Digital Showcase - What's Happening?
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Digital Showcase - What's Happening?



What is happening in the digital space technology wise.

What is happening in the digital space technology wise.



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Digital Showcase - What's Happening? Digital Showcase - What's Happening? Presentation Transcript

  • john st. digital lunch & learn
  • Agenda 1. Location Based Everything 2. Social Media Customer Engagement 3. The Impact of Technology on Health 4. Data Data Data 5. Crowdsourcing 6. 10 Minutes of Cool Shit
  • Location Based Everything
  • Foursquare/Gowalla
  • Loopt
  • Yelp
  • Square
  • Tripit
  • EveryBlock
  • Social Media & Customer Engagement
  • What’s New with Facebook? The numbers Approaching 500 million. Internet has 1.3billion. Like Button Like Everything
  • Facebook Credits Real gifts on Facebook
  • A Creeper’s Utopia Bing search results
  • Facebook Applications “Trip Advisor Trip Friends”
  • Facebook Application Axe Fantasy Cup Pit the hottest girls among your facebook friends against other guys from around the world. p_114182805286126
  • What’s Coming? Location based services “We will not compete with Foursquare”. FB window decal.
  • Building the Future of FB
  • What’s New with Twitter? Promoted Tweets
  • Mountain DEWmocracy
  • Hide a Case Challenge
  • Impact of Technology on Health
  • Mobile Apps
  • fitbit
  • sogo
  • 23andme
  • Data Data Data
  • Mash Ups Spell with Flickr •
  • Mash Ups Kayak Where Can I Fly For How Much? •
  • Mash Ups World Cup 2010 Match Replay -cup-match-replay
  • Data for Advertisers Obviously Measure what works and what doesn’t. Power Eye Tell people why they’re receiving the ads and give them the option of opting out.
  • Why All the FB Privacy Talk? • Facebook Privacy Settings – Why? • Quit Facebook Day Results: 35,000 out of 500,000,000 users quit. The Real Reason?
  • World Domination If you control people then you control the web.
  • The Semantic Web • Don’t confuse “the Internet” with WWW. • HTML tags are “dumb”. The semantic web would be filled with “smart” tags. • When I “like” something… The data produced will be who/when/what and eventually when. <img>john st.</img> vs. <ad agency>john st.</ad agency>
  • The Internet of Things
  • The Internet of Things Sticky Bits - Tagging the world’s barcodes
  • Google Goggles zPmH4
  • The Internet of Things Nike+ & Fit Bit Fiat EcoDrive Arduino an open source robot brain.
  • Web 3.0: The Internet of Things
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Johnny Cash Project
  • Kiva
  • City One
  • Groupon
  • 10 Minutes of Cool Shit
  • Lucyphone Google Chrome Speed Stunts: QDjiotG0&feature=player_embedded Acne Dice Stunt oDgUzkU
  • Uniqlo images = coupons campaign Olympus AR: 9Nd04dW2-M Billboard Yourself
  • History Pin: Verizon surprise Ko5LN9Q Smile Activated Ice Cream Machine: Ericsson’s Big Cheer: cheer/185492
  • FB page hijacking hree-vs-alex-bogusky-case-study/ Google Holodeck 3HUj_Sw&feature=related G-Speak
  • Mini Taunts Porsche w/ Rocky IV Montage taunts-porsche-with-hilarious-rocky- iv-spoof Coke’s – The Secret is Out There 010/06/coca-cola_12.php Tiffany’s Engagement Ring Finder
  • PUMA Hard Chorus _rf2jVxxY