Inventia- Company Presentation Feb.2013


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Inventia- Company Presentation Feb.2013

  1. 1. The Future of RetailInventia : Innovative Solutions, creativepower to support the Business Revolution Inventia S.r.l. Confidenziale - 2012 All Rights Reserved- Riproduzione non autorizzata
  2. 2. The future of retail .. is now! Milan, the city of fashion, design. Milan is the Who are we?A PERFECT economic and financial capital of Italy.SCENARIO FOR A city that is being transformed and is quickly Inventia is based in pointing towards the future, a city that is beingINNOVATION! prepared for EXPO 2015. Milan, the largest A city rich in history and culture. shareholder is the English private equity “Cambria Investment Fund” A strong and senior Management Team
  3. 3. ..already started being in partnership with INVENTIA..
  4. 4. Where do we come from?ConnectTV : The Future of TV isNow..Inventia is the leader in SOCIAL PARTECIPATION TV,through the proprietary social TV platformConnectTV® (the evolution of MyCast) , Inventiaallows simultaneusly to a large number of TV spectatorsto enter live in a TV Show with a perfect audio/videoquality … the TV palimpsest done by the audience!! Connect TV is used by the major TV broadcaster such as RAI, LA7TV , Magnolia. In 2012, Inventia ConnectTV enabled the audience participation to the live TV Show “CRISTINA PARODI LIVE” (La7 TV by Magnolia-Zodiak)
  5. 5. "What is important is ideas. If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and there isnt any limit to what you can do with your business and your life.“ Harvey Firestone If you always dowhat you always did, you will always getwhat you always got. Albert Einstein
  6. 6. The future of retail .. is now! Inventia is an innovation laboratory!!In fact, Inventia has created a unique business model that combines together, in a special ecosystem, proprietary Inventias technologies and selected technologiesfrom business partners in order to make a “revolutionary innovation” in how you do business with your customers.. ..a new way of offering exciting customer experiences and innovative business relationship and meantime, optimizing costs and improving service level!!
  8. 8. The Strategy behind .. Traditional Retail/Shop Benefits Digital Solution Benefits («Brick and mortar») («e-commerce») Information Comments and Touch /Test/Try Interaction with Shop Assistant Wide choice (Quantity and (assortment) advice from the the product Real Person (for Help) Quality) other users Tailored Offer Shopping Competitive «EVERYWHERE» Experience Prices Easy to make a Immediate Get advices from Virtual Ease of buying Return Delivery Experts REWARDING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ANYTHING AT ANY TIMEThe two business models in retail are still competing with each other, the Traditional Retail(or "brick and mortar") and Digital Solutions ("e-commerce") vying for attention of thecustomer.Both models have exclusive characteristics :• The most important benefits of the Traditional Retail model are: Human Relationships and the Touch/Test/Try of the product.• The benefits of the Digital Solutions model are: the quantity and completeness the information available, the price and the wide assortment.
  9. 9. The «Street Commerce®»Traditional Retail/Shop Benefits Digital Solution Benefits(«Brick and mortar») («e-commerce») Information Comments andTouch /Test/Try Interaction with Shop Assistant Wide choice (Quantity and (assortment) advice from the the product Real Person (for Help) Quality) other users Tailored Offer Shopping Competitive «EVERYWHERE» Experience PricesEasy to make a Immediate Get advices from Virtual Ease of buying Return Delivery Experts REWARDING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ANYTHING AT ANY TIME The Street Commerce merge together the “brick and mortar” and “e-commerce/digital solutions” benefits Support of a real person (Connect) A new Shopping Experience (Omnichannel) Advices from a true Expert Integration with Social Media Digital Contents (share experiences) (Pictures, Videos, Documents) Competitive Prices for the Customers Details and Features (QR CODE; Augmented Reality) “Street Low Costs for the Vendors Commerce” Wide Choice Try / Test the products (in virtual way) (e-commerce integration , express delivery) (glasses, jewelry, watches) Immediate delivery Mobile Shopping (App) (integration with Vending Machine) Geolocation Where the customers want to meet us (light and movable, “street commerce portals”)
  10. 10. Building up a new way for innovating retail : the «Street Commerce®»What does “StreetCommerce®” means ?A new way of doingretail, acombination of the“steet presence andcustomer proximity”,with the “humaninterface” and withthe powerfull“digital contentand/or e-commercesolutions”.
