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  • Slide Objective: Highlight the breadth of software and services Microsoft offers for Education customers to ideally meet their needs. Describe how Live@edu is an extension of the services offering with essential IT controls and lower cost. Talking Points:Fundamental to our Software+Services approach is the idea that customers are empowered with a complete set of options to ideally address their needs.  We firmly believe that the magic of software should not be constrained to a particular delivery model.  The Software+Services approach ensures that you don’t need to choose between a rich client and a browser application that lives only in the cloud.  You can have either or both.  Education customers can have secure, reliable and scalable solutions that work across and combine software (On Premises or Partner Hosted) and services (Microsoft Online Services or Live@edu)  – optimizing a consistent end-user experience via the web, mobile, or rich client.  For the IT Managed space, customers can choose to operate their software On Premises to take advantage of the greatest set of controls and flexibility or choose the Partner best suited to meet their unique needs to provide a hosted solution.  Customers can also experience our software capabilities as enterprise-class services with Microsoft Online Services and realize the benefits of reduced upfront capital investment and simplified IT management of the latest technologies.   Education customers can further extend their portfolio of services with MicrosoftLive@edu – our free, IT provisioned platform – offering reliable and familiar communication, collaboration & productivityservices co-branded for schools.  Live@edu blends the “Live” consumer services, such as Skydrive and Messenger, with the same advanced controls and functionality of Exchange Online – preparing students to use the software of their future workplaces.  Furthermore, true to the Software-plus-Services model, faculty, staff, students, and alumni can stay connected and productive via multiple devices – desktop, laptop or mobile.  Also, thisyear’s additions to the Live@edu offer --Office Live Web Applications -- will bring our productivity applications to further enhance the Live@edu experience for students, educators, and staff.  Furthermore, Live@edu interoperates with On Premises offers (Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Office), our Education solutions (including Learning Gateway), as well as other third-party and open source applications.  This ensures that adopting Live@edu technology leverages investments you’ve already made and optimizes end-user experience.
  • Slide Objective: Illustrate understanding of Education customer requirements for communication and collaboration services Establish framework for how Live@edu can meet these customer requirementsTalking Points:Meet students where they are…online. Students have high expectations for how technology should support their communication and collaboration needs. They anticipate always having an abundance of options in technologies and content – options that will continue to evolve rapidly. They expect wireless technology to easily keep them connected at all times and in all places. Furthermore, these technologies are inexpensive?? and will remain so. And, although they expect support and access to institutionally owned devices, their primary connections will be through personally owned devices. Given these realities, Live@edu is committed to providing anywhere, anytime services. With our 99.9% target SLA and a web, desktop and mobile solutions around communication and collaboration, we provide these services to students where they are…online. Simple to manage and integrate. You are responsible for myriad technologies on a daily basis, oftentimes managing them with constrained budgets. When you move all or part of your collaboration and communication needs to the cloud, you want these services to be easy to manage and hopefully, integrate well with the existing software and services you’ve already invested in. We can help you by ensuring our services come with tools that make them easy to manage and integrate. As you will see later in the presentation, we offer great tools, like PowerShell, that allow you to manage our software and services from anywhere with ease regardless of the delivery mechanism (software on-premise or Live@edu service). With our extensibility mechanismssuch as SSO or our programmability interface such as Exchange Web Services, we make it simple for you to integrate our software into your ecosystem.Protect data and privacy.As you migrate your data into the cloud, we are very much aware of your concerns around data integrity and privacy. You own your data messages…We store data across multiple datacenters in the world, we do not show 3rd party ads in our e-mail interface, and we strive to provide a secure experience. As an example, Outlook Live use secure communication channel (SSL) by default. Also, Live@edu services are engineered with essential controls for Education, such as bad word filter or closed campus in Outlook Live.Invest in innovative technology while managing cost. And finally, we want to become your partners in providing new and innovation technology -- technology that will help bolster your schools reputation and ready your students for employment by using the technologies of their future workplaces. We firmly believe that the magic of software should not be constrained to a particular delivery model.  The Software+Services approach ensures that you don’t need to choose between a rich client and a browser application that lives only in the cloud. You can have either or both with our Education offering.
