Delay problems in Guayaquil port


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Description of latest delay problems in Guayaquil due to 116 Comexi regulations and software change in Port operator system. January-Febraury.

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Delay problems in Guayaquil port

  1. 1. Delay problems in the Port of Guayaquil Students: Jaen Lizeth Larrea Gabriela Miranda Carolina Ramirez Rosa Villalta Erika Class: 6th B Teacher: MSc Max Galarza
  2. 2. Problem • The change in the operating system of the Marine Port of Guayaquil causes disadvantages in the containers office on the dispatch of the merchandise. Since the weekend, when the concessionaire Contecon initiated the change of the computer system, the trucks form long queues that come up to six blocks. • 200 Trucks were parked on the outskirts of the port of Guayaquil waiting their turn to load
  3. 3. The New system • The name of the new system is SparcsN4. • It was implemented in Febraury 2nd. • One of the main objectives of the change of computer system will be that the importers and exporters manage their load ' 24/7 '. In this port handling more than 1 million containers a year. • Until now, the operations to remove the goods were carried out between 07:00 and 19:00, on weekdays.
  4. 4. The New system • With this instrument, the port entity seeks to improve planning between boats, unloading cranes, recovery windows and transporters. That would, as they have indicated representatives of Contecon, reduce clearance times. • The aim is that the process be given in less than 50 minutes. • Another of the objectives established by Contecon, that will keep the seaport of Guayaquil operations until 2027, is that port operators have access online to the real state of its burden.
  5. 5. Impacts • The seaport of Guayaquil is responsible for mobilising and collect the taxes that generates more than 55% of the load that up to the country. From there, the foreign trade sector is affected when the trucks are stucked on the outskirts of the port. • 'Here, every minute is money. When there is congestion as today everything is delayed‘, said one trucker. • Inside the port activities were continuing yesterday.
  6. 6. Impacts • On the operation of the resolution 116 of the Comex, existing since December, have been already dispatched more than 80 container that had problems with the nationalization of the merchandise, which must now comply with the endorsement of the standards of quality INEN. • According to the principal of Contecon, even the number of containers that will no longer enter the country this year are being evaluated. • In context. Port activities have problems with the implementation of the resolution 116 of the Committee of trade (Comex) and the compliance of the standards of quality Inen. The Government plans to reduce imports this year at more than $ 800 million.
  7. 7. Netgraphy • 23/1/Camiones_esperan_12_horas_por_un_contenedor__.html#. Uvt-Q_mSzJw • •