Anamal Abuse
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  • 1. Animal Abuse Here is the link to the page to were the picture came from Pets_Center/Brand_Pages/4068_pov_asp_ASPCA.jpg
  • 2. Animal abuse is a really bad thing to do to animals. People should start to be nice to animals and take care of them instead of letting them starve to death or something else That is mean. Here is a link to the to the picture: 7173382-500-333.jpg
  • 3. Why do you want to be mean to your animal? There are all sorts of animals that are up for a adoption. So get one of them for yourself, treat it like if you had a child, or if it is your child. Don’t be mean to it, it is a living thing just like you and it has feelings too. Treat your animal the way you want to be treated. I got the picture from: AAAAAAAAApo/YAOq7seKEJQ/s400/AnimalAbuse.png
  • 4. In 2009's animal abuse report, the top four cruelty laws were in British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. The worst four were New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec. From 2000 animal cruelty went up 25 percent to 2010.
  • 5. Dog Cruelty This is photo of a dog being tortured by having his or her forelegs dislocated and tied behind his or her back and having a metal can forced over his or her mouth and nose. Why do you want to be mean to dogs? They are nice and kind, they only hurt you if you hurt them. So lets all come together and stop people from hurting dogs. See the bottom picture that is what they can be if we don’t hurt them and see they are cute.
  • 6. Cat Cruelty Why do you want to kill cats? They are here to kill the mice, rats and all the other things that are running around the places. They are good animals and they are a good companion to have. So if you don’t want mice or other rodents that you hate, they will eat them all up, so don’t kill cats. Here is the link to where I got the picture from:
  • 7. Horse Abuse Go to this link and look at all the Horse abuse pictures and information Horse abuse is getting worse and worse every year. You could be helping horses and carrying for one instead of abusing and hurting one. Here is another couple links , , and . Don’t buy a horse if you can’t afford it, but if you can buy it take care of it and just think of what you can do with it. But think of what it has gone throw.
  • 8. Cattle Abuse Here is a video of people abusing cattle: I know that meat from cattle is good and tasty, but treat the cow with respect and give it food so it can be even taster for supper or dinner. We can come together and treat cattle with respect so here is something to think about, treat the cattle or cow how you want to be treated or someone who will see you may hit or do what ever you did to the cow the same way but only they are doing it to you. So help people out but don’t hurt the animal with a fork lift or anything else that is bad.
  • 9. Collage
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  • 11. Thank You For Your Time! Kjerstin