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Photo journalism[2]

  1. 1. East meets West The student exchange group from La Tabatiere Quebec, arrived Sunday, September 12th to Major Saskatchewan. As the kids introduced themselves, it seemed a bet awkward at first but once they got to know each other everyone was friends. Major Students Kennedy Dommett(Right to Left) and Kylie Walz meet there twins Hayley Buffitt (Left) and Melanie Robertson. Welcome to Saskatchewan!
  2. 2. Tile Up The Day the students from Quebec arrived. Major had activities planned for all the kids. Groups split up and painted tiles to display in the ceiling of Major School. (From Left to Right) Nick Ross (Major), Heather Koturbash (Major), Nikki Morency (Quebec), and Ricky Chubbs (Quebec). The Students work together to make there ceiling art.
  3. 3. Day To Day in Saskatchewan From the time the Quebec Students where in Saskatchewan. Different activities were performed to show the Quebec group how Saskatchewanians live. They had toured a Saskatchewan wheat pool, had a tour of a cattle auction, were showed a demonstration of branding of calves. A tour of the University of Saskatchewan, visit to the Western Development Museum, Visit to the near by Hutterite Colony, Tour of Conoco Phillips oil, a look at the Stone wall near Smiley, other events included community service (painting at the school.) The kids arranged to go paintballing one evening, had a movie night and much more random fun. The last day the group was in Saskatchewan, A Potluck supper took place, with a final farewell. Different activities were prepared. Some of the students and each twin, participating in a barrel race. The group in front of bales at the Hoffman Farm.
  4. 4. Teacher’s (left to right) Mr. Williamson (Major) Josée Perrier (Quebec), Fay Collier (Quebec). Checking out the grain being transferred into the semi, to take to the elevator Some of the students have fun at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon. (Left to Right) Mike Hjalte, Logan Dommett, Todd Chotowetz, Nick Ross, Austin Scheibelbien, (Major) Dylan Vatcher (Quebec) Some of the group getting ready to tour the Oil well at Conoco Phillips Oil Company. Saskatchewan Tours
  5. 5. See You Soon Quebec Friends! The Students and teachers from Quebec left Major the morning of September 17th , the good-bye wasn’t hard, for they knew they would be seeing each other soon. Students from top to bottom. Logan Dommett (Major), Melanie Robertson (Quebec), Emilie Robertson (Quebec), Kennedy Dommett (Major), Shelby Cook (Major), Alex Mercer (Quebec), Erin Hoffman (Major), Tristan Bobbitt (Quebec). Saying good-bye to some of there new friends, for now.
  6. 6. West Meets East The Group from Saskatchewan left Major the morning of September 24th and arrived in La Tabatiere 25th . The group arrived to a friendly welcome to there already known friends. Arrived in a tiny Twin otter plane, landing on a dirt run way. Students from Quebec Welcome there Saskatchewan friends with a welcome to La Tabatiere sign. (From left to right) Randy Jones, Emilie Robertson, Alexandra Mercer. Welcome to La Tabatiere!
  7. 7. The group in front of the Mecatina School in La Tabatiere, Quebec. Day to Day in Quebec In Quebec, just like in Saskatchewan, they had different activities organized to keep the group busy during the week of there visit. The activities involved a variety of events to show the Saskatchewanians how people in La Tabatiere lived. A Day in the Life… Quebec Student Fred Letellier shows his “twin” Mike Hjalte how to hunt for this kind of game.
  8. 8. Major group got the experience to boat on the Atlantic Ocean, took a tour of the Hydro Plant in the area, visit to Mecatina School, where the exchange students go to school, also of Mutton Bay School near by. Went on various different hikes, to different look out points, to view the scenery, tour of fishing plant, and the Nordik Express, seal demonstration at the Stage, a look at the local clinic, took part in the local Terry Fox Run, Community Service washing Vehicles, and fun nights hanging with the group, including: bingo night, movie/game night, floor hockey, time at the school, message in a bottle, and much more fun times. The Student Exchange group, ready for the Terry Fox Run. They hiked up to Some students throwing out there message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean. Fun Times, Great Friends
  9. 9. Hiking to Old Post, to get a closer view of the water, was one of many hikes. Jamie Robertson giving a demonstration of how to clean and wash seals. Boarding the Nordik Express Transport boat, for a guided tour. Students at Mutton Bay Look out point. A little Windy?
  10. 10. Time Well Wasted The final night in Quebec, an organized banquet took place. With great food, and fun entertainment, including: square dancing, with participation from the students and parents, and music talent performed by some students from Quebec and Saskatchewan. Ricky Chubbs (Right) and Saskatchewan “twin” Nick Ross Perform a due song together.
  11. 11. Farewell La Tabatiere, Quebec Group from Major getting ready to board there plane back home to Saskatchewan. The Group Departed back to Saskatchewan after being delayed one day due to bad weather on October 3rd . Memories were made and will never be forgotten. Saying Good-Bye to new friends. Tristan Bobbitt(Left) with “twin” Logan Dommett(Right).