  • Slide Objective: Clearly define the core services that are part of the free Live@edu offer – email, storage, and collaboration services. Provide overview of the IT and end user experience. High level overview of business model – why are we doing this?Talking Points:Live@edu meets and supports your userswhere they already are – online. Live@edu starts with a school branded and managed Windows Live ID – providing access to both IT managed email services and self managed storage & collaboration services. They have access to their “digital campus” – co-branded email, storage, as well as access to collaboration and productivity services:With Outlook Live, users can have a 10GB inbox, calendar, and contacts that they canaccess anywhereWith SkyDrive they have an additional 25 GB in online storage space to share documents among devices and with others.Office Live Workspace enables students and faculty to create their own sites to store, access, and share documents and files. Specifically designed to work with Microsoft Office applications, Office Live Workspace has room for more than 1000 files and enhances a student’s ability to work efficiently and collaborate with peers. For end users, they can sign on with a single identity to access these services, as well school services you choose to integrate with. These services will be co-branded with your school logo and colors to be consistent with your brand and school identity. Students also want to share information seamlessly between services – for example, viewing a fellow student’s calendar or starting a live chat from their Outlook Live account – Live @edu facilitates these seamless interactions. Live@edu also provides a great experience for the IT organization. Live@edu is secure and reliable…see talking points from previous slide and review here. However, on the occasion you need assistance, we provide 24x7 phone support for your IT staff. ADD BUSINESS MODEL TALKING POINTSAnd it must be going through your minds: Why is a profit making company like Microsoft doing this?Answer: Point out that software usage in college/school drives long term preferences for students. And we want to provide both brand awareness and brand value to students around Microsoft. Point out education is always the trend setter in adopting new delivery mechanisms and school plays a important role in helping solidify their partnership with Microsoft, as Microsoft becomes a software and services companyPoint that we totally expect schools to see the value in adopting our premium service offerings for a certain segment. For example, we see tremendous value in schools adopting Unified Messaging and OCS for long term cost savings for faculty and staff. Similarly, data archiving is a requirement for faculty and staff – we want to ensure that we provide such capabilities through our premium service while providing the essential service to your students.
  • DELETE THIS SLIDE UNTIL DEMO IS AVAILABLE (OR USE TO RECAP YOUR OWN DEMO) Slide Objective:Recap on the key points from the demoTalking Points:As you saw in the demo, Live@edu meets your students where they already are – online. With one logon they can:*access all their email in their 10GB inbox, including other accounts they choose to aggregate*store files in their 25GB virtual hard drive, and*effectively work with teams via Office Live WorkspaceAlso, giving students access to these Microsoft technologies today will ready them to immediately contribute in their future jobs
  • Slide Objective:Illustrate how these services are accessible from anywhere, even MACs, with one ID. Note to presenter: Office Live Workspace does not have Safari support. However, all other Live@edu services are supported by Safari. Talking Points:Students are always on the go – they need technology that meets them where they are at…online 24x7. Their Windows Live identity gives them access to their“digital campus” (documents, calendar, email, school info, etc.) wherever they are. Live@edu is supported on all major browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, as well as on both PCs and MACs. A large percentage of your students have mobile devices that help them stay connected throughout the day. Live@edu supports them with access to email, IM, texting, calendar and campus directory on those devices.
  • Slide Objective: Illustrate how Live@edu services are integrated (e.g., Messenger and Outlook Live) for a more seamless end user experience Highlight some of the basic attributes of the Live@edu UITalking Points:Students have also told us that them want a seamless integrated experience that makes their lives easier. After logging on with their Windows Live ID, end users can easily communicate and collaborate across school services. This is a view from Outlook Live. You can see how your end users will immediately identify that these are online services are your school services – school logo and colors and links to other school services and sites. End users can easily view calendar reminders and other notifications. They can also easily see who is online and choose to email or chat with others within their network. There is great contact and calendar integration as well. They can see not only their Outlook contacts, but also their Instant Messenger or Live Services contacts. You see here that Lisa saw Dharam was online and started a real time chat regarding meeting up in the library.
