TYPO3 and Magento together to manage Panini Stickers
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TYPO3 and Magento together to manage Panini Stickers



A case history about a TYPO3 and Magento project to manage the Panini Stickers ecommerce

A case history about a TYPO3 and Magento project to manage the Panini Stickers ecommerce



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TYPO3 and Magento together to manage Panini Stickers Presentation Transcript

  • 1. GOT GOT NEED TYPO3 and Magento together to manage Panini Stickers. Pag. 1T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 2. Who am I?
  • 3. Pag. 3T3CON13DE - Stuttgart CTO at www.webformat.com TYPO3 developer & consultant since 2004 Main developer of “DB Integration” (extkey: wfqbe) Mauro Lorenzutti
  • 4. Who is Panini?
  • 5. When you speak about Panini you always think to football stickers... Not only stickers! Pag. 5T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 6. Panini Group Pag. 6T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 7. Panini Group Headquarters in Italy Is located in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, United States Sells goods in over than 110 nations in the world The New Media division manages over 200 websites Pag. 7T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 8. The project requirements.
  • 9. The Collectibles Project A new platform for all the collectibles ecommerce websites Collectibles means: Missing stickers Complete collections Magazines Books Cards and postcards … Pag. 9T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 10. An overview of the starting point More than 50 stores in different countries Around 2M registered users 6k products Complex and customized selling rules Custom missing stickers management Based on a tailor-made ASP platform Developed during the last 10 years Difficult to customize Expensive to maintain Pag. 10T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 11. The desiderata To substitute an old and difficult to maintain platform A flexible content management system New and modern e-commerce features (up-selling, cross-selling, multishipping, flexible discount rules, …) The possibility to create new stores with specific features, options, price rules, shipping and payment methods, … Mobile and social network integration The platform should be based on open source and widely known technologies Pag. 11T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 12. Analyzing different solutions...
  • 13. TYPO3 is the right CMS: Panini editors already use it Very flexible template engine to integrate complex layouts Multi-domain Multi-language Opensource A technology known in all the world Pag. 13T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 14. TYPO3 has many e-commerce plugins: TT_products Commerce Extendedshop Multishop Wt_cart Trade Ecommerce System … Pag. 14T3CON13DE - Stuttgart e-commerce plugins
  • 15. None of them are powerfull enought! Panini needs: Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-store Simple, configurable, boundle, virtual and downloadable products Ability to easly create new custom attributes Stock management Integration with Paypal, Post Finance and many other payment gateways An easy integration with ERP A platform ready to be extended and future-proof Pag. 15T3CON13DE - Stuttgart e-commerce plugins
  • 16. Do we have to invest time and money in developing a plugin for TYPO3? Pag. 16T3CON13DE - Stuttgart What to do? Do we have to integrate an open source ecommerce software? Or…
  • 17. The answer is Open source ecommerce platform Based on Zend Framework Leader platform in the market Pag. 17T3CON13DE - Stuttgart Downloaded more then 3M times Translated in 60 languages More than 1M registered users
  • 18. Magento Highlights Pag. 18T3CON13DE - Stuttgart System • Layered navigation • Wishlist • Products comparison • Orders history • Advanced search • … Marketing • Multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency • Products, orders, shippings and invoices management • Stock management • A lot of payment gateways and shipping services integrated • Over 4000 plugins available • … Customers •SEO ready • Upselling and Cross-selling • Gift certificates • Promotions engine • Abandoned cart management • A lot of reports • …
  • 19. The Collectibles Project – solution TYPO3 and Magento together can provide: Requirements satisfaction An enterprise asset for future developments Scalability Workflows Opensource The possibility to integrate other technologies A base technology known all over the world Two technologies maintained and improved by the respective communities Pag. 19T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 20. TYPO3 and Magento together
  • 21. TYPO3 and Magento: an integrated solution Contents management through TYPO3 Products and orders management through Magento They are used to manage the content for which they were designed Pag. 21T3CON13DE - Stuttgart Blogs & Comunity Photo & Video Galleries Products Catalog Content Management System Users Registration Cart Management Orders Management Products Management Discount Price Rules
