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Product research

  1. 1. Front<br />Cover<br />Analysis<br />
  2. 2. Masthead:Big, bold capital letters to make the “NME” really stand out. It’s also got a black outline to separate the red from the blue and purple background preventing the colours from clashing. The red title of the magazine fits in with part of the sell lines colour scheme as the backgrounds of them are red – also helping them stand out.<br />Sell lines: The sell lines all have basic but bold colour schemes that contrast with each other to stand out to the audience. They all have canted angled images in the sell-lines to further illustrate and explain what the story could be about and also draw in attention. <br />Similar Product Research:Front cover analysis 1: NME<br />Main sell line & image:The mainsell lineis in an impact font; very bold and easily readable. It could be seen to represent the “Crystal Castles” as their style of music is very modern and ‘out-there’. It’s at a canted angle which could again suggest that their music is different and not mainstream. The fact that the main sell line reads “THE FUTURE” could also connote the idea that they’re a ‘post-punk’ band and very modern.<br />The image is very effective as they have space in-between them for the main sell line, making it more visible.<br />Colours: The colours are very bright and visible to help attract attention from actual readers who could be passing by the magazine in a supermarket. The 3 bright colours that for the background are covered by the main sell line (THE FUTURE) which go very well together as the abstract and luminescent colours give connotations of ‘the future’.<br />
  3. 3. holding/sitting on. Even the wristband and necklace that the guitarist is wearing is black to go with the colour scheme.<br />Masthead:The white on black effect of binary opposites makes this Masthead extremely bold and visible. The red vinyl record at the top left has “Free!” written inside which will also draw in a lot of attention and make people want to pick up the magazine. <br />Similar Product Research:Front cover analysis 2: MOJO<br />Sell Lines: The sell line in the middle; “Red hot. White lies. The whole truth!” is very effective and ties in with the fact that they’re actually dressed in red and white to go with their instruments.<br />The sell line at the bottom is in the shame shade of red as everything else to generally make the magazine more graphologically appealing.<br />Main sell line & image:<br />The red writing “The music magazine” over the “MOJO” masthead is in a font which looks very handwritten to perhaps again create a contrast between the impact font, used for “MOJO”, and the main sell line itself.<br />“The white stripes” is the most obvious part of the image when you first look at it. There is no real sense of font as it is composed of light bulbs which gives connotations of live concerts, as do the instruments they're<br />Colours: The black white and red colour scheme is perfect as all the colours stand out against all the others. The graphic on the bass drum are especially effective as it draws attention more than anything else on the page.<br />
  4. 4. Masthead:The Jet black “KERRANG!” just screams for attention against the light blue, liquid background. Its shattered, frayed and impact effects make it more visibly attractive and attention-grabbing. The exclamation mark makes the title seem somehow louder and more important, screaming out to the public. The black strip along the top has white writing with red stars separating the band names, this colour scheme stand out very vividly against each other.<br />Sell lines: The sell lines on the front cover are in an ‘Impact’ font to stand out more. “Biffy Clyro” stands out well because of the shadow effects put on it which again frames the writing drawing in focus. The gold/olive colour is effective as it stands out really well on blue and red. Putting a big impact font saying “Free posters” draws in yet more attention to the magazine, especially when naming huge band names which definitely catch the attention of people who are interested in music.<br />Similar Product Research:Front cover analysis 3: <br />Main sell line & image:The main image is very effective as it draws your attention to the band members due to the light blue background. All the band members have hair surround their faces which frame them and makes them stand out more. The fact that you can only see their heads is effective and draws even more focus to the band. The image of Biffy Clyro in the water might be there to show that Biffy Clyro at their age are up to their necks with fame.<br />Colours: The colour scheme is very bright and vibrant to show everything clearly. The three different hairstyles and hair colours that the band members have clearly shows their different personalities and that they’re all different.<br />
  5. 5. Contents<br />Page<br />Analysis<br />
  6. 6. Masthead:The mast head in this contents page is appealing as it has a gradient, it goes from very dark, being bold to attract attention, to very light, the reader having to look closer and focus in order to read. The faint underline of the masthead is barely noticeable above the thick, bold underline under the date but when the reader focuses they can see. Having the issue number on the right draws more attention to the masthead as it’s very short interesting information.<br />Sell lines: The sell lines all have numbers next to them here to let people know what page the article is on but the numbers also help to show where the audience should be looking, they suggest to the audience the important parts of this page. The bold and occasionally italic font draws yet more attention to itself to perhaps convince a reader to delve deeper into this magazine.<br />Similar Product Research:Contents Page analysis 1: The Source<br />Colours: The main colours on the page are shades of grey, white, red and black. These colours are effective as they all stand out on one another but also can blend in and seem natural around the image.<br />Main sell line & image:The main sell line is on a transparent red background that matches the colours in the image; white and red being the main theme of the image. This makes the text box seem in it’s place yet also brings focus to it from implied readers.<br />
  7. 7. Masthead:This page is abnormal in the sense of the masthead as it has no title apart from “Contents”.However the “Contents” does stand out as there’s an impact font with effect and the colours are binary opposites. The effects help the title to blend in with the weathered effects of the edge of the image also.The tilt on the title also goes with the overall design of abstractly positioned text boxes, and helps to draw in attention to the title. However the title could be more bold to be more effective.<br />Sell lines: The sell lines are all in white to keep with the theme of black and white binary opposite colours on the page. They are more bold than the rest of the text to further attract the readers eye and make them focus more clearly on each article before they decide what they want to read. This can help if the actual readers; people in shops, pick up a random magazine to decide whether to buy it or not.<br />Similar Product Research:Contents Page analysis 2: <br />Main sell line & image: The main sell lines have arrows from the numbers pointing towards the images of the specific article. This is a very eye catching effect so the reader looks more at that specific story.<br />Colours: The colour scheme is very dark but the vibrant colours on the black background make this page , if anything, more aesthetically attractive.<br />