  11. 11. Building up a new way for innovating retail : the «Street Commerce®» Steet Commerce is strictly related with the “Street Portals®” : The Street Portals are the physical access point where the end customers can start the street commerce experience, they are tailored and designed to maximize the brand messages, they have installed a lot of technology and ready to create an unbeatable and unique customer experience.
  12. 12. Inventia Connect®, a Live and On-Line Human TouchInventia Connect is the # 1 video communication platformthat, leveraging on ConnectTV experience, allows LIVE andON-LINE VIDEO-INTERACTION.So a customer can interacts with a remote video-operatorand receiving from remote the requested services orsupport. The customer is in a real FACE TO FACE with the video-operator!But this is not enough : Inventia Connect, in fact, allows to theremote operator to take control, through a management dashboard,of all local devices that are installed on the Inventia Solutions(scanners, printers, product dispensers, electronic signature).So, he can always support, from remote, the customer to completeany commercial process.
  13. 13. Street PortalsStreet Commerce
  14. 14. A true example of Street PortalThe operator is always ready to support the The Street Portal should be integrated with e- Integrated with Social Networkcustomer live to advise and support him in the commerce and can manage every purchase steps The user can publish online the purchasing /product choice from payment to signing service experience The FAMILY SITE can be located in The Street shopping centers, hospitals, gyms, Portal can Can be placed childrens play areas or within existing store. This easily accommodates all the be anywhere and fully family and can turns a shopping experience in a choice shared by the integrated customized with whole family. with exclusive design in georefere coordination with ncing the company brand systems image and maps
  15. 15. Any other advantages? The Inventia “street portals” are REAL SHOPS… With VideoOperator • +10 Times cheaper than a traditional point of sales Temporary • +50% More convenient than traditional salesman / Exclusive Design promoter Low cost • Priced out as CAPEX or OPEX (as a service) Example of StreetPortal in an Hospital hall Innovation • Integrable with any Movable e-commerce • Competitive pricing, longer Multi-language you use them.. less they cost! Strong company image Example of StreetPortal in a Mall
  16. 16. Example: The Travel AgencyActual status: a chaotic and "ancient" environmentToday, the travel agency is an often chaotic environment, poorlyorganized, full of paper and with a low interaction with thecustomer (the staff checks a screen that the customer does notsee) the spaces are filled with printed paper catalogs and offeringsare A4 sheets hung on in the windows.The costs for the management of an agency are high, margins everlower because of the competition of e-commerce.Request: "Create the Travel Agency of the future"The structure and the organization of a Travel Agency was revisedso that the street-commerce allows for: a reduction in costs(personnel, printed catalogs); greater interaction with the customer(more direct involvement) and an improvement of the image of theTour Operator.Target: "100% Innovation”Through a series of "steet-portals" with an exclusive design andspecifically studied to facilitate customer interaction, Inventiacreates a Travel Agency open 7d. x 7d. , 24h x 24h , with significantreductions in costs (personnel, logistics, catalogs ) and with thepossibility to reach new sales channels.
  17. 17. The New Travel Agency…by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24h Branding andInnovative Company Immage Self-Travel Surfing Remote Video-Operator to support Sign the contract and pay with many Apps & Proximity Marketing Browse through paperless Travel catalogs different payment methods
  18. 18. The New Travel Agency…by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24hDifferent Sizes and Shapes (Small Portals) Available Everywhere / New Channels The shop becomes temporary As in a real Travel Agency Always Available Always open 24h x 24h / 7d x 7d Communicate with the outside
  19. 19. Example: The Bank BranchActual status: An “old” environment "and a poorcustomer experienceToday a bank branch is an anonymous environment, notinnovative, static, linked to traditional limited opening time.Has large spaces available with high operating and personnelcosts. The customer never feels protagonist, it is oftenintimidated by these environments.Request: "start a new era in Bank business»The request was to increase innovation, transform thecustomer from passive to a protagonist of the bankenvironment, give the client a qualified support, set the logicof street-commerce bank branches starting a new interactivemode.Target: "100% Innovation»Increase the innovation, create a new concept of Bank Branch,easy to use, with human touch when required, enabling theBank to reach new sales channels at a lower cost .Create a cross-media customer interaction.
