  Emails  Emails  Event  Event Supervision Supervision  Project  Project Execution Execution VP of Editorial VP of Editorial Content Content VP of Information VP of Information Technology Technology  Articles  Articles  Blogs  Blogs  Columnists  Columnists  Research  Research  Journal  Journal  Website  Website Content Content  Case  Case Competition Competition  Stata  Stata Workshop Workshop  Website  Website Development Development  Website  Website Maintenance Maintenance  Data  Data Maintenance Maintenance President The President is the leader of the organization. This individual presides over all activities of the organization and is responsible for managing each and every member. He or she primarily spearheads efforts necessary to strategically coordinate the activities of the organization. These responsibilities include overall planning, oversight, and evaluation of all organization activities. The President ensures that organization activities are adequately achieving the organization’s goals. Responsibilities: Provides leadership and vision Sets overarching strategy and execution plan Plans and oversees the full spectrum of organization activities Evaluates organization performance Chooses goals and delegates tasks 5
  6. 6. Executive Vice President The Executive Vice President is second in command after the President. In the absence of the President, the Executive Vice President fulfills the President’s role, if necessary. The Executive Vice President serves as a supporting role to the President and assists in the completion of the day-to-day tasks. Responsibilities: Assists the President in the organization of all events and activities Overlooks the organization in any absence of the President Handles the finances, including, but not limited to, monitoring all financial transactions Acts as the point of contact and maintains relations with the BU Student Activities Office, BU Allocations Board and all other donor organizations Helps the E-Board organize the meetings, specifically in creating and delivering presentations Vice President of Marketing The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for building and maintaining BU UEA’s network with professors, faculty, alumni, and other student organizations. This role is especially important for the organization since fostering mutually beneficial relationships allows the organization to execute its activities and events at the highest level of quality. This individual is also responsible for marketing and promoting BU UEA events. Responsibilities: Actively promotes BU UEA activities around the BU campus and the Boston area Reaches out to alumni, professors, faculty, and student organizations Develops, builds, and maintains BU UEA’s growing and active network Markets for the association and its events Vice President of Operations The Vice President of Operations executes and coordinates the daily operations of the organization, including communication, events, and website/social media content. Responsibilities: Keeps BU UEA members informed through social media and e-mail Ensures clear communication within the executive board Edits the content of the Constitution, website, and social media Generates and updates performance metrics 6
  7. 7. Vice President of Editorial Content The Vice President of Editorial Content presides over the content of the BU UEA website. He or she is responsible for editing and regulating the economic content of bloggers and columnists, as well as, choosing the topics of the meetings in which he or she governs the discussions. Additional responsibilities include organizing the annual case competition and hosting the econometrics/Stata workshops. Responsibilities: Oversees website content Supports the creation of blogs and articles Edits the economic content Heads the activities and discussions during the weekly meetings Organizes annual case competition Teaching students econometrics/Stata in writing committee meetings Vice President of Information Technology The Vice President of Information Technology is responsible for the maintenance and design of the BU UEA website. Responsibilities: Maintains, develops, and designs the BU UEA website and data Provides technical support where necessary Core Activities Core Activities General Meetings & Events General Meetings & Events Social Websites Social Websites Core Core Websit Websit ee BU UEA Website The BU UEA website represents the club’s main set of activities. The website functions as a vehicle for students to debate and reason on economic issues and topics through writing and commenting on articles and blogs written by other students. The website provides a constructive platform for columnists and bloggers to showcase their economic and writing talent. Student authors will be given free rein to write on any topic related to economics and are even encouraged to incorporate their other interests, such as political science, 7