  8. 8. Masthead:The masthead here is again “Contents” however it is broken up in an odd fashion, perhaps to relate with the image as it has no order or pattern to maybe suggest the guy in the picture is a rebel. The Pale grey impact font is effective here as the image has a lot of dark shadow areas.<br />Sell lines: The sell lines stand out as they are headed by a subtitle to categorise them slightly for the implied reader to be able to quickly browse through to find what they are most interested in. The white colour was the right choice against the shadows in this picture however in some places the writing is hard to read as it is slightly grey and blends in perhaps too much with the black backing it. <br />Similar Product Research:Contents Page analysis 3: <br />Main sell line & image:The main sell line here is the “best music” part in the bottom right . The bright red attracts more attention to this specific article over the other articles, aided also by the positioning, in an open space, to make it stand out more compared to the rest of the page. The white lines also draw in the readers attention as they stand out very well against the dark image. The Image is very effective as the shadows make you look closer and open your eyes wider to attempt to see more and work out who this person is. The gold zipped hoody he is wearing acts almost as an arrow or a border, framing his face and drawing in the focus.<br />Colours: the dark colours make the reader focus more to try and read what the magazine has to offer so the writing for the sell lines could be brighter to stand out more. The picture has good colour though as the persona’s face stands out amongst this natural background.<br />
  9. 9. Double<br />Page<br />Spread<br />Analysis<br />
  10. 10. Masthead: The masthead; “BADDIES” corresponds with the picture, which takes up most of the double page spread, in the sense that; the band are looking very sinister and ‘bad’. There is a lot of colour on the page however the masthead is plain black on white with a huge impact font to draw in the readers attention to this specific article.<br />The fact that on of the band is not wearing the safety goggles could present him as the rebel in the band, he stands out more this way.<br />Similar Product Research:Double Page Spread Analysis 1: NME<br />Sell Lines:The sell lines in this article are blue-backed text boxes. These go with the general colour theme on the page. They also stand out more against the image and/or the text on the right. Furthermore, they act as a subtitle and help to explain the images in further detail.<br />Main Sell Line & Image: Obviously the image is the most noticeable part of this Double Page Spread. It is undoubtedly the main point of focus for the reader. It’s effective as they are all in the same clothing, this could be aimed at teenagers as it shows them doing Chemistry and they can relate to the band. The bright colours of the ‘Chemicals’ also help draw attention to the alleged subject they’re doing, but clearly not enjoying. <br />Colours: The colours in this aren’t the most effective as the blue is quite a dull colour on the creamy white background. However the sell lines blend in with the image because the band are wearing blue shirts. This could be perceived to mean the band are quite mainstream yet popular.<br />
  11. 11. Masthead: The masthead in this image immediately catches the readers attention as its talking about the sister of a celebrity (Beyoncé). The effect of highlighting the flourishing young singers name draws more attention to it getting the audience more interested in what is going on.<br />Sell Lines: The other sell lines are either; in bold black writing to be more eye catching than the general text, or, in different places to draw attention away from the text and towards them because of their ‘different’ placing.<br />Similar Product Research:Double Page Spread Analysis 2<br />Colours: The basic colours used on this Double-Page-Spread help to captivate the readers attention in different ways; the basic blues and greys work well for the text so that all the sell lines will stick out among the text. The pictures, all in grey apart from one, stand out as they are vibrant and full of energy, despite their distinct lack of colour. The main image colour is very vibrant amongst all these relaxed text colours, helping it to stand out more and personify this “Solange Knowles” who we know so little about until we’ve read the article. <br />Main Sell Line & Image:The images showing her dancing along the top of the page convey to the audience that she should be interpreted asa vibrant, varied person. As the pictures may suggest she’s deep and has a lot to say. But the big picture in colour draws the readers attention to her bodty language which depicts that she can be shy and nervous which could give the audience that sympathy factor that she’s new and scared in this big open world.<br />
  12. 12. Masthead: The ‘Will He Won’t He?” Is very eye catchy and blends in nicely with the colour scheme that fuses together with the picture of the black eyed peas. The font is very futuristic and Impacts upon the audience; drawing in their attention. There’s a slight 3D effect on the text box the title’s in to assist the title to further ‘Jump Out’ at the reader.<br />Sell Lines: The sell lines are positioned differently to the Masthead and the basic informative text to signify they are more important. Because of their position and in some cases their inverse colour, bigger size and bolder font they stand out very effectively, practically drawing all attention away from the basic text to the most interesting sentences or quotations.<br />Similar Product Research:Double Page Spread Analysis 3<br />Main Sell Line & Image: The image is very effective in many ways; they are a modern electro-hop group so they are wearing very appropriate clothing for who they are. The main singer and arguably most popular of The Black Eyed Peas; Will.I.Am has been singled out in the foreground and made more opaque compared to the other, more transparent, members. This may help the magazine to sell better and catch peoples eye as he stands out much more.<br />Colours: The basic gold, grey and black colour scheme on a white background is very effective yet simple. It is very aesthetically pleasing for the readers and also conveys a good sense of fashion with all the groups clothing matching in one way or another. The opacity and transparency differences play a vital role in showing the importance of the different members and drawing attention to different locations on the page.<br />