  • Slide Objective:Highlight how easy it is for end users to manage their communications and stay organizedTalking Points: School life can be hectic – making classes, getting homework done, and having time to hang out with friends and enjoy campus life. Students have told us they want technology that helps them easily organize their lives and their stuff. Outlook Live has many features to help users to manage their email traffic. For example, sorting through email threads can be very timing consuming. “Conversation view” in Outlook Live groups all emails that are part of a given conversation (i.e., subject line) from any folder, sent items or inbox. This allows the end user to see an entire conversation and focus on responding to the latest communication. Here you’ll see three students talking about a presentation they are creating for their class. Lisa can quickly sort the conversation to see all comments and respond to the current mail or start a live chat. In this example, Lisa utilizes the shared calendar feature in Outlook Live to propose a time for everyone to meet and sends everyone a link to the current presentation on their OfficeLive Workspace.
  • Slide Objective:Overview of Skydrive and how end users can take advantage of 25GB of extra space Talking Points: Today the data storage needs of your end users continue to grow rapidly. It’s a great value to have an extra password protected 25GB of free space for each user, that is accessible from anywhere. No more investing in and carrying around flash drives. You can share your school files, as well as photos and video files with ease. Skydrive is also password protected, so it’s only accessible by those approved by the account owner.
  • NOTE: Customize the Microsoft Discounts by market Slide Objective:Highlight that Microsoft is dedicated to giving students access to Microsoft technologies that will increase employability and ready them for the workforce. Talking Points:The Windows Live identity also give students access to the world of Microsoft technologies. Windows Live services such as photo gallery, blog writer, and Live Messenger are popular with students. DreamSpark is an exciting opportunity for students to learn Microsoft developer tools for free – over 3.5 million students participate in DreamSpark today and growing ever day. Also, Microsoft realizes students are on tight budgets. We strive to make software + services affordable for them. Over the years, Microsoft technologies have made many industries more productive. Giving students access to Microsoft software today will increase their employability and ready them for future jobs.
  • Slide Objective: Show customizability of Windows Live and Outlook Live Downplay any Google advantage here Talking Points:These are your school’s services and we want them to reflect your school’s brand and uniqueness. Given this, one of the most popular features for Live@edu is co-branding – schools can use their logo and customize the header to reflect your “cool” school colors. We provide, in both e-mail interface and in SkyDrive: Customizable logo to reflect school branding in the interface Custom links to key school resources – such as school library or school health center After logoff, we redirect to school provided links, such as your school portal, to keep the end user experience within the school’s digital campus environmentIn addition, we also allow the brand bar (header) to be customized in the mail interface to reflect school’s personal color We continue to invest in co-branding features to provide a richer, more customizable experience between services in Windows Live and Outlook Live.
  • Slide Objective: Illustrate Live@edu’s ease of mgt with our mgt tool optionsTalking Points:We provide multiple ways to manage accounts, whether it be through web (manual), shell (programmatic or script) or through automated management agents (still not widely available but slated to come out this year). Available today, Live@edu has two management tools options for Outlook Live to help you provision and management your accounts with ease. These options provides different levels of capabilities around speed, programming required, and automation to provide options for each customer. Exchange Control PanelExchange Control Panel is a powerful web tool used to create, delete and modify user mailboxes, groups and external contacts. This tool is the best fit for schools…insert school/account profile (e.g., 1K mailboxes) ILMILM (Identity Lifecycle Manager) is a setup once automated solution to provision accounts from your on-premise system into Outlook Live. For ILM to function with Outlook Live, we need a special management agent called ELMA – we are still in the process of piloting and testing ELMA and expect to release a newer version in H2 CY 2009
  • Slide Objective: Show ease of management from the web Downplay Google’s strength in the “ease” aspectTalking Points:Exchange Control Panel provides ease of management via a simple web interface. It exposes simple but repetitive tasks on the web console and does the heavy lifting for you. Change PasswordsAccording to a recent Gartner study, 46% of IT help desk time is spent on resetting passwords, so this functionality in Exchange Control Panel should drive significant time savings. In addition, basic account deletion, creation are available on the web. You can also view all accounts on the web. Create Distribution ListsA lot of times IT administrators want to send broadcast email to student or faculty – such broadcast emails can easily be managed through distribution lists (plus it counts as one email as opposed to 10,000 if you have 10,000 students). Also, another way to achieve this could be through dynamic distribution list, which we will talk about in the PowerShell example next.Add Faculty or External UsersFinally, in a typical Exchange deployment, you might have part of your organization on-premises (e.g., faculty and staff) and rest (students and alumni) in the cloud. In that deployment, you will probably want students to discover faculty and be able to send emails using the powerful address book (as you saw, it is possible to access the address book from phone or web or desktop even in offline conditions). And to achieve this, you can easily add faculty as external contacts.And, we will continue to enhance this tool in key areas – making these repetitive tasks quick and easy to execute via the web UI.
