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Sound gecko turn_your_favorite_articles_into_podcasts

  1. 1. net Turn your favorite articles into PodcastsNwosu MavtrevorAre you tired of reading articles online?SoundGecko is just your perf ect way out.SoundGecko converts your web articlesinto audio MP3 f iles so you can listen tothem instead. SoundGecko is an onlinetext-to-speech transcribing web servicethat converts articles into speech. Youdon’t have to read through pages ofarticles when you can simply convert theminto an audio f ile and listen to theminstead. You can listen to the convertedMP3 f ile through a smartphone orcomputer.How to use SoundGecko:Simply copy the URL of any interesting article you want to listen and paste it on the f ield made availablef or it on the SoundGecko homepage.Add a valid email address below it and click the “Listen to article now” button and wait f or your article toconvert.Then your article will be converted into an MP3 f ile as indicated on the image below.
  2. 2. Once it has f inished converting, SoundGecko will begin to read out loud the body of the article on yourbrowser. You also have options to share the audio on Facebook, Twitter and even download the MP3 f ileto your computer. A copy will also be emailed to the address you provided.There are also SoundGecko mobile apps f or Android, iOS and Windows phone. These f ree SoundGeckomobile apps will allow you to listen to your f avorite articles even while you are busy. There is also aChrome extension f or SoundGecko to install on your Chrome toolbar.Must Read: VLC media player: How you can convert FLV files to Mp3SoundGecko Plugin can also help you add a listen button to your blog so that a visitor can simply click onthem to listen to the articles instead of reading them. Simply install and activate the plugin, visit the pluginsettings page and determine the size of the “Listen” button you want to display on your blog or theposition you will want it to appear on your blog.Tell me what you sincerely think of the SoundGecko text-to-speech transcribing web service. Do you f indthis web app interesting? How do you use it? Use the comment f orm below to share with me, rememberto subscribe to my RSS f eeds.Listen