Mediterranean diet


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Mediterranean diet

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model for healthy eating inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of three European and one African countries in the Mediterranean area: Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco. In 2008 Italy submitted an application to UNESCO for the Mediterranean diet to be inserted in the Human Cultural Heritage. It finally received recognition in 2010.
  2. 2. FOOD The beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet on health depend on the amount and on the combination of the different foods per meal. What should not be missed at the table is Extra Virgin Olive Oil The common denominator to the staple food of the Mediterranean countries. In their model it is used instead of butter or other animal fats. Consuming virgin olive oil limits the intake of saturated fats, so-called “bad fats”.
  3. 3. Fruits and Vegetables The importance of fruit and vegetable food is due to their richness in vitamins and minerals, fibre and water. Proper consumption of fruits and vegetables lowers the energy density of the diet and helps maintain body weight. Cereals They represent the main source of energy for Mediterranean people, but they also contain a lot of proteins, vitamins, and fibre. Legumes Together with cereals they guarantee a protein mixture whose biological value is not exactly equal to that of animal protein, but very similar. They are also rich in vitamins and mineral, especially iron. FOOD
  4. 4. FOOD Eggs Famous for the large amount of high biological value protein, eggs have always been the most important source of animal protein in the Mediterranean diet together with cheese. They are considered an important food for their relationship between energy and nutrients. Milk and Dairy products Milk, yoghurt and cheese ( the latter allowing you to maintain the rich nutrition of milk in an even more digestible way ) are important foods. While milk and/or yoghurt can and should be consumed daily, we must pay more attention to cheese, because it is often rich in calories and salt. They are all source of minerals, especially calcium, vitamins and proteins.
  5. 5. FOOD Fish The Mediterranean diet focuses on fish because it is very low in fat but it contains the best one, Omega 3, in addition to protein and minerals, including iron and zinc. Meat It is an excellent source of protein, iron and other minerals, but they recommend a moderate consumption, especially of the red one because eating too much meat and too often could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  6. 6. BENEFITS The Mediterranean diet has protective effects on health. In fact, it protects our body against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and probably from allergies and asthma. Not only that, the Mediterranean diet would reduce the chances of developing brain disease such as the Alzheimer one. Finally, the Mediterranean diet improves circulation at the level of the renal arteries, which is particularly important for patients with chronic kidney failure. For these reasons it can be said that the Mediterranean diet plays a vital role in the quality of life.
  7. 7. MEDITERRANEAN FOOD PYRAMID The Mediterranean food pyramid is used to describe the Mediterranean diet. Created in 1994, it has proved to be beneficial for heart disease due to the huge amount of healthy foods this diet provides.
  8. 8. MEDITERRANEAN FOOD PYRAMID At the base there is daily exercise and carbohydrate balanced assumption. Then, there are other foods to be eaten every day such as fruits. The levels of the pyramid ranging from fish to desserts include foods to be consumed on a weekly basis, whereas the intake of meat should be monthly. Olive oil should be used daily as an important source of insaturated fats. Water is recommended as the best drink.
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