Teaching and learning together csun 2012


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Presentation of the project Rete@ccessibile at CSUN 2012 .. Maura Striano, Corinna Freda, Stefania Fiorentino

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Teaching and learning together csun 2012

  1. 1. Teaching and Learning Together for Each and for Everyone Maura Striano, Corinna Freda, Stefania Fiorentino University of Naples Federico IICSUN International Conference 12012
  2. 2. The Project• The research project “Teaching-Learning – together and for each and everyone in order to carry out a life plan” is funded by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research within the program FIRB (Funds for basic research).• The project involves five Italian University and a Foundation.www.firbreteaccessibile.itCSUN International Conference 22012
  3. 3. Research unit 1 and National Coordinator - Università degli Studi di Roma "FORO ITALICO" (coordinatorThe Research Units Prof. Lucia de Anna) Research unit 2 –Università degli Studi di Bologna "ALMA MATER STUDIORUM" (coordinators Prof. Roberta Caldin (from January 2011; Prof. Andrea Canevaro from June 2009 till December 2010 and still co-working on the research project) Research Unit 3 - Università degli Studi ROMA Tre (coordinator Prof. Roberto Maragliano) Research Unit 4 - Università degli Studi di Trento (coordinator Professoressa Patrizia Ghislandi) Research Unit 5 - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" (coordinator Prof. Maura Striano Research Unit 6 - Polo Tecnologico, Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus ( Coordinator Eng. Dr. Renzo Andrich).CSUN International Conference 32012
  4. 4. Aims and Objectives• The projects aims at testing the possibilities to create learning and socialization integrated environments, where competences and needs converge, within an integration process and an inclusive vision.• Each scientific unit cooperates to the whole execution of the project and is supported by experts of Italian and foreign universities. The project is supported by different research networks involving foreign universities(i.e: Unica network, Ortelius, Fedora project, Handinet network, OCDE projects..).• The main objective is the creation of an inclusive learning context connecting informal, non formal and formal learning experiences and developing a meeting ‘place’ where individuals with different abilities are able to exchange knowledge and experiences.CSUN International Conference 42012
  5. 5. The Scientific Objectives• to advance technological research in order to promote an accessible learning;• to establish a connection among technology, special pedagogy and e-learning;• to monitor educational practices, adopting solutions and educational roles which correspond to the characteristics of flexibility, co-construction, openness, reticularity peculiar to web environments developed according to the evolution of the web 2.0•CSUN International Conference 52012
  6. 6. Scientific Objectives• to create the conditions for the socialization and learning in a perspective of self-expression;• to let people “live” learning environments, soliciting activities which encounter needs and expectations of the involved ones, promoting creative potentialities also through ludic doings;• to involve individuals in the creation of their learning environments on the basis of a collaboration/ exchange logic;• to identify cognitive, emotional and relational profiles so that it will be possible to find out the characteristics concerning learning styles, ways of communication and expression, cognitive needs, by focussing on the individual stories of learning.CSUN International Conference 62012
  7. 7. The Focus• The project research group is focusing on the educational potentialities of web technology, meant as an environment for intercommunication, encounter and collaboration and as a resource for sharing experiences.• In detail, the project is focused on the creation of an inclusive learning context as a meeting ‘place’ where people with different abilities are able to exchange knowledge and learning so that both people and the environments are made more competent.CSUN International Conference 72012
  8. 8. The Context The work is carried out in a web environment 2.0 in order to eliminate spatial, temporal and personal constraints and hindrance, so that:• both spaces and group and individual ways of experience can be widened and re-articulated;• imagination, emotional sphere and creative construction receive a real recognition;• the value of person in his/her wholeness is fully recognized.CSUN International Conference 82012
  9. 9. The ActivitiesThe research activities of the different units are strictly correlated and have involved.Testing in Web 2.0 enviroments with students of the universities participating (in particular Bologna, Rome Tre, IUSM, Federico II of Naples).Specific case studies with an intense attention to specialized tutoring actions in order to experiment the use of supportive devices and dedicated educational software (by involving the Erickson Centre, Asphi and the Ausiloteca).CSUN International Conference 92012
  10. 10. The Environment Multi space environment on an Open Source Platform (Moodle) containing different spaces for learning and socialization:a) Research area (sharing of research materials, meetings, news).b) Tutor training and professional development area (case studies,learning materials, forum, self-assessment, supported by Eutopia).c) Students’ area ( collaborative learning, individual learning and self-directed learning pathways.CSUN International Conference 102012
  11. 11. The Student’s areaa) common entrance area, a sort of virtual “hall” for the students of all the universities involved in the project as well as to the students of the universities collaborating with the project.b) an area specifically dedicated to university courses, each of which has a dedicated virtual classroom, the students have access to all the courses.CSUN International Conference 112012
  12. 12. The Hall• Help deskHere students are provided with general and technical support.• SquareHere students can meet each other discuss in a forum, view and comment scenes from a selection of movies, chat, discuss in forums, work in study circles.• Self reflection Here students can reflect on their own characteristics and potentialities and identify their own learning profile, make a preliminary assessment of competencies, reconstruct their personal educational pathway focusing on the most significant moments, places and spaces, chat, construct and discuss a conceptual map focused on inclusion in order to participate to the construction of a more inclusive university culture;CSUN International Conference 122012
  13. 13. The Courses• University courses in pedagogical and psychological studies (research units)Each is provided with an accessible virtual classrom involving multiple learning activities and materials.• University courses in other studies• Teacher trainingCSUN International Conference 132012
  14. 14. The Support Resources and Tools• The project has required a constant monitoring of the quality of learning processes within University context taking into account all their aspects and dimensions, with a particular focus on the “learning to learn” abilities.• Specialized tutors to support students have been trained-in-situation in order to acquire and develop in presence and on line tutoring competences.CSUN International Conference 142012
  15. 15. The Outcomes• More personal involvement in learning activities and tasks• Development of a self reflective attitude• Enhancement of interaction and participation• Essential role of the tutors but also of peer tutoring.• Contribute of the students providing experiences and suggestions to implement the learning enviroment (skype study meetings, facebook ).The outcomes of the project will be used to evaluate and broaden the opportunities offered by Italian university system (in terms of learning, inclusion, participation).CSUN International Conference 152012
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention For further information visit the websites www.firbreteaccessibile.it www.sinapsi.unina.itCSUN International Conference 162012