  • Slide Objective: Paint support as a differentiator and talk about our commitment to excellenceTalking Points:It’s nice to know support is there if you need it. Microsoft Live@edu includes 24x7 telephone support for IT staff and deployment partners who have questions, as well as online documentation to help you at various stages from enrollment to day-to-day management. There are also options for our end users to access Microsoft support:  provides customers self-help for Email help for Outlook Live provides customer self help for Hotmail all of the Windows Live Services properties ~~~Finally, our new website contains detailed information on planning and deploying Live@edu Key new features include: ·         24x7 phone based support ·         Access to support engineers is now available to Customers and Partners to assist with enrollment, provisioning and deployment issues·         Additional Escalation Engineering capacity being added to support high impact service requests. ·         Faster turnaround times for customer provisioning, 4 hour SLA for sending a customer invite, down from 24hours·         Response times decreased for online submissions  - SevA 1hr, SevB 2hr, SevC 4hr – from 24 hours ·         Transition away from Microsoft Premier Online and introducing new Online Service Request Process  to decrease confusion with “Premier Support” Offering (Make sure you cover this as we are not providing Microsoft Premier Online support)·         While the above support features are currently offered free of charge, we anticipate additional features will be offered in the future as part of a paid support offering.  More details to come when available.
  • Here is one example of Single-Sign On at St. Johns University. You can see the seamless portal integration and easy launching point for end users to access their mail, manage their calendars, and other campus resources. We have found that schools find an increase in active usage when they deploy such SSO solutions. As you think of partnering with us, we will provide you with key insights and tools to help make a campus rollout of Live@edu successful.
  • Microsoft is dedicated to the Live@edu offer and roadmap investments to continue meeting evolving Education customer needs. The customer base has grown tremendously in the past three years, illustrating the fact that customers see the value in Live@edu and how these services are helping schools around the globe enhance their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. One of the big investments coming later this year are richer productivity solutions with Office Web Applications. This additional to the Live@edu offer will extend the value of Office into the cloud for our school communities. Live@edu will also continue to drive interoperation across software and services – for example, for faculty on-premises with Exchange and students on Live@edu to drive a more seamless end user experience.
  • Slide Objective: Recap value proposition Drive them to the website for more information and to read customer case studiesTalking Points:To recap, we’ve illustrated how Live@edu helps schools with anywhere online services they are asking for, as well as addresses your requirements for a system that’s easy to manage and designed to be secure while providing you much richer choice and flexibility. We understand that technology, by itself, will not solve the myriads of challenges you have in your school/university. However, when technology is part of a holistic approach (e.g., integrated with curriculum), it can truly provide a differentiated experience for your students. We remain committed to helping unlock each individuals full potential by providing access to quality education through technology. Call to Action:For more information, please go to today to read about other Live@edu customer success stories and get started enrolling your school.
  • Business ChallengeStudents were frustrated by the limited mailbox size. Students used a variety of social networking and instant messaging tools to round out the e-mail service that was provided.SolutionThe students evaluated Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Live@edu. Chose Microsoft Live@edu because it provides hosted communication and collaboration services that integrate with the students’ Exchange Server–based e-mail system. BenefitsBuilding online campus communities. Improving efficiency. Facilitating group collaboration. No new on-premises technology needed.
