Walt Disney Studios - Expanding El Capitan Social Media
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Walt Disney Studios - Expanding El Capitan Social Media






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Walt Disney Studios - Expanding El Capitan Social Media Walt Disney Studios - Expanding El Capitan Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • MExpanding El Capitan Theatre Brand Presence andMarketing Opportunities on Emerging Social Media 1
  • Overview: Where We Are• 6,137 • 16,750 • 5,907 • 254 • 14 • 201 • 40 Followers Likes Total Reviews Video Followers Klout Score People Uploads• 1,114 • 8,163 • 4.5 / 5 • 17 Images • 505 Tweets Check Ins • 8,558 Stars • 16 Uploaded True Reach Check Ins Subscribers• 61 • Primary • 6 Following Audience: • 13,739 Amplificati 25-34 Video on Females Views (23.1%) • 17 Network Impact 2
  • Klout Score‣ Measures influence based on an individual’s ability to drive action in past 90 days.‣ Every time one creates content or engage, one influences others.‣ Score is based from 1-100 with 100 being the most‣ Uses data from social networks in order to measure: ‣ True Reach: How many people you influence ‣ Amplification: How much you influence them ‣ Network Impact: The influence of your network‣ El Capitan Theatre Score: 40 Company El Capitan TWDC AMC Cinemark ‣ True Reach: 505 Score Theatre 40 71 68 55 ‣ Amplification: 6 True Reach 505 69,312 36,487 4,389 ‣ Network Impact: 17 Amplification 6 5 9 8 Network 17 51 49 38 Impact 3
  • M Moving Forward:Steps to Increase Our Brand Presence • Build on Existing Content • Explore New Platforms • Evaluating Competition 4
  • Building on Existing Content} YouTube } Create original content that showcases the history and majesty of the Theatre. } Short videos that span from 01:30 to 02:00 that offer inside views to the Theatre } Potential Video Topics ¨ The Organist ¨ The Best Seat in House ¨ Working at El Capitan ¨ Feature on Employee ¨ The History of the El Capitan Theatre ¨ The Soda Fountain ¨ Getting El Capitan Ready for Premieres } Once this content is edited, push it out using Facebook and Twitter to share with the already existing network. 5
  • Building on Existing Content (Cont.)} Facebook (Cont.) } Fan Art } Encourage fans to post Walt Disney Studio fan art onto the page of the films that are going to be shown. ¨ The photo with the most likes, receives a gift package of the film. ¨ Wreck-It Ralph drawings ¨ Winner receives promotional Wreck-It Ralph gear } Idea has to be approved by User Generated Committee (UGC) } Rewards } Booshaka TOP FANS ¨ Pricing $99 per month ¨ Rewards fans who actively participate on the group page with points ¨ Top Fan receives promotional prizes or recognition 6
  • Building on Existing Content (Cont.)} Twitter } Encourage them to reach out to us by starting the conversation of the Theatre. } "@JohnSmith Glad you could come out to the Theatre! How did you like Dolby Atmos?" ¨ When they mention @ElCapitanThtre us, all of their followers see it. } RT Movie news, but also from the directors of the films } Followers want to know everything about the film } RT Directors or Actors playing in film } Promotion for El Capitan Theatre } Users take photos of the El Capitan Marquee for a chance to win movie prizes ¨ User-generated content must be approved by UGC Committee. } Idea is that the users network will see the image as well, thus increasing the chance of other users to find us. } Example of copy ¨ "Heading to Hollywood? Tweet (@ElCapitanThtre) or Instagram (@ElCapitanThtre) a picture of the Marque for a chance to win free movie passes!" } Run this for a week and at the end of the week, we choose a winner at random. 7
  • Exploring NewPlatforms‣Pinterest‣ The Idea ‣How do we add/give more content to the fan or the consumer ‣How do we give them an inside look on what to experience 8
  • Pinterest‣ A pin-board style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.‣ Higher Traffic than: ‣ Google+ ‣ YouTube ‣ LinkedIn‣ Relevance ‣ Disney just obtained legal rights to be on it. ‣ El Capitan Theatre can post images that are pertinent it’s history or company culture, generating curiosity and interest to the Theatre ‣ Shows the human element of the Theatre 9
  • Pinterest (cont.)‣ The Strategy ‣ Create a board with few keywords tags from SEO Strategy ‣ Hashtag Keywords ‣ Family; Fun; Hollywood; Kids; Parents; Disney; El Capitan Theatre; Mickey; Brave ‣ Add content to the board ‣ Highlight our best visual content and put it onto a board ‣ Engage with other Pinners and seek those who are popular or have a large network.‣ The Goals ‣ Gain brand recognition ‣ Drive traffic to the El Capitan website ‣ Convert new visits into leads 10
  • Pinterest (cont.) Examples of others 11
  • Pinterest (cont.) Examples of others 12
  • M Evaluating Competing Movie Theaters & Social MediaAMC | CINEMARK | REGAL | ARCLIGHT | GRAUMANS CHINESE 13
  • AMC Theaters‣ Social Media ‣ Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest ‣ Facebook Timeline dating back to founding ‣ UStreams with talent and filmmakers ‣ Facebook Tops Fans Applications ‣ Movie news as well as‣ Promotions ‣ AMC Stubs Loyalty Program 14
  • Cinemark Theaters‣ Social Media ‣ Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Blog ‣ Facebook Apps ‣ Sweepstakes and giveaways of signed posters and items‣ Promotions ‣ Classics Campaign ‣ Showing old movies for a one day only screening ‣ Reel Family Time ‣ 75¢ Admission Per Person for Parties of 3 or More ‣ Senior Days Every Monday ‣ Discount Tuesdays All Day on Tuesdays ‣ Student Discounts ‣ Thats A Wrap! ‣ (Last Run at Special Price on Tues. - Thurs.) 15
  • Regal Entertainment Theaters‣ Social Media ‣ Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog | YouTube ‣ Facebook Applications which include: Photos, Showtimes & Tickets, Weekly Coupons, Total Recall Instant Win (sweepstakes), Movie Trivia, Ratings, Guidelines, Youtube.‣ Promotion ‣ Regal Crown Club Loyalty Program ‣ Straw Vote ‣ Buy a medium or large frozen drink and well make 50¢ donation to charity based on the flavor you choose ‣ St. Judes Childrens Hospital ‣ Boys & Girls Club 16
  • Arclight Cinemas} Social Media } Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest } Exclusive Q&As with actors and directors } Entertaining movie facts } Fostered a community through social outreach and events} Promotions } Member Loyalty Rewards Program } Buy online as a member, get $1.00 off each ticket at www.arclightcinemas.com } Host various Film Festivals } Currently have Stop-Motion sets from "ParaNorman" at the Arclight Hollywood. 17
  • Graumans Chinese Theatre} Social Media } Facebook | Twitter | Foursquare } Broadcast live from the red carpet of premieres } Webcam } Photos from Premieres } List of Past and Upcoming Premieres} Promotions } 25¢ Family Flicks Every Saturday at 10am in July & August } Chinese Theatre Tours 18