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SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management - The Developer Story
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SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management - The Developer Story



Published in Technology
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  • Wat doe ik? Oplossingen bedenken en ontwikkelen Adviseren Kennis delenExpertise SharePoint 2010 WCM SharePoint 2007 WCM Toegankelijkheid en webstandaarden Development + Application Lifecycle Management SharePointErvaring (1998) 12 jaar webdesign 7 jaar webdevelopment 6 jaar toegankelijkheid 4 jaar SharePoint 2007 1 jaar SharePoint 2010
  • Ontwikkelen van Internet-facing sites heeft ook een aantal uitdagingen ivm. anonymous access
  • Ontwikkelaars moeten denken aan veel verschillende aspecten. Soms zie je door de bomen het bos niet meer...
  • Demo in FirefoxGo to EditingInsert 2x Lorem IpsumLive PreviewInsert Image from ComputerShow contextual Image TabInsert CQWP in text
  • There are still *some* tables, but mostly divsQ: Waarvoor gebruikt SP2010 tables?
  • Show DIWUG Item StyleGo to Press ReleasesEdit Web PartChange Item Style to DIWUG: Page Content; Article Date; Article CategoryShow content-to-content Query String (click on category)Click on an articleShow related content: Field value on the current page
  • Create Content Type in browser
  • Go to archiveShow and explain the pager
  • CQWP vs. Managed Metadata- Multivalue only for single list queries- All other single value only!Veel partner opportunityimplementeren van rijke brandingseducatie van gebruikers
  • Demo in FirebugNightandday.master line 349
  • It works with CEWP with some JavaScript tweaking
  • More components in SP2010 = more places things can go wrongRich functionality but it means you have to test it all: not all of it has been used in Internet-facing websites yet
  • Quiz1. Met hoeveel verschillende acties kan je


  • 1. SharePoint 2010Web Content Management
    The Developer Story
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Agenda
    WCM Challenges in the past
    WCM the 2010 way
    Not-so-out-of-the-box stuff
  • 4. 4
    Anonymous Enabled
  • 5. Customers’ challenges
    • No support for web standards
    • 6. Confusing User Experience
    • 7. No support for media
    • 8. Expensive!
  • 9. MOSS 2007 WCM developer challenges
    • No developer tools
    • 10. Legacy HTML implementation
    • 11. No control over HTML
    • 12. Markup: mine vs. theirs
  • 13. “Where should
    I begin?”
  • 14. “...and then SharePoint became the center of the universe...”
  • 15. Good News
    Everything you learned applies!
    SharePoint Server 2010 For Internet Sites Standard
  • 16. If you are content editor
    Great User Experience
    Rich authoring
    Rich Text Editor
    Fluent UI
    Live preview
    Web Parts in content
    Multilingual UI
    Support for Assets & Rich Media
    Managed Metadata
    Web Analytics
  • 17. 11
    SharePoint Server 2010 Rich Editing Experience
  • 18. If you are developer
    Cleaner markup
    Highly extensible UI
    Improved Content Query Web Part
    Support for Silverlight
    Support for AJAX
    New theming engine
  • 19. Content Query Web Part 2010
    Renders div’s by default
    Still no paging
    at least not out of the box ;-)
  • 20. 14
    Content Query Web Part new capabilities
  • 21. Thenot-so-out-of-the-boxstuff
  • 22. CKS:DEV
    What’s there for Publishing:
    Import Content Type
    Create Page Layout
    Explore Publishing Pages
    Explore Master Pages Gallery
    Explore Style Library
    Coming soon:
    Export Publishing Page
    Cancel Adding SharePoint Items
    Activate Selected Features
    …and more
    Set of SharePoint productivity tools for developers
    Fully integrated with Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools
    Free & Open source
    Community driven
    Get it now from
  • 23. 17
    CKS:DEV features for WCM solutions
  • 24. SubclassedContent Query Web Part
    New functionality
    Support for Paging
    Custom XSLT parameters and functions
    Calling into SharePoint Object Model
    Easy access to hidden properties
    Setting custom XSLT
    Overriding Query
    Toggling Cache
    More info:
  • 25. 19
    CQWP show off: Cool Pager with Mavention Content Query Web Part
  • 26. 10
    SharePoint WCM
  • 27. Tip #1: Be careful what you promise
    Well-formed XHTML vs. Valid XHTML
    CQWP vs. Managed Metadata
    No more support for IE6!
