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  • 1. HOW TO…Maura B
  • 2. HOW TO… Manage Money While Traveling Do Tricks on a Unicycle Whistle on Grass Bake Cookies Play a Baritone Saxophone
  • 3. HOW TO…MANAGE MONEY WHILE TRAVELING Make a realistic budget Prepay for expenses Exchange for foreign currency if traveling internationally Bring a debit card Have cash at all times Leave an extra credit card in lockbox at hotel Come prepared
  • 4. HOW TO…DO TRICKS ON A UNICYCLE Adjust the seat Practice sitting on the unicycle Work on your balance Use a wall to move backward and forward Practice Jump off a curb Jump up a curb Invent tricks
  • 5. HOW TO…WHISTLE ON GRASS Find a piece of grass Pick the grass as close to the ground as possible Smooth out the grass Place it between your thumbs Adjust so thickest portion is between thumbs Press thumbs together Place small space against lips Blow through hole
  • 6. HOW TO…BAKE COOKIES Prepare Know the ingredients Mix the batter Follow baking instructions Measure ingredients accurately Clean up as you go
  • 7. HOW TO…PLAY A BARITONE SAXOPHONE Buy a large neck harness Hook the harness to the saxophone Listen to famous saxophone players Slur, mute, tongue Bark the reed Play loudly
  • 8. HOW TO… Your turn to choose! Visit www.ehow.com for more step by step instructions