  • Business ChallengeOnly 5% of students used the university e-mail serviceLimited storage, no collaboration featuresCurtailed faculty/student communicationService didn’t warrant management costsSolutionThe school integrated Live@edue-mail access into a new student portal called MyStateOnline.BenefitsIncrease in campus e-mail usage to 90%Improves productivity and faculty/student communicationsSupports close-knit campus reputationDelivers online collaboration services at less cost
  • Business ChallengeOnly 17% of students used e-mail service at $15,000 annual costStudents asked for a new service that offered:A familiar interfaceWeb-based collaboration featuresThe ability to chose their own user namesThe ability to keep their e-mail address for life.SolutionDeployed Live@edu and Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.BenefitsIncreased adoption of campus e-mail from 17% to 70 %Enabled students to choose user name and share calendarsCut the school’s e-mail costs by US$15,000 annuallyEnabled alumni to stay in touch with friends and their school by allowing them to use the same e-mail address after graduation.
  • Business ChallengesSchool needed to replace Novell-based student e-mail service because it was unreliable and maintaining it was resource-intensive. Integrate new Web-based e-mail service with other applications on student portalDevelop long-term partnership with hosted e-mail providerSolutionChose Microsoft® Live@eduRetired the existing solution so students are all using campus endorsed, Live@edu e-mail servicePromoted Windows Live™ SkyDrive and other collaboration features BenefitsImproves students’ organization skillsFosters collaborative study sessionsImproves the learning experienceEnables students to store important information Saves IT costs with hosted service
  • Business ChallengeUniversity of Pennsylvania wanted to:- Improve undergrad e-mail services- Provide the social networking services that students wanted- Phase out an unreliable, aging e-mail serverSolutionDeployed Live@edu and co-branded the e-mail offering as Penn LiveBenefitsUse of old e-mail system down 51%40% of first-year students chose Penn Live; 20% chose GoogleStudents received rich storage, blogging, and collaboration services all with their e-mail address.

Live @ Edu Deck Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Live@edu Overview
    Ajit Kumar | Program Manager - Live @ edu
    iMarketing Advantage
  • 2. Microsoft for Education
    What is Microsoft Live@edu?
    Partnering with Microsoft Live@edu
  • 3. Move towards a 21st century digital campus
    Manage IT cost, complexity
    • Higher student expectations
    • 4. Technology as a school differentiator
    • 5. Anywhere access to people and information
    • 6. Growing support requirements
    • 7. Need to maximize existing investments
    • 8. Tools for security and data privacy
    Evolving Education Market
  • 9. The Power of Software + Services for Education
    Enterprise class services
    Reduced capital investment
    Simplified IT management
    Latest technologies
    Partner- and Microsoft-hosted
    Co-branded services for academic workstyle & lifestyle
    Free, excellent value
    IT provisioned; essential controls & features designed for Education
    Greater control of data & operational management
    Flexibility, custom application development
  • 10. Microsoft for Education
    What is Microsoft Live@edu?
    Partnering with Microsoft Live@edu
  • 11. Customer Requirement
    Live@edu Commitment
    Online Services
    Meet students where they are…online
    Simple to manage and integrate
    Easy to Manage
    Security and
    Compliance Tools
    Protect data and privacy
    Invest in innovative technology while managing cost
    for Education
    What we hear from our Education customers
  • 12. Microsoft Live@edu is no cost e-mail and collaboration services, co-branded
    IT Experience
    Secure and reliable platform
    Simple to deploy and manage
    24x7 support
    Easy to build and extend
    End User Experience
    Extend Office with Microsoft Office Live Workspace to collaborate on projects & docs
    Single Sign On
    Information Shared Seamlessly
    The Exchange experience with 10-GB Outlook Live inbox, calendar & contacts
    25 GB of online storage with Microsoft Windows Live™ SkyDrive™
    IT Managed
    Self Managed
  • 13. Demo – End User Experience
    Live@edu working hard for your school
  • 14. Demo Recap: Live@edu working hard for your school
    Live@edu Commitment
    10GB mailbox, personalized and accessible from anywhere
    25GB virtual hard drive to share and store files and photos
    5 GB space with rich Microsoft Office integration for team projects and more
    Online Services
    Giving students access to Microsoft technologies will increase employability and ready them for future jobs
    for Education
  • 15. Anywhere access to your digital campus with one identity
    Supported on all major browsers
    Online Services
    Anywhere Services
    Work from
    your preferred rich client –
    PC or MAC
    Mobile access to Email, IM, text, calendar, and campus directory
  • 16. Anywhere access to your digital campus with one identity
    Links to other services, including Skydrive
    Interoparable Services
    Online Services
    Change online “status”
    Notifications & Reminders
    Start Real-time Chat
    Calendar &
  • 17. Mike, Amy, & Joe all access the Workspace and track changes within a Word doc – retaining all data and formatting. No emailing attachments.