  20. 20. The New Bank Branch by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24h Human Less Remote Video-Operator to support Document ScanningBiometric Recognition Available Everywhere / New Channels Electronic Signature
  21. 21. The New Bank Branch by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24hEasy to install in any place It can be integrated with the ATM and works 24h Movable or Self Standing Installed in companies such as In-door or Out-door Privacy and security guaranteed dedicated Bank Office
  22. 22. Example: The Mobile Phone shopActual status: "Looking for Innovation»Today mobile operators are in constant search of innovationfor their stores, they are also looking for efficiency and salesprocesses that do not generate additional card.As well as effective communication systems to customers inthe shop.Request: "add innovation, automate processes»The request was review the sales processes and create astreet-commerce strategy for mobile phone shops byintroducing some self-service areas with help offered byremote operatorsTarget: "100% Innovation»Differentiate by the competition increasing innovation,creating a new customer experience, reducing redundantcosts, create a powerful tool to open new sales channelwithout adding big costs
  23. 23. Mobile Shop Innovation by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24h Easy Access Biometric Recognition Electronic SignatureDocument Scanning Coupon and Fiscal Documentation All Shop processes “in a box”
  24. 24. Mobile Shop Innovation by Inventia Human-Less, digital, mobile, 7d x 7d, 24h x 24h Available Everywhere New Channels Should be 2 sides24h x 24h installed in a Shop Window Like a real Shop Product delivery (Vending Machine)
  25. 25. Street Commerce«Product Delivery» INNOVATIVEVENDING MACHINES
  26. 26. Innovative Vending Machine (Inventia Shop)Inventia builds and installs Innovative VendingMachine with an exclusive design. Those VendingMachines are based on advanced technologies, withrobotic arms to deliver products and with the “remoteoperator” support guaranteed through INVENTIACONNECT technology.
  27. 27. Interactive Inventia ShopsThe peak of the Street Commerce concept is represented bythe INVENTIA SHOPS.The INVENTIA SHOPS integrate multiple technologies, they arereal “Sales-Portals” where customers can receive live on-lineconsultancy and support, where the sales process can becompleted with the immediate product delivery and theremote video operator can control all the local devices.
  28. 28. The Street Commerce«Test and Try Solution»AUGMENTED REALITY
  29. 29. The Street Commerce - Test & Try Solution Example: - Fun times trying virtual glassesThe Street Commerce shouldbe completed by theTest & Try Solution, they aresuper tested technologies of Example: - TAG for augmented reality and virtual ring testvirtual interaction andaugmented reality.The customer experiencecompletely changes:you can “try” and"test" virtuallythe products. Example: buy watches online Example: buy jewelry online and and try them virtually try them virtually
  30. 30. Test & Try Solutions – Augmented Reality Inventia integrates special Augmented Reality technologies on vending machines and kiosks in order to make the customer active and allows him to “try" virtually the products and have an exciting experience and share it with friends through Social Networks.
  31. 31. Augmented Reality = More Sales! Example: Tesco UK using augmented reality on theThe use of augmented reality is now e-commerce site with marker on catalogbecoming widespread and integrating itwith e-Commerce (V-Commerce) you candramatically increase sales by allowingcustomers to try products or showingeach detail of the products in 3D to thecustomer while sitting in front of the PC(or on mobile or on Totem/VendingMachines) WOW EFFECTS with augmented reality integrated in retail sales and marketing tools
  32. 32. Augmented Reality = More Sales!Knowing every detail of theproduct through yoursmartphone or tablet, then watchit how it looks displaying virtuallyat your home or office.A unique experience!!
  33. 33. Street CommerceComplete Sales Process Digital Signature
  34. 34. Dynamic Digital Signature SolutionThe Dynamic Digital Signature is an essential part ofthe Inventia’s Street Commerce Strategy.Inventia selected Elcom SignPro, Xyzmo and Wacomas partners to offer Dynamic Digital SignatureSolutions.This solution allows the electronic identification ofthe person and a biometric evaluation of the digitalsignature.Elcom SignPro : offers the typical features of the Tablet asthe "rotating", the "zooming", the "listing“ on top ofprofessional Dynamic Digital Signature platform.
  35. 35. Mr. Specialist and otherinnovative solutions for the Retail of the Future
  36. 36. Do you need a promoter? Mr. Specialist is here!!Mister Specialist is a concrete use of the INVENTIACONNECT technology.Here, a Video Specialist always available on multiplelocations (can be a promoter, a specialist, a sales clerk , acustomer service clerk), can interacts “ON DEMAND,ON-LINE, LIVE” with the client and offer a unbeatablecustomer experience and great service.Mr. Specialist is completed by Sound Shower System andIntimacy Led Lights.
  37. 37. Mr. Specialist : Premium service, Low costsYou can use the solution in manydifferent ways: promoter, consultant,expert, guru.The flexibility of Mr. Specialist (portableand movable) make it an ideal partnerfor the easy creation of roadshows inshopping centers, in public areas or fairs.
