Rural Council Planning Flying Squad


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Rural Council Planning Flying Squad

  1. 1. Rural Council PlanningFlying SquadPaul Jarman DPCD
  2. 2. The Election commitment• In September 2010, the Coalition announced that it will fund a flying squad of ... planners to assist local councils in regional Victoria with future planning measures … the Council Planning Flying Squad will assist country based councils to develop long-term land use plans for their municipality and assist with major project developments.
  3. 3. So what is the Flying Squad?
  4. 4. So what is the Flying Squad?
  5. 5. The resource• Funding of $2.8M is provided for the Flying Squad over a three year period. DPCD has appointed two senior planners with the remaining being available to purchase consultancy services. Approximately $600K pa is available for consultancy services.
  6. 6. The roleThe Flying Squad will:• Assist with advice, discussions and assessments regarding major project development proposals and applications.• Assist Councils with Wind Farm applications.• Provide targeted advice and / or assistance with longer term land use issues and plans for the municipality.• Help to process planning scheme amendments and authorisation requests in peak periods or when council planning officers are not available.• Provide occasional assistance to help process planning permit applications to enable councils to meet 60 day statutory timeframes in peak periods or when council planning officers are not available.• Prepare draft submissions/presentations to VCAT.• Prepare draft submissions/presentations to Planning Panels Victoria.
  7. 7. The consultant resource• Expression of Interest for suitably qualified consultants have been sought.• A long short list of over 100 providers has been approved.
  8. 8. The assessment process• Council and the local DPCD Regional Planning and Development Manager to discuss the need for assistance.• Council completes and submits an application form.• Application is reviewed by Regional Planning and Development Manager referring to Consultant short list.
  9. 9. The assessment process (cont)• Agree to issues and develop a specific scope of works.• DPCD obtains quotes from Consultant Register.• Quotes assessed by DPCD and recommendations agreed with Council.• Short form contract prepared.
  10. 10. DPCD assistance• Project assistance.• Amendment preparation.• Wind Farm assistance to Councils by Bart Gane.• DPCD Contract administration.• Council processes assessment and continuous improvement.
  11. 11. Work underway• Towong – Heritage Study implementation.• Macedon Ranges – backlog of 80 permit applications.• Wangaratta – VCAT submissions.• Yarriambiack – Farming Zone anomalies correction.
  12. 12. Work under consideration• Backlog of amendment requests.• CMAs – flooding amendments in 4 municipalities.• Water storage major project.• Structure plan implementation.• More permit backlogs.
  13. 13. What we don’t fund• Funded vacancy backfill.• Strategic studies eg. DCPs or MSS reviews.• Consultancy budget top up.
  14. 14. Questions?