  • 22. CORPORATE WEBSITE - Presentation Page - Offices Locator - Contacts - News NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SPECIAL EVENT - Editorial Pages - Photogallery - Landing Page - Photogallery - Forum - Product Details - Shopping Cart - Launch Page - Event Calendar - Newsletter - Products List - Search Products - Shopping Cart - Products List - Search Products - Shopping Cart Blogs & Comunity Photo & Video Galleries Products Catalog Content Management System Users Registration Cart Management Orders Management Products Management Discount Price Rules Products & Orders Management - Editorial Pages - Photogallery - Blog - Products List - Search Products - Shopping Cart E-COMMERCE
  • 23. Solution Preview A single TYPO3-Magento installation to manage all websites Each TYPO3 page tree is associated to a Magento store Backend users with limited access on both TYPO3 and Magento The same layout TYPO3 shares header and footer with Magento Contents sharing TYPO3 and Magento plugins are used to share contents from TYPO3 to Magento and viceversa Single-Sign-On thanks to a custom IDM solution Based on a custom TYPO3 authentication service Pag. 23T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 24. The technical scheme Pag. 24T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 25. General scheme Pag. 25T3CON13DE - Stuttgart Old users database
  • 26. One installation, many websites Each TYPO3 page tree is associated to a Magento store Pag. 26T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 27. Layout Based on TemplaVoila Framework TYPO3 and Magento share some layout parts: Header Menu Footer Connectors TYPO3 <-> Magento TYPO3 content elements into Magento pages Magento products and blocks into TYPO3 pages Pag. 27T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 28. http://www.t3campitalia.it/ Pag. 28 Layout grafico
  • 29. Magento products into TYPO3 pages TYPO3 plugin that allows to include Magento products based on sku list, categories and custom filters Pag. 29T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 30. Magento blocks Magento also provides contents that can be shown into the website: Most viewed products Recently viewed Best sellers Cart Wishlist … Custom contents Pag. 30T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 31. Magento custom blocks Pag. 31T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 32. Magento blocks into TYPO3 pages TYPO3 plugin that allows to include Magento blocks as content elements Pag. 32T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 33. TYPO3 content elements in Magento pages Magento module that allows to include contents from TYPO3 T3CON13DE - Stuttgart TYPO3 plugin that allows to associate content elements to Magento categories or products
  • 34. TYPO3 products management TYPO3 backend module to manage Magento products (fully configurable via TS) Pag. 34T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 35. Indexed search engine Integrated search based on indexed_search_engine Advanced products search from Magento Pag. 35T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 36. Because user matters!
  • 37. 2M registered users 2M users already registered in other websites or in old ones Desiderata: A single user profile for all websites, apps, … Solution: A custom authentication webservice Pag. 37T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 38. WS auth Pag. 38T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 39. Panini Ecosystem Pag. 39T3CON13DE - Stuttgart WS AUTH
  • 40. TYPO3 – Magento Single Sign On Custom authentication service for TYPO3 to use WS Auth TYPO3 and Magento session sharing Magento uses TYPO3 registration and login forms TYPO3 and Magento users synch via SQL triggers Saltedpasswords in Magento Pag. 40T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 41. Stickers mania!!!
  • 42. Caching and optimizing More than 100 websites expected on a single TYPO3 and Magento installation More than 1M users/month Pag. 42T3CON13DE - Stuttgart • Performance optimization! • File static cache in TYPO3 • Dynamic Caching in Magento • Memcache as backend caching system • Caching of TYPO3-Magento interactions • CSS and JS optimization • Zend Optimizer • Zend Cache • Load Balancing
  • 43. Panini on Cloud Virtualized infrastructure A simplified scheme: Pag. 43T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 44. Conclusions
  • 45. T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 46. T3CON13DE - Stuttgart Pag. 46
  • 47. T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 48. T3CON13DE - Stuttgart Pag. 48
  • 49. Next steps? Possible future implementations: Panini Points (loyalty program) Apache Solr integration App for smartphone SugarCRM integration MyPanini™ Pag. 49T3CON13DE - Stuttgart
  • 50. Q & A Pag. 50T3CON13DE - Stuttgart mauro.lorenzutti@webformat.com http://it.linkedin.com/in/maurolorenzutti https://twitter.com/MauroLorenzutti http://www.slideshare.net/mauro.lorenzutti