    Custom vs. out-of-the-box
    Out of the box: solid foundation
    Still lots of partner opportunity
  • 28. Tip #2: UseSimpleRendering
    SharePoint 2007 menu as tables
    New property on the SharePoint 2010 menu control
    Renders menu as a nested unordered list
  • 29. Tip #3: Make branding available in RTE
    RichHtmlField attributes
    StyleSheet – point to your CSS file
    PrefixStyleSheet – create custom prefix to suppress standard branding
    Doesn’t work with CEWP!
    <PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlFieldFieldName="PublishingPageContent“StyleSheet="<% $SPUrl:~sitecollection/Style Library/CSS/styles.css %>"PrefixStyleSheet="m-“HasInitialFocus="True“MinimumEditHeight="400px"DisableInputFieldLabel="true"runat="server"></PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField>
  • 30. Tip #4: Test anonymous ASAP
    Same as in MOSS 2007 but now even more important
    Requires extra attention
    SharePoint LINQ
    Silverlight OM
    Hierarchical titles
    Body ID’s
  • 31. Tip #5: Unlock Client OM for anonymous
    $wa = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity "http://diwug"
    $wa.ClientCallableSettings.AnonymousRestrictedTypes.Remove([Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList], "GetItems")
    Keep in mind: Decreases security!
    More info:
  • 32. Tip #6: Mind new inheritance model
    In SharePoint 2007 <FieldRefs /> to inherit all fields
    In SharePoint 2010 Inherits=“TRUE”
    FieldRefs not requiredanymore
  • 33. Tip #7: Use conditional content
    Leverage conditional controls to optimize page output
    Use conditional processing instead of conditional rendering
    More info:
  • 34. Tip #8: Set the defaults
    DefaultPageLayout: new in SharePoint Server 2010 Publishing Feature
    Configures the default Page Layout used for one-click creating new Publishing Pages
    Tip: Want to create pages even faster?
  • 35. Tip #9: Control your CSS
    Introduced in SharePoint 2007
    Allows you to register CSS file
    New in SharePoint 2010: After property
    Allows you to load your CSS after some other CSS
    <SharePoint:CssRegistrationname="<% $SPUrl:~sitecollection/Style Library/myStyles.css %>"After="corev4.css"runat="server"/>
  • 36. Tip #10: Disable SharePoint Designer
    Not needed in production for Internet-facing websites
    Disabling finally supported!
    Configurable per:
    Web Application
    Site Collection
  • 37. Tip #11: Don’t use Pages in code
    In MOSS 2007
    Title depends on locale (Pages/Pagina’s/Seiten)
    Same URL (Pages)
    Except for German: Seiten
    In SharePoint Server 2010 “fixed”
    Both title and URL depend on locale
    Retrieve dynamically
    In code: PublishingWeb.DefaultPagesListName
    In XML: $Resources:osrvcore,List_Pages_UrlName;
  • 38. Tip #12: Disable Presence
    No more dodgy JS
    Per Web Application setting
  • 39. Tip #13: Hide Ribbon from anonymous users
    Conditional processing and Conditional rendering don’t work
    What you need to do
    Hide in CSS
    .ribbonbackground{ display: none; visibility: hidden; }
  • 40. Extra tip: Learn your tools
    Great capabilities
    Lots of new features
    New way of thinking
    It does pay back!
  • 41. Key takeaways
    Many improvements for content editors and developers
    New capabilities simplify building rich websites
    Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools are your friend: take your time and learn them
    Building Internet-facing sites is different: don’t underestimate it
  • 42.
  • 43. Resources
    Waldek Mastykarz – Innovation Matters
    Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition
    SharePoint Developer Center
    Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog
    Microsoft Enterprise Content Management Team Blog
    Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog