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7 maurice williams dominie press pte ltd


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  • 1. Business Advisor sProg r amme (BAP)Final Presentation5th March 2010 Presented by: MAURICE WILLIAMS DOMINIE PRESS Supported by: SPRING Singapore UOB-SMU Entrepreneurship Alliance Centre (USEA)
  • 2. Industry IntroductionProduction Structure Comparison Electronic, Print & Multimedia Electronic Media Equipment To Make Data TV/ Radio Visible Production Distri- Internet/ Etc bution a de ml u M Pre-Media CD Rom/ Etc it Source Idea Data Customer/ i Of Content Manage- User Information Layout ment mi r P a de ml u M Orig a Digital Printing System Dat it inals / i Printing s Finishing Distri- Pre-Press (Conventional) Post Press bution Press
  • 3. Company Introduction Dominie Press prides itself as being built on quality, reliability and efficiency It is Dominie Press’s intention to have overseas publishers outsource their print productions for journals, magazines, coffee table books and art books to themselves
  • 4. Company Introduction• 60 Staff Strength (Singapore, Melbourne and Los Angeles) Production facility is in Singapore this includes the productions of pre-press, printing and post- press Overseas representation is to do long run jobs, like – case books, catalogues and magazines.• Company’s revenue for the last 3 years is approximately $30m• Where it aims to be in 2 years time – $13m per annum – Fully functional and facilitating Melbourne and Los Angeles Offices – Revenue streams should be closer to a 60:40 ratio
  • 5. Project Objectives and Scope of Work Suggested Business Goals Sales Targets & Projections• Install and establish an end of month forecasting format for the upcoming quarter• Install and establish an annual setting of sales targets by industry and key accounts Suggested Marketing Goals• Establish and implement plan to address business projections based on long run/ short run/ agency and direct client business
  • 6. Project Objectives and Scope of Work Suggested Operational Goals Cost Contain Establish costing/ production reporting process at Storage/ Pre-Press/ Press/ Post-Press Extend QC processes across all aspects of production and storage• Examine costs/ expenditure on a regular basis during quarterly financial review•• Suggested Productivity/Efficiency Goals Install employee suggestion box with cash incentives for suggestion that result in cost savings on increased productivity. This will lead to a team based presentation program through TQM in the long-run•
  • 7. Project Objectives and Scope of Work Suggested Human Resource Goals• Establish a regular HR audit to determine company and staff KPI, directly impacting bonus and salary pay-outs on a quarterly and bi-annual basis (Ex. Total Remuneration = Monthly Salary + Allowances (as applicable) + Company Performance (max. 1 mth) + Individual Staff Performance (max. 1 mth)
  • 8. Project Objectives and Scope of Work Suggested Management Goals• Initiate a plan of action to create a better working atmosphere• Reduce cost and increase profits• Through new formats and procedures, increase profitability• Strengthen present customer base and expand customer base to outside areas (Melbourne, Los Angeles)• Update DTP equipment to expand into more specialized areas of the printing market• Increase employee benefits
  • 9. Methodologies & Work To DoInternal Charge Model To Maximize Efficiency & Minimize WastagePre-Press/ Press/ Post Press Business UnitsDevelopment of Real Time Pre-Press Facility Across Geography and Time ZonesStore & Transport Direct Report to Finance Database QUOTATIONS Originals Plate, Etc Printing Pages Printed Product Sales Dept Post Press/ Customer Pre-Press Printing Press Distributor Finishing Agency Publisher Data Data Data Data s ecr uo S not a m o n r f I r e mt s u C/ r e m s no C Film, Plate, Etc Paper, Ink, Etc. u i Storage Consumables o Supplier
  • 10. Methodologies & Work To DoUnifying The Dominie BrandIdentity To Be Formalized Personality Unified Position For All of Domine’s Offerings PAINSTAKING COURAGEOUS RESPONSIBLE BRAND ESSENCE QUALITY EFFICIENCY INGENUITY CLIENTS’ OPINIONS BENCH-MARKING CO-OPERATION HONESTY Beliefs Values
  • 11. Methodologies & Work To DoPrint Media Works Best In Narrowcast ATTENTION INTEREST DESIRE MOTIVATION ACTION Broadcast Narrowcast BILLBOARD INTERNET TV RADIO NEWSPAPERS CINEMA MAGAZINE CATALOGUE SALES PERSON AIDMA Law Explained The Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, and Action (AIDMA) Law is a hypothesis on the process of "consumption behavior" advocated by Roland Hall of the United States. It represents the process from when a consumer finds out about a given product up until when they take action to purchase that product. It also describes the way in which consumers respond to communication
  • 12. Methodologies & Work To DoBrand Leaders & High End Consideration DecisionsTarget Business And Industry Focus For Sales Tie Up • Clothing & Accessories • Consumer Electronics • First & Business Class Travel • Fragrances – Men & Women • Hotels & Resorts • Automotive • Personal Financial Services • Restaurants & Bars • Sporting Apparel & Equipment • Watches • Wines & Spirits • Spa & Beauty • Weddings
  • 13. Impact & ObservationsContact StrategyYear End ProgramDesign & Distribution of Christmas Cards with work sampleWPP ProgramPhase One: Direct Mail to reach all WPP companies in Singapore (appr. 36)Phase Two: Face to Face meetings with selected WPP company heads (appr. 8)Phase Three: Hand over and introduce to SalesCompanies involved, Ogilvy Advertising, Burston & Marstella, Fitch Design, J. Walther Thomson, etc. 13
  • 14. Impact & ObservationsKey Hit ListMarina Bay SandsWith CEO introduction made presentation to Head Procurement to secure position on official vendors listResorts World SentosaThru introduction Head Marketing made presentation towards securing position on official vendors listParkway HealthWith CEO introduction made presentation to Chief Procurement Officer to secure position on official vendors listDBS BankThru Head Consumer Banking made presentation to Head Procurement towards securing position on official vendors list (2011)Design BridgeThru Introduction of Head, Creative made presentation to MD (Singapore) , Director (UK) and Prod. Manager (Singapore) towards position on preferred supplier list
  • 15. Impact & ObservationsCompany UniformDesign and outfit of new staff uniform that distinguishes company work section, job function and name
  • 16. Learning Points & Key RecommendationsHuman ResourceThe Human Resource framework encompassing aspects for:- Knowledge Management- Performance Appraisal process (Co./ Section/ Individual)Business (Sales)Business Management by territory, industry (agency/ dir. Client) is importantBusiness (SBU)Specialist Business Units are worth exploring 16
  • 17. Learning Points & Key RecommendationsDominie PressStreamlined For Greater Efficiency BOARD OF DIRECTORS Production Human Resource Finance Business Pre Production Production Post Production Delivery Procurement Sales Customer Service Estimates
  • 18. Learning Points & Key RecommendationsBusiness Business Sales Customer Service Estimates Singapore Junny Kah Lai New Sales Person Melbourne New York
  • 19. Feedback/ After thoughts about BAPThree Points From Business Advisor:- It is useful a Business Advisor’s network of contacts to be drawn upon in the process and it should be framed accordingly- It is useful to review the company’s marketing, sale and business plans prior to commencement. Include. vision and brand position- Following intentions to develop and EXIM Bank it would be useful to align with local banking industry intension in this regard
  • 20. Maurice Williams ThanksDominie Press & Oh Theng Hin Spring/ SMU/ UOB Special Appreciation to Ser Keng, Janisia and Jennyfor Guidance & Care During the Attachment
  • 21. ProductionHow Material & Data Flow Database Originals Plate, Etc Printing Pages Printed Product Customer Post Press/ Agency Pre-Press Printing Press Distributor Finishing Publisher Data Data Data Data s ecr uo S not a m o n r f I r e mt s u C/ r e m s no C Film, Plate, Etc Paper, Ink, Etc. u i Storage Consumables o Supplier
  • 22. Brand Filters for Dominie Press Dominie Press Who Are We? Bottom Line What We Want Our What We Value Production To Be At Work “Our success & future depends on our ability to High Quality Distinction continually deliver Innovative Recognition unforgettable results Timely Repeatability For our customers” What We Want Our Service To Be Customer Focus Involvement Sincerity
  • 23. The Present Situation Managing Director Head of Financial Human Resource Sales Chief Estimator Production Controller Head of Head of Head of Customer Accounts Pre Press Press Post-Press Service
  • 24. Printing Industry Indicators Indicators 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 No. Estab. 920 927 845 827 861 No. Workers 18 342 17 096 17 538 17 651 17 977 Tot. Output 2 694 2 710 2 802 2 939 2 986 ($m) Value Added 1 262 1 307 1 304 1 324 1 389 ($m) GDP Contr. 0.79 0.72 0.66 0.61 0.58 (%) Source: Economic Development Board & SPRING Singapore
  • 25. Printing Industry Indicators Industries/ Size Estab. Workers Total Output Value Added Value Added of Output (No.) (No.) ($’000) ($’000) Per Worker ($) Printing 861 17 977 2 985 898 1 389 113 77 272 Indus. Total ESTAB 619 2170 165 312 62 182 28 655 < $1m ESTAB 175 3 753 366 591 173 108 46 125 $1m - < $5m ESTAB 31 1 940 241 508 97 091 50 047 $5m - < $10m ESTAB 20 2 176 300 711 118 791 54 591 $10m - < $25m $15m ave. ESTAB 9 2 121 346 724 132 721 62 575 $25m - < $50m ESTAB 7 5 817 1 565 053 805 221 138 426 Source:& above Development Board, 2007 $50m Economic
  • 26. Competition Category No.• Book Printers (Printing Companies) 9• Commercial Printers (Printing Companies) 613• Diary Printers (Printing Companies) 8• Digital Printers (Printing Companies) 40• Financial Printers (Printing Companies) 3• Labels/Continuous Form Printers (Printing Companies) 53• Laser Printers (Printing Equipment, Supplies & Accessories) 6 Packaging Printers (Printing Companies) 68• Printers Aids (Printing Equipment, Supplies & Accessories) 4 Security Printers (Printing Companies) 1 Source: DirID=98&SearchTxt=printers&SearchOpt=product_service&SearchCtry=All&SearchType=containing
  • 27. Domestic Development “Growing at 5% annually over the past few years. Singapore’s print industry has seen output rise to $2.8 billion.” Simon Lim, Director of Precision Engineering, Electronics & Manufacturing, SPRING SPRING supports Local Enterprise & Association Development (LEAD), PMAS plans to implement initiatives including organizing trade fairs, profiling and branding the industry and conducting network sessions. Print & Media Hub at Tai Seng Avenue and PMAS members tend to get more mention. SCI Print Technology appears to be championing the academic side to the print industry in Singapore.
