Pinterest traffic secrets every blogger should practice


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Are you taking advantage of Pinterest in driving traffic to your site? Here is my Pinterest traffic secrets...i just shared them with you. #Pinterest #traffic

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Pinterest traffic secrets every blogger should practice

  1. 1. net Nwosu Mavtrevor Pinterest Traffic Secrets every blogger should practice It’s no more news that Social media is the cheapest and easiest means of driving traf f ic to a website and I have noticed how many bloggers ignore Pinterest as a source of traf f ic to their blog so today I have decided to compile this post to share some Pinterest traf f ic secrets with you. Pinterest is an awesome source of traf f ic and the third major source of Social media traf f ic af ter Facebook and Twitter and maybe Reddit (If you are active there). Most bloggers f ocus only on Facebook and Twitter f or their Social media traf f ic while ignoring Pinterest, Pinterest can get the numbers up f or you if done right. One viral “Pin” can change the lif e of your blog and give it the exposure you never ever dreamt of . You can drive a lot of targeted traf f ic to your blog using Pinterest and you don’t have to do much to succeed in this. Just f ollow my Pinterest Traf f ic Secret guide caref ully and improve your site’s traf f ic in a very short time. Must Read: How I drive over 100k unique visitors to my blog every month My Pinterest Traffic Secrets: 1. Set up Your Pinterest Account : The f irst and f oremost thing to do is to set up your Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. So visit Pinterest and click on the “Sign up with email” button or “sign up with Facebook” button to sign up using your Facebook account.
  2. 2. If you already own a Pinterest account, simply login to your Pinterest account using the “Login” link on the page. Since you are new on Pinterest I will advise you f amiliarize yourself with the Pinterest platf orm so you won’t have dif f iculties when using it. Pinterest has a lot of cool f eatures such as boards, pins, likes, analytics, settings etc. You can even link your other social media accounts to Pinterest and f ind your f riends who may already be using Pinterest. This is the f irst Pinterest traf f ic secret I am sharing with you. 2. Verify your Website: You need to verif y your site on Pinterest so your visitors can easily locate your site via your Pinterest page. Verif ying your site will def initely boast your blog’s visibility and also improve your general site’s SEO ef f orts. You can read all about how to verif y your site on Pinterest here. 3. Link Your Pinterest account with your other Social media accounts: The beauty of social media is in their easy interlinking and compatibility with one another. Af ter setting up your Pinterest account and f amiliarizing yourself with the Pinterest platf orm, the next thing to do will be to link your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts. That way you can easily connect with your Social media f riends and this will give your Pinterest campaign a very big boast.
  3. 3. The essence of this is to automatically share your Pinterest pins to your connected social media accounts so more eyeballs will see it. You will gain more outreach that way, so I recommend you connect your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts. This is the second Pinterest traf f ic secret I am sharing with you. 4. Create secret boards and populate them with images before making them public: The next advice would’ve been to start creating boards and start pinning but as a beginner I advise you otherwise. It won’t be so great f or a visitor to come to your boards to see it scanty, so my third Pinterest traf f ic secret is to create secret boards, populate them with pins bef ore making them public.
  4. 4. Use catchy names f or your board names, add description that best describes the board, select the best category and click on the Secret button to switch it to yes. Af ter you must have populated the board with posts, then you can switch of f the secret button to “No”. 5. Build Follower-base: If you want to be successf ul in Pinterest then you need a lot of f ollowers. Your pins will mostly be visible to your f ollowers and if you have f ew f ollowers then you won’t get the best out of Pinterest. So use whatever method at your disposal to grow your Pinterest f ollower-base. 6. Add Pin It Button to your Site : This is where I know most bloggers f ail, we mostly use social share plugins but I have noticed a lot of bloggers don’t activate the “Pin” button. Even those that have it don’t understand the benef its of using it. You don’t just earn backlinks f rom posts pinned on Pinterest; it can drive a lot of traf f ic back to your site. The images you pin on Pinterest are clickable and can take visitors back to the source of the Pin and in this case if your blog is the source of the Pin, it will take the visitors back to your blog. 7. Use # Hashtags on your Pins: Use hashtags on your Pin’s description as this will help you properly categorize your Pin and make it easier f or people searching f or such topics to easily f ind your Pins. Just like in Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest hashtags categorizes pins and this makes it easy f or people to f ind such contents when they search the keywords. This is one Pinterest traf f ic secret most blogger are not aware of . 8. Make videos/Infographics and Pin them: Pinterest allows users to pin videos f rom Youtube and Vimeo, so to improve your site’s traf f ic make videos and upload to Youtube and Pin them. Having a mixed up type of content on your Pinterest board can greatly improve your site’s traf f ic. Same goes with Inf ographics, make cool looking Inf ographics and Pin them too. 9. Pin during Peak Periods: Pinning during peak periods can greatly inf luence how successf ul your Pinterest campaign could be. Studies have shown that most users are on Pinterest in the af ternoons between 2pm – 4pm and evenings between 8pm – 1am. So take advantage of these periods and schedule your Pins during these periods f or ef f ective outreach and more chances of driving more traf f ic to your blog. 10. Pin Tall Images: Taller images get more attentions on Pinterest. I have personally noticed that most of my Pins with greater repins are tall images, so leverage on this and make the best out of Pinterest and use it as a tool to drive huge traf f ic to your blog. When someone repins your pin, that post gets exposed to all their f ollowers and if any of their f ollowers repins it, it gets exposed to their own f ollowers too. So you see how a post can go viral on Pinterest? And the best part is that the image no matter the number of times its repined retains the original credit (that’s you) and the original link (that’s your site’s link). Other Tips: Ensure your prof ile’s search privacy is not turned on as this could prevent your prof ile f rom appearing on search engines and you could be missing out of the search engine traf f ic.
  5. 5. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Pinterest is trying to f ind ways to make it worth thousands of bucks and bloggers like you and I are looking f or ways to generate tons of traf f ic f rom it. I hope I have been able to share some worthy Pinterest traf f ic secrets on this post, if you have any contributions please use the comment section below. Related Posts Improve your site’s social media optimization with these plugins Time-Saving Apps f or Social Media Promotion Can We Actually Know the Number of Prof ile Views to Our Twitter Account? Content is King of Social Media Realm How Can College Students Utilize Mobile Phones f or Social Media Activities? Fallacies that Misguide Bloggers while Reaping Max Out of Social Media Why bloggers should choose Google Plus as their social network Giveaway #4: Win Tweetlow Credits Edit Related Posts