How to kill a creative process : An Advertising guide on managing creativity

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With the snap-like emergence of mobile technology and social media proliferation, advertising practitioners and marketers alike are experienceing a compression of the traditional approach to managing …

With the snap-like emergence of mobile technology and social media proliferation, advertising practitioners and marketers alike are experienceing a compression of the traditional approach to managing creativity.
This short guide reappraises the effective and effecient processes to creativity in the age of Mobile.

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  • 1. How to Kill the Creative Process @mauricechike MauRs ADictive
  • 2. Sir John Hegarty: Film Lions Jury President Joe Pytka: Film Craft Lions Jury President Cannes Statistics •  Hegarty's Film Lions jury watched 3,125 commercials. * Pytka's Film Craft Lions jury watched 2,029. • 3 Grand Prix • 21 Gold Lions • 38 Silver Lions • 70 Bronze Lions • 0 .4 % of all Film submissions this year—best of the best. •  Dumb Ways" won or shared the top prize in Film •  Integrated, Direct, PR and Radio • 18 golds, three silvers and two bronzes, across those 5categories like Cyber, Promo & Activation, and Media.
  • 3. How we birth creativity.
  • 4. How we birth creativity. Creativity is divergent thinking- namely, the ability to find unusual and non-obvious solutions to a problem. Creativity in Advertising Harvard Business Review, (2013)
  • 5. A chat with Patrick Oniel, Creative Diretcor TBWA on creative process
  • 6. Client Briefing Re-Briefing Strategic Preparation Strategic Decision Do we still practice the creative process standard today? Creative Brief- Copy Strategy Search for Ideas Describing the Main Idea Publication Internal Presentation Adaptation Rehearsal Shooting Production Internal Presentation Production Briefing Market Research Adaptation of Market Research The Process of Supply Chain Management for Ideas
  • 7. How we birth creativity. Creative Process Individualism. Vs. Collaboration
  • 8. Individualist Perspective •  Sole Initiative towards decision making •  it encourages peer competition/ Boosts creativity •  Promotes self discovery •  Breeds Narcissim •  Personal goal over all •  Destructive to social creativity in the long run
  • 9. Mind Mapping : An Individualist approach to creativity
  • 10. Creative Process Collaborative Perspective •  Team work toward achieving group goals •  Fosters cross fertilization of ideas •  Enable’s group to benefit from all participants •  Narcissist opinion could kill a stronger idea •  Requires strict adherence to rules •  Could easily become another social gathering
  • 11. •  Fosters creativity among peers •  Expands ideas Brainstorming: A collaborative approach to Creativity •  Encourages the process and level of thinking •  Increases personal and agency productivity •  Empowers you to think on your own
  • 12. BIG IDEA Theory Client Ideas Award Ideas
  • 13. The Theory of Client Ideas
  • 14. “ Whatever Agency “ video. The Client Service Agency
  • 15. Why do clients reject really good Big ideas?
  • 16. Do you speak my Language? •  Market Oriented •  •  Consumer Focused •  Sales Driven •  USP empowered •  Realistic •  Market Share
  • 17. Classic client Idea turn award Idea.
  • 18. From product centric to Social enablement
  • 19. “ Coke Can “ video. Weiden+Kennedy Portland
  • 20. Creative Process
  • 21. The Theory of Award Ideas
  • 22. Why some Big ideas always win Big! Jury look for… •  The artistic •  Revolutionary •  Solid human truth •  Engagement •  Fantasy •  Social share
  • 23. A chat with David Nobay, Creative Chairman Droga 5, Austrailia
  • 24. Classic award idea turn world’s longest client fling.
  • 25. From award winning to consumer involving.
  • 26. “ Nike- Greatness “ video. Weiden+Kennedy Portland
  • 27. Creative Process
  • 28. Finally, Classic Hybrid Idea
  • 29. standard v Consumers want … Once in a while… Some agencies import genius thinking •  Entertainment •  I see myself in it appeal •  True to reality •  Not a product sale. •  Audience Cheer
  • 30. “ MTN I don Port“ video. DDB Lagos
  • 31. Client Ideas? Hybrid Ideas? Award Ideas? Do the creative process for each differ or are they same?
  • 32. Take out •  Have a vision •  Better still, have an idea •  Outline your objectives •  Plan & follow your creative process •  Always involve the PEOPLE, make it social •  Evaluate, measure, and reapply with improvements Shekinah.
  • 33. I’m sorry sir, I just KILLED IT! @mauricechike