  • 28. Agency Creative Charges Components Hourly Costs • Concept Development $300 • Art Direction / Supervision $200 • Design $200 • Copywriting $200 • Project Management $200 • Production Management $150 • Technical Direction $300 • Database Engineering $200 • Programming $150 • Translation $200 per A4 page • Illustration (by hand) $200 • Layout & Finished Artwork $150 • Typography & Typesetting – Chinese $200 per A4 page • Negatives/ Positives/ Digital Output $ 0.40 per sq. cm. • Digital Imaging $300 • Color Photostatting $ 5 per A4 page • Color Photostatting $ 8 per A3 page • Electronic Transmissions $ 0.20 per sq. cm. (BW) $ 0.40 per sq. cm (4C) $ 50 min per ET A standard fee of 17.65% levied on all 3rd party costs. Agency Pitch Fee for full presentation - $5 000 (inclusive of strategy, concept and creative) Agency Pitch Fee for Media - $3 000
  • 29. Direct Clients & Agency Partners• 4A’s 73 Full Members 5 Affiliate Members• Graphic Designers 263 Companies• Client Marketers Limited Only By Imagination
  • 30. Young adults most responsive toDM campaignsby William MittingAug 27, 2009Find more like: direct | mail | marketing | campaign | print | young | adults | post | mailing | advertising16-24 year-olds are the best targets for direct mail campaigns, a UK study has found.Research carried out by the Mail Media Centre found that 90 per cent of 16-24 year-olds open all their mail, with 29 per cent having made a purchase as a result of receiving direct mail. Despite the susceptibility of the age group to direct mail, the majority of 16-to-24 year-olds receive only one piece of branded direct mail per week and accounted for only 1.42 per cent of all mailings sent between June 2008 and May 2009. The study suggested that the age group is more likely to open direct mail due to the dominance of electronic communications in their lives. Antony Miller, head of media development at UKs Royal Mail, said: "The lure of the letterbox is something special for the 16-to-24 year-old age group. "The research clearly shows that advertisers are missing a trick with this valuable audience as they currently have low exposure to the channel but are also high respondents." However, data accuracy is essential if the age group is to be successfully targeted, as the study participants were 25 per cent less likely to open mail that was incorrectly addressed than the average direct mail consumer. Indeed, data accuracy is paramount for a successful campaign. In June, another study found that almost nine out of ten consumers would stop trading with a company from whom they received direct mail addressed to a deceased family member. Read the original article at
  • 31. Top 10 MagazinesWe Should Target• Top 10 Art Magazines • Top 10 Horse Magazines• Top 10 Black Magazines • Top 10 Hunting Magazines• Top 10 Boating Magazines • Top 10 Kids Magazines• Top 10 Business Magazines • Top 10 Literary Magazines• Top 10 Car Magazines • Top 10 Luxury Magazines• Top 10 Celebrity Magazines • Top 10 Mens Magazines• Top 10 Christian Magazines • Top 10 Motorcycle Magazines• Top 10 Computer Magazines • Top 10 Movie Magazines• Top 10 Cooking Magazines • Top 10 Music Magazines• Top 10 Craft Magazines • Top 10 News Magazines• Top 10 Decorating Magazines • Top 10 Nursing Magazines• Top 10 Design Magazines • Top 10 Parenting Magazines• Top 10 Dog Magazines • Top 10 Photography Magazines• Top 10 Education Magazines • Top 10 Political Magazines• Top 10 Entertainment Magazines • Top 10 Science Magazines• Top 10 Fashion Magazines • Top 10 Spanish Magazines• Top 10 Fishing Magazines • Top 10 Sports Magazines• Top 10 Fitness Magazines • Top 10 Style Magazines• Top 10 Food Magazines • Top 10 Teen Magazines• Top 10 Golf Magazines • Top 10 Trade Magazines• Top 10 Gossip Magazines • Top 10 Travel Magazines• Top 10 Gun Magazines • Top 10 Womens Magazines• Top 10 Health Magazines • Top 10 Adult Magazines• Top 10 History Magazines• Top 10 Home Magazines