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Presentation of Elearnit services

Presentation of Elearnit services

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  • 1. Know How to Know elearnit: a network of consultants to help your company grow Licence-free Learning Management System (LMS) Today, many companies use training as a major driver for their development. But how much does training cost? How many people are involved? What guarantees of result do you have? E-learning gives you the possibility to train people while saving time and money. We use Open Source software: it is licence-free, the community guarantees continuous update and its open code makes it easy to modify and customize. Elearnit offers you a range of efficient and simple services that you can always integrate in your company processes. A service, not a Software Web training doesn’t mean buying a software program. It means setting up and putting into a web management system all your training and document sharing activities and all your procedures, or at least the ones you want to manage online. Elearnit can support you in all your corporate needs: e-learning platform (LMS), installation and configuration of the Lms, production of custom-made content, off-the-shelf courses, virtual classroom applications. We and our partners can offer you all of this, with the most of customization. Elearnit finds the best and most cost-effective solution for you and your needs and supports you during all the process. The Advantages Our offer Your advantage Open Source software The application is yours forever, licence-free. Continuing updates guaranteed by the community. Customizable LMS, can be integrated You can mix the advantage of a licence-free application with your other company applications with the possibility of customising its graphics or its functions. We can also integrate it with your other company applications. E-learning in place of, or together with the Save time and money when training large groups of regular classroom training students. Custom-made courses, based on your More efficiency and customisation. requirements Off-the-shelf courses: the best suppliers We already selected the best suppliers: all the courses can and partners be used within the LMS and can be customised. Integrated Knowledge Management Integration between the company knowledge base and training. Our services Service How we do it Lms (Learning Management System) You can install it by yourself, if you want. With GPL licence (docebo or moodle) If not, we can do it for you. LMS customisation Customisable graphics. Customisable functions, with custom-created functions. Training to teach you how to use the Training course (2, 4 or 6 days) where we teach you how to LMS use the system. Consulting Consulting to help you configure your LMS Custom-made courses Custom-made courses, planned together with you, starting from the documents you normally use. Off-the-shelf courses Catalogo corsi standard dai migliori fornitori. Personalizzabili Virtual classroom With webcam, audio, desktop sharing, chat and moderation. 1
  • 2. The LMS: installation, assistence The Learning Management System (LMS) is the keystone to manage your web-based training. The LMS is the application that allows you to manage the web-based courses: it is a group of applications that manages delivery, training, the “social” tools such as chat or forum, enrollment and tracking. Thanks to the SCORM standard, with this application you can track the users’ training sessions and his/her training activities (what content he/she has seen, for how much time, how much he/she scored in tests…). All this information is always available in the application’s database and can be easily exported in excel for further analysis. We made the strategic choice to use open-source application (cheaper, more stable, more “open” and thus much simpler to modify and fix, no problem for updates). We use two of the most widely used systems, already adopted by multinationals, small and big companies, universities and schools around the world: docebo and moodle. Features: - Support SCORM 1.2 and its updates - Quick and easy upload of any file (word, excel, video, audio, etc...) - Sms or e-mail notifications to users - Virtual classroom, chat, forum - Messages, announcements, notebook function - Tests, polls - Faq, Help, Link List, Glossary, integrated Wiki tool - Customisable reporting (user report, course report…) - You can easily reproduce your organisation chart and further divide your users into groups - Can be interfaced with HR and ERP applications (SAP HR, Lotus…) and authentication system such as LDAP and Active Directory Elearnit supports you in the installation, configuration and maintenance of the system. The installation is web-based. The LMS can be hosted on your server or on ours. The – optional – maintenance is cared for by Elearnit 2
