OpenERP Management system modules


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OpenERP Management system modules by Savoir-faire Linux

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OpenERP Management system modules

  1. 1. OpenERP Management System modules (Quality)By Savoir-faire LinuxProviding Expertise on Free & Open Source Software since 1999 Maxime Chambreuil 1-877-735-4689 #101
  2. 2. AgendaInstallationConfiguration Causes and Origins Satisfaction Survey Manual, Procedures and Work InstructionsUsage Audits Nonconformities Actions Surveys Reviews
  3. 3. InstallationDownload mgmtsystem_* modules from : or Launchpad : mgmtsystem_quality for ISO 9001Additional management systems available : mgmtsystem_environment for ISO 14001 mgmtsystem_health_safety for OHSAS 18001 mgmtsystem_pcidss for PCI-DSS (soon) mgmtsystem_security for ISO 27001 (soon)
  4. 4. ConfigurationIn Management System / Configuration Create your origins and causes of nonconformities Modify your customer satisfaction surveyIn Management System / Manuals Fill in the blanks in the Quality manual. The structure provided is the same one as the ISO 9001 standard. Create your procedures and your work instructions
  5. 5. Usage : AuditsIn Management System / Management System / Audits Create your audit calendar by adding audit For each audit Enter the name of the department being audited (marketing, HR, etc.) Enter the date and the system (Quality) Determine the users auditing (auditors) and the ones being audited (auditees) Based on the procedures of the audited department, auditors create verification list with closed questions. Then, Auditors prints the verification list to carry out their audit
  6. 6. Usage : AuditsDuring or after the audit, Auditors fill in the answers of the verification list (conformed or not) with comments (evidences, references)Next, Auditors enter : Strong points, Points to improveand create Improvement opportunities and NonconformitiesFinally, Auditors generate the audit report.
  7. 7. Usage : Nonconformities (NC)When creating nonconformities, Auditors enter : Partner : Customer, supplier or company related to the NC Related to : Any reference pointing to the NC (order id, project id, task id, etc.) Responsible : User responsible for the NC Manager : User managing the department Origins : How the NC has been discovered Procedures : Against which procedure is the NC Description : Evidences, references to the standards Causes : Root causes Analysis : Result of the investigation Actions and efficiencies : Actions and evidences that the actions were efficient, allowing Auditor to review actions and close NC
  8. 8. Usage : ActionsWhen creating actions, Auditors enter : Subject : What must be done Deadline : Date by which the action must be completed Responsible : User in charge of completing the action Type : Immediate, corrective or preventive actions or improvement opportunity Description : Details of the actionUser in charge of the action enter notes and emails demonstrating the work in progress and close the action when completed.Meanwhile, your customers fill in the satisfaction survey...
  9. 9. Usage : ReviewsWhen creating review, enter : Name : April 2012 Date : May 15th, 2012 Participants : the users involved in the review Policy : Copy/Paste here your quality policy for re-evaluation Changes affecting the system : List significant changes that needs to be planned and tracked by the top management Survey anwers : list of satisfation survey answers filled in during April 2012 KPI : list of your KPI value for April 2012 (soon)Create one review line for each point to discuss among the inputsDuring the review, discuss each review line, note your decision and determine the output if any (action or nonconformity)In conclusion, determine the date and time of your next review
  10. 10. Whats next ?Feels like contributing? Some ideas: Workflow on manuals, procedures and work instructions Key performance indicators (KPI) PCI-DSS ISO 27001 Etc. Feel free to join us at