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How to start your own blog

  1. 1. How to Start your own Blog Netmediablog.com1How to Start Your Own BlogIf you are interested to startyour own blog, then read thisguide from start to end.Making money online is as easy as it sounds with just a blog and some inspiration you canactually start earning real money from the internet easily. It doesn’t really take much to getstarted except you don’t know where to start. After some years as a blogger I have discovered theopportunity of earning from just being a blog owner and I will like to share that idea with youbut the first step is owning your own blog.Apart from the fame of being a blogger, you can earn real $$$$ from Paid Articles, GoogleAdsense, Banner ads, Paid Reviews, etc. Blogging will help you develop as an individual aswell. I have learnt more things as blogger than my whole 5 yrs in the University.So if you want to start your own blog, or you simply want to share your knowledge with thewhole world, or you belong to the category that want to explore the opportunities of making real$$$$ from the internet, then I would love to help you achieve your dreams.Here are the steps to being a blogger:
  2. 2. How to Start your own Blog Netmediablog.com2Purchase a Good Domain:The first to start your own blog is to purchase a good domain name. A domain name is the nameof your blog like I have as my domain name. So you will have to obtain yourown domain name carefully. There are guides you can follow in choosing the right domain namebecause your domain name is what people will remember your blog as. Read the guide abouthow you should choose the right domain name for you blog. “Choosing the right domainnames”.You can use to search for available domain names you can use foryour blog.Hosting your Domain:Once you have made a choice for your domain name next will be hosting your domain, hostingsimply means web space where your files and data will stored online. Every website you haveever surfed on the internet is hosted on servers worldwide.Hosting costs around $10 per month, though you can get cheaper and rates in some other placesbut I advise you use a web host that is reliable and affordable. I personally use Arvixe to host myblog. There are also other good webhosts like Godaddy, Namecheap and even Hostgator. Andthe good thing is that these webhosts accept GTB Mastercards as means of payment. They are ofcourse the best around and I recommend them.Install WordPress:WordPress is my favorite content management system platform and I love it, you will love it tooonce you use it. Most popular blogs and bloggers use WordPress platform. WordPress is so easyto use that even a newbie can install and design a good looking and secure blog with, its SEOfeatures are amazing that it does so many things to help you succeed as a blogger even withoutyou knowing.You can install WordPress from the Fantastico in your cPanel, once you are done with theinstallation of WordPress the next thing you should do is to install Plugins. Plugins are externalpiece of code packaged in a special form to help you enhance the usability of WordPress. Pluginsare installed on WordPress to perform certain tasks.You should really consider some “Necessary WordPress Security Plugins” while installingPlugins to help you secure your WordPress Blogs.
  3. 3. How to Start your own Blog Netmediablog.com3Install a Professional Theme:Themes are like the clothing of your blog, a good looking theme can attract more readers to yourblog so this is a very important step to seriously consider carefully. A theme with good colourand features can ensure your visitors coming back always to read more of your articles. A goodtheme should be “Responsive” since we should consider mobile users as well. A Responsivetheme is a theme that re-sizes itself to fit into a screen resolution for every device used in surfingyour blog. You can read the “Benefits of using Responsive designs” for your blog. With aresponsive theme, you do not have to worry about making a mobile site for your blog.I am using Genesis child theme on a Genesis framework for my blog, though I bought it, but as anewbie you can find some free and responsive themes if you search the web very well.Would you like me to design your blog for you? In case you are not familiar with coding anddesigning and you can’t do all these by yourself but you really need to start your own blog, for agood fee I can design a professional blog for you. Use the Contact Page to email me yourrequest so we can discuss further on price and the features you will need for your blog.Advanced Blogging TipsOther things you will need to know about blogging and how to start your own blog and succeedas a blogger. I have covered most of these topics in the past and I want to share them with you soyou too can succeed as a blogger.WordPressSome important WordPress Plugins for your WordPress blogSafety Measures to follow before your upgrade your WordPress or a WordPress PluginHow to reduce Spam on your WordPressHow to add a customized email subscription box in WordPress.
  4. 4. How to Start your own Blog Netmediablog.com4SEOSEO Strategies for websiteHow to make your website SEO friendlySEO Tips for a newly designed websiteThe basic on-site SEO Tips you should knowOn-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO: Which is more importantSEO Tips: Search Engine Optimization tips for imagesSEO Tips for BingSocial MediaHow to add Twitter Follow me button to your WordPress blogHow bloggers can use the Microsoft Social Network So.clUsing Twitter Hashtags to improve visibility on TwitterHow to use Pinterest to promote your blogOther Blogging TipsHow to handle writer’s blockHow do I add Mashable style social subscription widget on my blog?6 Characteristics of a good blog post
  5. 5. How to Start your own Blog Netmediablog.com5Complete guides before and after publishing blog postsThings needed to become a successful bloggerHow to choose the right keyword for your blog postHow to create a blog siteContent Syndication: How it can improve your blog’s traffic10 Commandments of Blogging8 Ways to promote your blogHow to create a blog people will love to readImportance of blog design and layout: Things you should knowHow to find and choose the best blog niches