  38. 38. Mr. Specialist on the shelfIt is easy to have a product specialist alwaysavailable to provide support to customers in the mass distribution or retail, withMr. Specialist Android Retail this is possible.An Android Tablet integrated into a special mounting kit and completed with twoSAAS platforms as Inventia Retail Connect (Video Interaction Live and On / Line)and Inventia Android Remote Touch (a complete Android Digital Signage solution).A professional, constant and specialized presence for customer support at a costthat is the cost of a sandwich a day.
  39. 39. Android and iPad Kiosks Android and iPad kiosks for exhibitions, shops, hotels, receptions, waiting rooms, museums or galleries. Catalogs browsing, web contents, pictures, datasheets, restaurant menus. Special mounting kit to install those solutions everywhere to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction
  40. 40. Innovative and powerful Info-Kiosks Inventia designs special Info-Kiosks (with powerful digital signage software platform and management dashboard).Videointeraction and Street Commerceexperience (Inventia Connect), DigitalSignage, Document Sharing.Sales, Services and Communication.
  41. 41. Anonymous Viewer Analitics Anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) detects the audience that stands in front of a kiosk.Gender, age, emotionalstatus are detected,enabling the advertisers tocustomize and target theirmessages and preciselymeasure the results.
  42. 42. Dedicated Consultancy AreasThe Inventia Connect Technology can be used also to creatededicated areas providing specialized support and consultancy inthe strictest privacy.(I.e. medical environment where you can complete the “remote” health careassistance using to sophisticated telemetry technology).
  43. 43. XCUBE, temporary and transportable ShopsReal temporary shops, transportable showrooms, classrooms or travelingcomplete training, which can be turned into unbeatable customerexperience with the installation of Inventia Connect (on-line video remoteoperator). Xcube is connected, safe, movable, temporary, fashion, design... and is a very affordable opportunity!! Xcube Fashion Street Portal with Live Personal Shopper, virtual proof clothing, and products selection delivery, polarizable ultra resistant glasses. Xcube Mobile Mobile Phone shop / Street Portal with Personal Specialist for product description, offers presentation and optional product delivery
  44. 44. Interactive Shop WindowsA new way of Interactive Shop Windows,creating interactive enablingshop windows. passers-by toInventia, by using explore, andMicrosoft Kinect browseTechnology, allows catalogs, offers or productcustomers to interact informationand control the sheets withcontent displayed. simple hand The main INTERACTIVE SHOP WINDOWS gestures. The client will features : •Product catalog with image, price, sizes and availability autonomously •Promotions with pictures, videos and games •Web content interact enjoy •Get statistics on which are the most viewed content playing in front •Get statistics on which areas of the of the shop establishment with more public windows.
  45. 45. QrCode CommerceInventia can create QrCodeinteraction campaigns.These are communication projectsthat exploit the potential offeredby smartphones and create a newway to receive information abouta product/ service and have a newbuying experience
  46. 46. E-Commerce Video AssistantThe Virtual Assistant can givesupport to your on-line customers,they can ask for help at any timeclicking on the banner andentering a dedicated “live video-chat”.
  47. 47. Wanna Be..
  48. 48. Inventia«Shop In a Box»
  49. 49. MiniBox, the Shop in a boxMiniBox is the perfect solution to simplify theprocesses of “choosing an offer”, of“customer identification” and finalize a“contract with signature”.MiniBox is perfect for selling services thatrequire signature of a contract such astelephone services, insurance, banking, Digital Signagepay tv, credit cards.
  50. 50. CONCLUSION «The new Inventia MDCMarketing Paradigma»
  51. 51. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER INTERACTION Delivering a unique and exciting Customer DATA ANALISYS Experience at every touchpoint Using data coming from (OMNICHANNEL) of the customer lifetime Ideas “GIVE TO GET STRATEGY” Customer Interaction to understand, Innovation • Raise brand awareness to measure, to deliver and to design Personalization • Position as leading solution to customers’ opportunities to satisfy and problems • Educate customers to unrecognized needs & extensively engage Customers wants • Motivate customers to contact you when they’re ready to buy D M CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS ANDThe New CUSTOMER PROXIMITY“Inventia Social Marketing Communication and two-ways marketing communication.MDC Close to the customer, moving towards the customer’s same itinerary, where and whenMarketing the customers want to see usParadigma” C
  52. 52. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin