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LWC - Living Wall Brochure 2 21-12
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LWC - Living Wall Brochure 2 21-12


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A short business model description of The Living Wall Company with the products and services it offers customers.

A short business model description of The Living Wall Company with the products and services it offers customers.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. When you want a Living Wall, what you reallywant is the environmental performance ofhealthy plants living-in and covering a stablestructure. That task is not completed simply bydelivering parts and pieces. Our business modelis to provide “mature” Living Walls, which weachieve by being committed to the entire lifecycle of these plant-based building systems.Our customers get Beauty, Strength andSustainability – guaranteed. Visit Us On The Web @ Saint Louis, Missouri | o> 314-394-8715 | c> 314-574-2887 |
  • 2. At The Living Wall Company, we believe green-space and habitat must always be returned to the built environment . Weaccomplish that by providing the very best “Living Walls" for those who also believe living systems are superior to traditional hard-scape retaining walls. We handle the parts, pieces and execution. Our customers get Beautiful, Strong, Sustainable living" walls -guaranteed. Ad us to your green building team for the following products and services: Living Wall Project Consulting | Living Wall Material Packages | Living Wall Constructed Packages | Living Wall Planting and Stewardship Services | Speaking | Continuing Education for Specifiers Our Living Retaining Walls are Made Possible by The SmartSlope System Coupled with Our Favorite Components to Guarantee Success: SmartSlope retaining walls utilize nature to create high functioning, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that: •provide structural slope retention from 50 to 70 degrees •install faster and easier since it uses fewer modules •have lightest weight to coverage ratio in the industry •create beautiful vertical gardens •create an excellent environment for plant growth SmartSlope retaining walls offer extensive ecological benefits, including: •converting hardscapes to landscapes •reducing storm water runoff •reducing disruption of existing vegetation •fostering on-site nutrient take-up •create urban habitats and urban gardens By utilizing nature, SmartSlope creates retaining walls that: •use 50% less concrete versus conventional segmented retaining walls •reduce labor costs due to ease of installation •contributes to valuable LEED points •maximize coverage ratio resulting in fewer modules shipped, handled and installed •can be locally manufactured in any metro area •Designed from Inception for Living Walls •Largest Growth Media Capacity •Made of Superior Wet-Cast Concrete •Internally Bonded Polymer Liner •Mechanical Connection to Strip Reinforcements •Local Manufacture for LEED Compliance Saint Louis, Missouri | o> 314-394-8715 | c> 314-574-2887 |