    Collaboration in Office Live Workspace
    Online Services
    Mike created a Workspace for his Biology class and shares his Workspace with Amy and Joe to collaborate on their group project.
    Mike emails the professor a link to the final essay in the Workspace
    Mike tracks the workgroup activity and responds to group feedback.
    How To: Make working in teams easy
  • 18. How To: Organize my life and my stuff
    Manage your mail easily
    Conversation View
    Online Services
    Last unread message expanded
    Respond to most recent message or start live chat
    One conversation view – all messages, all folders, repeated text hidden
  • 19. How To: Organize my life and my stuff
    Skydrive – your 25GB online filing cabinet
    Online Services
    Password -protected, 25-GB virtual hard drive
    Link to SkyDrive documents from Facebook
    Share photos & files with who you choose
  • 20. Microsoft
    for Education
    More access to the world of Microsoft technologies
    A Windows Live identity also gives students access to valuable Microsoft software and services
    Windows Live Services (FREE)
    DreamSpark (FREE*)
    Live Messenger
    Photo Gallery
    Blog Writer
    Giving students access to Microsoft technologies will increase employability and ready them for future jobs
    *Students only
  • 21. Microsoft for Education
    What is Microsoft Live@edu?
    Partnering with Microsoft Live@edu
  • 22. Live@edu working hard for you
    Demo – IT Experience
  • 23. Demo Recap: Live@edu working hard for you
    Live@edu Commitment
    Customize school experience
    Manage accounts using PowerShell or Control Panel
    Easy to
    Commitment to end user privacy
    Set campus mail policies
    Security and
    Compliance Tools
    Single identity with other Microsoft services
    Easily utilize Exchange Web Services
    Online Services
  • 24. Easy to
    My School Branding
    In Outlook Live & Windows Live Services
    UI available in 17 languages, ability to publish in 75+ languages
    Send users back to the school homepage or portal
    Co-branding: your school logo & more
  • 25. Easy to
    Live@edu has two management tool options for Outlook Live to help you provision and manage your accounts
    Control Panel
    Amount of programming
    Amount of programming
    A powerful web tool used to create, delete and modify user mailboxes, groups and external contacts.
    A command-line shell and scripting language you can use to manage your organization.
    Live@edu management tools
  • 26. Easy to
    Change Passwords
    Create Distribution Lists
    Prompt User Reset
    Add Faculty or External Users
    How To: Exchange Control Panel
  • 27. Easy to
    Ease of Management from the Command Line
    How to: PowerShell
    Logon to Outlook Live
    using PowerShell
    Import your users
    Connect to Outlook Live Remotely
    User mailboxes created
  • 28. Easy to
    Free hosted email support for school administrators and help desks
    24x7 online telephone support
    Online information to help you to:
    Plan your deployment
    Deploy hosted email
    Manage your organization
    24x7 support for IT administrators
  • 29. Strong Security
    & Compliance
    Enhanced security and essential controls for Education
    Enhanced Security for Online Services
    Spam Filtering
    IP Whitelisting
    Support Privacy and Monitor Content
    Protect identities,
    Set campus
    mail policies
  • 30. Anywhere access to your digital campus with one identity
    EXAMPLE: Single Sign On
    Online Services
  • 31. Dedicated to Live@edu roadmap investments
    Tremendous Growth: From a handful of universities in 2005 to >3K institutions today
    Global Effort: Deployed in > 90 countries
    Big Next Generation Investments, including Office Web Applications
    Live@edu Next Gen
    Microsoft Live@edu
    Microsoft Live@edu
    >3000 schools
    Windows Live@edu
    MSN University Program
    5 schools
    • Richer Productivity Solutions with Office Web Applications
    • 32. Richer Student Experiences
    • 33. More scenarios that are integrated across Microsoft and audiences
    • 34. More value for educators and administrators
    April 2009
    • Outlook Live and Office Live Workspace
    • 35. Advanced IT controls in free offering
    • 36. Windows Live Wave 3
    • 37. No ads in e-mail for current students
    Jan 2008
    • Hotmail and Office Live Workspace
    • 38. Windows Live Services
    • 39. No Hotmail ads for current students
    Sept 2006
    • Hotmail
    • 40. Windows Live Services
    • 41. No Hotmail ads for current students
    March 2005
    • Hotmail, Messenger
    • 42. ad-funded
  • Why Live@edu?
