Mobile spy apps_and_how_they_can_be_useful_for_students


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Mobile spy apps_and_how_they_can_be_useful_for_students

  1. 1. net Spy Apps and How They Can Be Useful For StudentsLinda WatersThe surge in the popularity of the smart phone has meant that it is now the most important piece of techthat people are using everyday, and that is especially so f or students who live busy lives both sociallyand academically.The humble cell phone has come a long way f rom its early days of just being a device to make andreceive calls and SMS messages. For a lot of people it is now their entertainment hub and the very centerof their social world. Moreover, people would f eel totally lost without their mobile phones.The smart phone is now more of a computer than a lot of computers, and there are so many appsavailable that the list is seemingly endless. There are many apps that are available to download and areable to turn your smart phone into anything f rom a f lashlight to a means of watching television. However,a new type of cell phone app has appeared and has recently become available to the general public, andthis is the spy app.Mobile Spy AppsFor students there is an opportunity of quite ef f icient application f or this sof tware: as well as being ableto track the usage of someone else’s phone, they can also install the app on to their own phones. Thishas the advantage of backing up all of the data, photos and videos that are stored on the phone.Theref ore, they will not lose any personal data if the phone gets lost, stolen or has its memory wiped.Another f eature of the cell phone spying app is the f act that if the smart phone is lost or stolen thephone can be tracked via the GPS network. Still, there are more options: the smart phone can also belocked remotely, plus the memory can be wiped clean remotely, meaning that whoever has taken thephone will not have the access to all your personal data.Must Read: Top 5 Anti-Theft Apps for iPhoneMobile spy apps are downloadable sof tware programs that allow one an access to the most intimatedata f rom any smart phone that it is downloaded onto. There is almost no part of the cell phone thatcannot be looked into and something that once was the preserve of certain covert government agencies
  2. 2. has f ound a new lease of lif e on the open market.Downloading the app onto a smart phone such as an iPhone, BlackBerry or any Android phone gives youthe chance to capture all of the data pertaining to the usage of that phone. This means that if you aresuspecting someone is not telling you the truth about who they are talking to or where they are or wherethey are going, then you can arm yourself with all the evidence you need to conf ront them.Must Read: Top Apps of 2012 from Google And Apple RatingsThe cell phone spying app is the ideal way to keep your phone and your personal inf ormation secure aswell as being a great tool to keep an eye on someone who maybe being untruthf ul.