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Maveric is an end-to-end process assurance service provider. Be it, SDLC, test process, IT
service management or IT risk governance . We offer consulting services
for your entire technology adoption life cycle.

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Maveric - Process Assurance Services

  1. 1. Process AssuranceThe ‘Assurance’ of Best-in-Class Processes
  2. 2. Are you still stuck with? Multiple vendors handling different process improvement One process initiatives eg. one for, improvement initiative not dove Assurance Service management, tailing with other in silos! one for SDLC and existing initiatives another for test process2 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  3. 3. Maveric’s PROCESS ASSURANCE Services An end-to-end process assurance service Be it, SDLC, test process, IT service management or IT risk governance . We offer consulting services for your entire technology adoption life cycle. Now you can Our unique Assurance only business model combines upstream defect prevention with robust downstream defect detection focus on your business while we Program Process Application Assurance Assurance Assurance assure you the Requirement Lifecycle IT service management Managed Test services best-in-class services consulting Testing packaged Testing packaged Software process applications process applications improvement Functional testing Program Health Check Test capability enhancement Test Automation frameworks for IT governance, risk & Performance testing3 compliance consulting Security testing your organization 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  4. 4. Process Assurance Service offering Process Assurance Identify & introduce best practices from IT Service Management proven IT service management models to better align business & IT, improve IT service Consulting quality, achieve regulatory compliance while enabling the business to grow. Improve application quality and realize Software Process Improvement tangible business benefits while enabling organizations to quickly adapt to customer demands and unforeseen business changes. Provide a comprehensive portfolio of services Test Capability Enhancement anchored around Test Process Framework to help organizations maximize their return from testing initiatives Support organizations in putting in place a IT Governance, Risk and business focused IT Risk and Governance framework by taking integrated IT risk Compliance Consulting management approach of risk evaluation,4 response and governance 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  5. 5. Process Assurance Service Portfolio Service Verticals IT Service Management Software Process Test Capability IT Governance, Risk and Consulting Improvement Enhancement Compliance Consulting ITIL® CMMI® for Development Process Assessment COBIT®/ISO IEC 38500 Services Configuration & Release Agile Process Definition ISO 27001 Management Consulting ISO/IEC 20000 Test Environment Design BCP/DR CMMI® for Services Tool Selection PCI DSS Test Compliance5 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  6. 6. MAVERIC’S IT Service Management Consulting27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Pvt Ltd
  7. 7. Voice of the Customer IT projects are Lack of IT infra delivered late understanding expenses are and over between IT and excessive budget customers Unbalanced Focus on Inadequate blend of systems responsiveness technology, management people and not service to required processes management changes7 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  8. 8. Service Offering ITSM Consulting Configuration & Release CMMI® for ITIL® ISO/IEC 20000 Management Services Consulting Assessment and Assessment and Gap analysis and business Business system analysis benchmarking benchmarking system review and review Process framework design Technology Enablement Awareness, Process definition and & adoption Implementation & adoption Definition and Internal audit training Tools and solutions build implementation CMMI Intro & Appraisal up Process definition and Team member training implementation support Accredited Training Organizing appraisal and Courses Organizing certification post assessment8 ® ITIL is a registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office of UK government ® CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University ® ISO is a trademark of the International Standards Organisation. 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  9. 9. Service Overview ITIL® CM & RM Consulting • Maturity assessments focused on defining and • Improve existing process or create the next determining the current status in each area. generation build and release model for your organization including • Service process framework design focused on building and deploying the strategic IT Service •Asses the gaps in current policies and processes which needs to be addressed during CMDB Management solution implementation • Service measurement and improvement •Provide short term and long term resources to manage releases for you ISO/IEC 20000 CMMi® for Services •Asses current service management systems against •Review of current management system against CMMi the standard SVC standard •ISO/IEC 20000 awareness training to achieve the •Process definition for appropriate CMMI SVC certification processes •Provide guidance to implement the defined service •Implementation support for painless deployment of management processes new processes9 •Post certification support to help you during •Organize appraisers best suited for your needs and surveillance visits provide post-implementation support 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  10. 10. MAVERIC’S Software Process Improvement27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. Voice of the Customer Gaps between Falling project lifecycle, Uncontrolled Customer methodologies requirements and governance satisfaction Poor project Uncontrolled Unmanaged planning and sub- changes tracking contractors Increasing Delayed production projects11 defects 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  12. 12. Service Offering SDLC Process Improvement CMMI® for Development Agile SDLC Process Training - Organizing SCRUM/ CMMI to Agile analysis definition CMMI® appraisal Kanban Agile coaching and review and Intro & and post Implemen- alignment and adoption Appraisal assessment tation workshops Team member12 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  13. 13. Service Overview CMMI® for Agile Development • Review of current SDLC process against CMMI® • Facilitate sprint planning to create a backlog DEV standard for the next sprint • Process definition for appropriate CMMI® DEV • Work with your teams on release planning to processes create a roadmap to guide the project • Implementation support for painless • Deliver training to provide a shared deployment of new processes understanding of Scrum methodology and terminology • Organize appraisers best suited for your needs and provide post-implementation support • Support implementation of an agile approach in order to satisfy the CMMI® model, help clients map the agile practices to CMMI® process areas13 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  14. 14. MAVERIC’S Test Capability Enhancement27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Pvt Ltd
  15. 15. Voice of the Customer High number of Testing takes too Large effort is Production much time & is spent on Testing failures and Expensive change requests Test environments Testing is always Unable to are not available on the critical justify ROI of or have integrity path of the issues testing projects project15 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  16. 16. Test Capability Enhancement Services 1 Process Assessment 5 Test 2 Process Compliance Definition Testing Center of Excellence Test 4 Tool16 3 Environment Selection Design 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  17. 17. Service Overview Testing Center of Excellence •Evaluate the existing testing and interfacing SDLC processes vis-à- 1 Process vis best of the breed industry frameworks such as TPI Next, TMMi to Assessment identify improvement opportunities and determine short, long term actions to address them. •Develop a comprehensive test process framework encompassing 2 Process policy, strategy and processes to be used by testing organization Definition aligned with organizations SDLC and ITSM frameworks. •Assess and redesign of test environments addressing application Test Environment test requirements providing a roadmap for recycling/purchase of 3 Design equipment and define test environment management practices. •Assists the customer in procuring, configuring and implementing the required test tool set based on an in-depth study of tool 4 Tool Selection requirements of the organization and comparative analysis of tools available in the market. •Assists in ensuring that test process improvements are 5 Test Compliance institutionalized, improvements are done when needed and17 determine if intended ROI is met. 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  18. 18. Testing Center of Excellence18 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  19. 19. MAVERIC’S IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Pvt Ltd
  20. 20. Voice of the Customer IT Failure & IT and business Lack of focus on security breaches governance impacting strategy not reputation aligned Negative Inadequate IT perception of related metrics IT’s contribution to business20 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  21. 21. Service Offering IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting COBIT® / ISO IEC ISO 27001 BCP/ DR PCI DSS 38500 Gap Analysis ISO 27001 assessment & Implement business Enhance cardholder gap analysis continuity plan based data security by Governance policies on BS25999 standard complying against PCI implementation ISO 27001 Standard DSS Standard implementation COBIT –related trainings Appraisal through and workshops approved QSA COBIT-based Audits IT Risk Assessments based on COBIT Controls21 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  22. 22. Our Clients National Information Center22 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited
  23. 23. For further information on brochure, case studies and whitepapers. Reach us at +91 44 2820 769023 27-Dec-12 ©Maveric Systems Limited