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My histro


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Test Presentation „Online marketing of – I would do it like this.“14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 1
  • 2. What is myHistro? myHistro is the place where stories are told. It is a service for everyone who wants to mark important moments in history or share their personal story in a new, attractive format, designed for telling stories. Because everybody has a story to tell!14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 2
  • 3. What is it not? myHistro is NOT a Social Network: it is not the next Facebook, nor the next Twitter and it should not be marketed as such. Yet its social potential is undeniable. Stories are meant to be shared with others and myHistro interacts perfectly with the existing social networks. It could soon become an irreplaceable tool for every internet user or even be integrated by social networks as an internal feature.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 3
  • 4. Who is it for? myHistro is much more than a timeline. ● For journalists its a brand new way to map and illustrate their stories. ● For writers its a great test ground to frame their next novel. ● For teachers its an interactive workbook. ● For a company its a tool to build trust and devotion. ● For travelers its a journal of past journeys and an awesome way of planning the next adventure together.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 4
  • 5. Where will people learn about it? Like every good product, word of mouth is what will make myHistro the next great thing. The web will take care of spreading the word for us. But how do you get the word out? Article marketing is the way to go.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 5
  • 6. Article Marketing By having authority sites and blogs talking about myHistro we can: ● Increase the number of visits to the site. ● Control the reputation of the service. ● Increase link popularity for SEO purposes.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 6
  • 7. Article Marketing Pros: ● Directness: we can ensure that the the focus is right for the target audience. For example articles offered to travel blogs and sites will focus on the potential that the service has for travelers. ● Friendliness: Steering clear of Interruption Marketing and traditional advertising channels people will perceive the service as more genuine. ● Influence: Information that we get from trusted sources has a stronger influence. Every time we read about it again from a difference source the trust and curiosity is reinforced. Cons: ● Cost: article marketing can be costly as some sites or large blogs will ask for a fee. ● Time: article marketing is time consuming ● Extra Staff: writing articles requires skill and a copywriter may be needed for high volumes.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 7
  • 8. How to get the most of it - If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million words - ● By realizing a series of short Youtube videos and simplifying the registration process we can ensure that blogs and sites contacted will get a clearer picture of what myHistro can do. The same videos will be of great help to the users.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 8
  • 9. What are these Youtube Videos about? The series should comprise: ● A travelers case study video - with link to the specific histro. ● A regular persons case study video - with link to the specific histro. ● A teachers case study video - with link to the specific histro. ● A writers case study video - with link to the specific histro. ● A journalists case study video - with link to the specific histro. ● A registration and quick start video.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 9
  • 10. What else can be done? By staying on top of current events and creating interesting histros to share on the various social networks we can ensure extra visibility. ● Eg. London 2012 or Euro 2012 These histros could be commissioned from official or authoritative sources and shared/pushed with article marketing/link building to be sure that they will appear in the SERPs. There is no better way of promoting a service than to show users that this service is being used.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 10
  • 11. Last but not least: community The importance of a good community is undeniable. We should aim to create this feeling by working on our social network pages. ● We need come up with a cool name for myHistro users (something like “histrorians”). ● We should have contests for the best histros of the month where people can vote on Facebook. ● Every time we change something to the site or the user experience we should involve the community.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 11
  • 12. To sum up ● Steering clear of traditional advertising channels. ● Article Marketing to promote ● Pushing interesting histros through social networks ● Improving our own social presence and developing a community.14/05/2012 Mauro Pasi for 12