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Maxison Markus 2.4.1 ignite slides (power_point) Maxison Markus 2.4.1 ignite slides (power_point) Presentation Transcript

  • The national average for a movie ticket is $7.93 that’s up from $5.39 in 2000 and $7.89 in 2010. Sanford Business school and UC Santa Cruz did a study that shows that higher concession prices ensure that movie ticket prices don’t go too high…
  • MOVIEGOERS should be permitted to bring their own SNACKS to movie theaters…
  • Movie theaters make an estimated 85% profit annually on overpriced snacks.
  • I’ve patronized IMAX theaters 6 times this year… 2 Adults & 4 kids general admission= $46.00 Concessions= $18 large popcorn & 32oz drink Total cost= $64.00
  • Moviegoers have 4 options: Eat a filling dinner in advance So Hungry.. Growl…. Simply ignore your hunger pangs rrel qui et S KS… ecr AC e S SN om Bec eak in sn & COMPLAIN directly to Movie theaters to offer lower prices for families
  • 3 Main Points: •  Movie Concession prices have increased & aren’t budget friendly •  Why are movie theaters making an estimated 85% profit on snacks alone? •  What are the options, if any for moviegoers on a budget?
  • I’ve already paid $7-9 for admission, why do I have to pay DOUBLE for snacks?
  • AMC Theaters raised ticket prices: Matinee= $9.50 to $10.50 Evening show= $11.50 to $12.00
  • Retail prices on items like hotdogs & nachos are 9x’s what it cost to purchase in a grocery store.
  • Joshua Thompson from Livonia, Michigan filed a class action suit against AMC Theater for charging him $8.00 for a drink & candy.
  • In the past, Thompson brought his own snacks, until the cinema banned outside food in the theater.
  • Purchase a Movie Pass to save on Admission.
  • Attend a discounted movie theater like Varsity Cinemas so you’ll spend less on admission and not so much overall.
  • Wait until the movie is released on DVD to avoid the movie theater experience altogether…
  • Subscribe to Netflix after you’ve complained to your local IMAX or AMC theater about their high concession prices and compare your experiences…
  • Summary Moviegoers should be allowed to bring their own snacks. Movie theaters like IMAX & AMC charge 9x’s the retail price for snacks. There are several options for moviegoers on a budget.
  • Moviegoers can avoid being forced to make life decisions at the concession stand by being permitted to bring their own snacks from home while viewing their ‘paid’ movie…
  • A 30 Day trial of Netflix is $7.99 & you can always pop your own popcorn and add extra butter for free…