How to get quality backlinks from google+, linked in and tumblr


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How to get quality backlinks from google+, linked in and tumblr

  1. 1. net to get quality backlinks from Google+, LinkedIn andTumblrNwosu MavtrevorGoogle loves backlinks, backlinks show therelevance of a webpage to the internet. The morebacklinks a web page has, the more relevant Googlethinks it to be and the higher it ranks. But there ismore to this statement; Google will give morepref erence to a web page with high quality backlinksto one with millions of low quality backlinks. Somesites like Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn arerespected by Google, and so getting a dof ollowbacklink f rom such sites will mean a lot f or yourwebpage. But the problem is that most of thesesites know this and have made all their external linksnof ollow.I have f ound a way to obtain a dof ollow backlinksf rom such sites and I want to share it with you here.Google will def initely take your site/blog moreseriously if you can obtain a dof ollow backlinks f rom Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr. So lets get started andsee how we can obtain a dof ollow backlinks f rom such sites.How to obtain quality backlinks from Google+, LinkedIn and TumblrFirst download and install a Firef ox plugin called ‘Nof ollow” here. What this plugin does is to highlight linksin a page according to nof ollow/dof ollow status. Restart your Firef ox, right click on your mouse to revealdof ollow and nof ollow links, while grey-ash color is dof ollow, pink-colored links are nof ollow. Now I amgoing to discuss how you can get a dof ollow backlinks f rom each social network separately.How to obtain a dofollow backlink from Google +:Visit Google Plus and sign in to your account, click on ‘Prof ile’ and choose ‘edit prof ile’, scroll downtowards the end of the page until you see ‘Links’.Use the “add custom link” to deep-link to your site/blog. Use a post page and use the post’s keyword as
  2. 2. your anchor text. Just like I did with ‘LinkedIn Prof ile URL’ in the image above and save your prof ile. Nowright click on your mouse to conf irm this link is a dof ollow.How to obtain a dofollow link from LinkedIn:Visit LinkedIn and sign in to your account, and click on ‘edit prof ile’, scroll to the section that says‘Additional Inf ormation’ and click the tiny edit button by its side. Under the section ‘Websites’ there are threeplaces to enter your website details, you can use one to link to your homepage, but I recommend you usethe other to deep-link to your blog, so link to your blog’s inner page with a post URL and use your keywordas an anchor text as we did above. See image below f or illustration.Then save changes and right click on your mouse, choose the nof ollow option to conf irm this link is adof ollow just like the one above.How to obtain a dofollow backlinks from Tumblr:I am hoping you already have a tumblr account, else sign up f or one immediately. Sign in to your tumblraccount, you can check with your nof ollow plugin to conf irm that all external links are nof ollow but we willget a dof ollow backlink by the time we are done with this tutorial.Click on settings on your dashboard, right below your tumblr blog URL you will notice a check box ‘Use acustom domain name’ simply check it and enter your site/blog address and test your domain to conf irm.Then click on the save button to save.
  3. 3. Go to you dashboard and verif y if the link is not a dof ollow pointing to your blog. This way you haveobtained a dof ollow high quality backlink to your blog.Now you have successf ully been able to obtain high qualitydof ollow backlinks f rom Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr. I hopeyou f ind this article interesting enough to share with yourf riends. Remember to subscribe to my RSS f eeds by enteringyour email on the subscription box below and hitting the‘subscribe’ button.If you have any other methods of getting a one-way high qualitybacklinks f or f ree please share with me using the comment f ormbelow. I hope you have entered the raf f le f or a Norton 360(2013) Plus 1year License f or 1PC giveaway, if you have notsimply click here to get started and stand a chance to win myf irst giveaway.Listen