    Customer Requirement
    Live@edu Commitment
    Online Services
    Meet students where they are…online
    Simple to manage and integrate
    Easy to Manage
    Protect data and privacy
    Security and
    Compliance Tools
    Invest in innovative technology while managing cost
    for Education
    Start today at!
  • 43. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.
    The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
  • 44. The Wharton School
    There’s a lot of power in having all our students using the same collaboration tools. Live@edu is going to help us build campus communities, improve individual student productivity, and facilitate group collaboration.
    Jason LehmanDirector of Information Technology, The Wharton School
    The Wharton School already offered students Microsoft Exchange Server–based e-mail but with limited storage.
    Business Challenge
    Microsoft Live@edu hosted communication and collaboration services integrate with the school’s existing Exchange Server-based e-mail system.
    Live@edu enables Wharton to offer a set of student-endorsed, online collaboration tools that it couldn’t provide on its own—without the cost of acquiring and maintaining new on-premises technology.
  • 45. Business Challenge
    South Dakota State University
    We deployed the hosted e-mail and communication services from Microsoft for students, and went from 5 percent using our old service to 90 percent using Live@edu.
    Dr. Michael Adelaine Vice President for Information Technology, South Dakota State University
    Before Live@edu, only about 5% of students used the universitye-mail service.
    Live@edue-mail access was integrated into a new student portal called MyStateOnline.
    After deploying Live@edu, campus e-mail usage increased to about 90%.
  • 46. Business Challenge
    Eastern Washington University
    At Eastern Washington University, Microsoft Live@edu is definitely a student-driven initiative. Our first two years have been so successful that the students are now calling for the service to be mandatory.
    Matt BrownStudent Technology Consultant, Eastern Washington University
    Before Live@edu, the school spent approximately $15,000 a year to offer a student e-mail service, but only about 17% of students used it.
    The school deployed Live@edu in response to demands for a more familiar interface and better collaboration features from students.
    After deploying Live@edu, student use of campus e-mail increased from17% to 70% and cut the school’s e-mail costs by $15,000 annually.
  • 47. Business Challenge
    Missouri Southern State University
    We use Windows Live Spaces to write blogs and share thoughts on class topics. Our professor for eighteenth-century British literature loves that we have this forum for discussion.
    Katy Farmer English Major, Missouri Southern State University
    The school needed to replace their unreliable, resource-intensive Novell-based student e-mail service.
    They retired the existing solution and deployed Live@edu in its place.
    Live@edu fosters collaborative study sessions, enables students to store important information, and, because it’s hosted, minimizes cost for the school.
  • 48. University of Pennsylvania
    About 40 percent of college freshmen choose to use the Penn Live messaging solution compared to 20 percent choosing Google.
    Ira Winston Chief Information Officer, University of Pennsylvania
    University of Pennsylvania wanted to improve undergraduate student e-mail and provide the social networking features that students wanted.
    Business Challenge
    Deployed Live@edu and co-branded the e-mail offering as Penn Live.
    Forty percent of first-year students chose Penn Live. Students received rich storage, blogging, and collaboration services all with their e-mail address.