  • 3. Training on how to use the LMS The courses are held in your premises, with a per-day cost. The number of days is your choice, but we suggest at least two days. It is also possible to match the classroom training with phone or Skype-based training. The topics we will cover are as follows: 1) The LMS Features and structure of the LMS, how you can use it and organise it for the best – according to your needs. Training on how to use it as an administrator, as a teacher and as a user. 1.1) Back-end/Administrator - Structures, privileges, roles - General LMS configuration - Customisation - Organisation chart, groups - Creation of learning courses, enrollment of the students 1.2) Teacher - Creation or upload and management of the Learning material - Reporting, stats, Gradebook 1.3) User - Use of the LMS as a user 2) E-learning training Web-based training is different from classroom training (and remember that you can always blend them). We’ll guide you to analyse these differences, to understand the different roles and to choose the tools that best fit your business needs, among those available: - Classroom training vs web-based training - Features of a web-based training environment - The Roles: user, teacher, process tutor and content tutor - The training tools: Scorm objects, tests, files, forum, chat, virtual classroom - How to organise courses and classes 3) The Learning Object The LMS allows you to use multimedia learning objects (with audio, video, interactivity…) but you can also re-use documents and files you already have. You can do produce them yourself, you can buy them from any vendor or from Elearnit. Anyway, it is good to know features, potentialities and creation techniques of the learning objects so you can plan them with us, buy them or create them yourself through the use of simple software applications. - How to transform traditional learning material in e-learning material - Multimedia objects - Tests - How to plan your courses - Course authoring application: Articulate Suite, Adobe Captivate, eXelearning. 3
  • 4. Consulting for the configuration of your LMS Configuring the LMS is easy, just like our training makes it easy for you to decide roles, functions, courses and group organisation. However, if you want to outsource fully or partially this activity, elearnit is here to support you in this delicate part of an e-learning project. Users org chart, roles, functions, privileges System configuration, publishing flow, events, notifications Course management, menu management, course categories Web pages and news management 4
  • 5. Custom-made courses Elearnit can produce custom-made courses, planned together with you, starting from the documents you normally use. If you want a custom-made course, about your internal procedure, your sales policies, a presentation of your plants or machines to give you to your dealers, a guide on how to use your products… problem! Elearnit and its partners can work on any project with strict and bullet-proof schedules and costs: we do this every day. 5
  • 6. Off-the-shelf courses Elearnit offers you a catalogue of standard courses, made by the best producers of learning objects. These are the main topics covered: Legislation and certification Management courses Information technology: base and advanced courses Public administration, Health Virtual classroom Elearnit offers you a virtual classroom application. You can lead your training activities with audio, webcam, chat, moderation and desktop sharing. The virtual classroom can be integrated in the LMS: user participation, times and dates of the virtual classroom training can be set directly from the LMS. The desktop sharing tool allows the teacher to show the students his/her desktop and what he/she is doing, accompanying the activity with a voice comment. Chat and “status” functions allow students to show their approval or that they need further explanations, without interrupting the teacher. The teacher can give or take away the students their audio and video. 6
  • 7. They have already chosen Elearnit - Mercatone Uno Group – Learning Management System for the whole group, used to train thousands of employees nationwide. Development of several custom-made personalisations. Creation of more than 20 courses and dozens of tests and learning objects. - Iris Ceramiche – Use of the Virtual classroom and production of training materials for overseas employees for one of the main Italian tile manufacturers. - Ecolstudio Srl - Learning Management System for this important Consultancy in Lucca’s paper-production business district. - Vele – LMS Management for Cesvip (major training organisation nationwide) - European projects – We used web-based technologies and we tested e- learning methodologies in several transnational projects. - Stop&Go Project – content creation for schools on an open-source platform. - Equal Sky Project – content creation for an Equal Project and definition of the guidelines. - E-learning for the Forlì-Cesena County – research on the national and international best practices in e-learning. - IAL Cisl Emilia Romagna – content creation for several blended learning courses - Iscom Modena – LMS for the e-learning course quot;Marketing in tourismquot; - Benetton Group- Learning Management System for the whole group, used to train thousands of employees nationwide. - Modena Formazione/Itc Barozzi Modena – content creation and LMS for the project quot;Intraprendere a Modenaquot; - Change S.r.l. Modena – consulting and teaching on how to use the LMS, custom-made functions. - Genzyme s.r.l. Modena – teaching on how to use Articulate Studio to create content. - Italia Arredo – Learning Management System for the whole group, used to train hundreds of employees nationwide. - Equitalia S.p.A. (Italy’s tax collection agency) - Learning Management System for the whole group, used to train thousands of employees nationwide. 7