  8. 8. philosophy, psychology, history and other topics. Writing articles and blogs will serve as an opportunity for students  Blogs to build on their creative abilities in writing and economic  Blogs  Articles analysis, practicing the same set of skills they have gained  Articles  Article & Blogging from their academic background and classrooms. It will  Article & Blogging Competition Competition also provide exposure to different ideas and critiques from a  The BU UEA Journal diverse pool of students. All articles and blogs, will be  The BU UEA Journal regulated and, if necessary, edited by the Vice President of Editorial Content. All articles and blogs will participate in the BU UEA Article and Blogging Competition which takes place twice every semester. The first winner will be announced at the middle of the semester and the second winner will be announced before the last day of classes. The same student writer may win the competition more than once each semester. Winners will receive a certificate for winning and a guaranteed placing in the club’s semester long journal which is virtually published every semester. As any good economist would do, the winner will be decided using an equation: 0.28 * quantity + 0.14 * quality + 0.58 * traffic This equation assigns specific weights (which are subject to change) to certain variables: quantity, quality and traffic. Quantity represents the numbers of articles that have been published throughout the competition. Quality takes into consideration how the article was rated, on a scale from 0 to 5 stars, by website visitors. Traffic measures the amount of readers the article was able to attract. At the end of each semester, the best articles and blogs will be accumulated into the club’s once a semester virtually published journal. The BU UEA Economics Journal will be available on the BU UEA website and distributed to members, faculty, and alumni. Social Websites  Facebook  The BU UEA employs a handful of social and networking  Facebook  Google+ websites to inform members of hot economic topics,  Google+  LinkedIn connect with alumni, build the BU UEA community, and  LinkedIn  BU UEA Website BU UEA Website raise interest in the economics field. The social websites are updated and maintained daily, tracking current economic issues and topics. The social websites may be utilized for informing members of events and opportunities or raise interesting poll questions. The performance of the BU UEA social websites is measured using a handful of metrics that take into account different aspects of member activity. The social websites will be maintained by the Vice President of Operations. 8
  9. 9. General Meetings & Events  General Meetings  General Meetings The BU UEA general meetings are scheduled every  Discussions  Discussions  Presentations Tuesday at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. There won’t be necessarily a  Presentations  Guest Speakers  Guest Speakers general meeting every Tuesday. General meetings will be  Networking Events  Networking Events used to inform members about the organization, prominent  Workshops  economic topics, and opportunities. General meetings will  Workshops  Competitions Competitions be utilized as a platform to aid students in furthering their  Collaborative Events  Collaborative Events learning in the economics field and harbor a community interested in economic events. The BU UEA may find itself collaborating with student and non-student organizations. The general meetings will further aid and support the development and execution of such events. The BU UEA regularly holds speaker events with faculty, alumni, and other special guests on a handful of topics of interest to the club members. Such events may be organized with other student organization that share similar interests to the BU UEA. Other events the BU UEA may develop, organize, or participate in include professional workshops, networking events, competitions, presentations, and discussions on current issues related to economics. The goals of the general meetings and events the BU UEA engages in are to broaden members knowledge of economics, expand their opportunities, and engage their interests. Policy Regarding Representation and Plagiarism Policy Regarding Representation and Plagiarism The BU UEA engages in the virtual publishing of articles and blogs. The club encourages open and constructive conversations on any topics no matter what they may be. Any opinions rested within these articles or blogs are of the writer. These opinions do not represent the club’s opinion or that of Boston University on the subject. Boston University has strict rules against plagiarism and the club will uphold them. Student writers are expected to use references where necessary and provide recognition to ideas and material that is not of their own. The BU UEA expects student writers to be honest of the rightful owner of the content they are submitting and not steal or plagiarize from other BU UEA writers. Contact Information Contact Information For questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact us via e-mail at uea@bu.edu or at bueconclub@gmail.com. 9
  10. 10. Tentative Schedule Tentative Schedule The following schedule is expected to materially change as the semester progresses. Date Time Event Location Tues., Sept. 7 1p – 4p SPLASH Cummington Mall Tues., Sept. 10 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Sept. 17 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Sept. 24 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Fri., BU EXPO 10p – 12a EXPO-losion GSU Tues., Oct. 1 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Oct. 8 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Oct. 15 7p – 8p First Round Article & Blog Competition Winner Announced CAS 313 Tues., Oct. 22 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Oct. 29 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Nov. 5 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Nov. 12 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Nov. 19 7p – 8p General Meeting CAS 313 Tues., Dec. 10 7p – 8p Second Round Article & Blog Competition Winner Announced CAS 313 10