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Effectiveness and value of display and online video campaigns: CPC or Engagement
Effectiveness and value of display and online video campaigns: CPC or Engagement
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Effectiveness and value of display and online video campaigns: CPC or Engagement


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. KnowledgeBYTESEffectiveness and value of display and online video campaigns: CPC or Engagement? We believe that focusing only in the last-click rule not Is focusing on click rates the best only underestimates the true value of a campaign, but it also completely ignores the latent impact of display way to evaluate the effectiveness and video campaigns on consumer behavior, becauseof a display or video ad campaign? when you add video to a display media plan you can surely increase in both site visiting and search usage.Proving the effectiveness of every dollar invested in an We recently conducted an important study withonline campaign is essential nowadays, with an ComScore and Fox Networks, which revealed that bothincreasing need to measure immediate returns through video and display drive and sustain user engagementcost-per-click (CPC) programs, where payment is in digital campaigns.based on the number of ads clicked, rather thanlooking to invest in cost-per-milliard (CPM) campaigns. For instance, video generates a more immediate impact in the first five exposures than display ads, in terms of increases in site visitation and search queries. Video can increase site visiting and search With our partners, we looked at the true impact of various combinations of video and display formats on consumer behavior. Our goal was to understand whether online video advertising works in a similar manner to other advertising, where as multiple exposures over time brings about change in consumer behavior.Nobody hesitates about the importance of CPC.Actually, we can’t imagine an online campaign without Utilizing ComScores panel, we monitored completeconsidering this metric of performance. Internet browsing behavior and viewed this activity in a real market setting rather than using an artificialBut is focusing on click rates the best way of evaluating research design.the effectiveness of a display or video ad campaign?Does it really show the impact on consumer behavior? The content on this newsletter is a re-edition of an original text of Emma Ellis, Digital Research Manager of Media Contacts, UK, a company of Havas Digital.
  • 2. Video and display advertising both successfully increased brand engagement in each of the four campaigns analyzed. Key Findings: CPC or Engagement?Focusing on two high volume client campaigns, weexamined whether video and display advertising is We concluded that while display and videoas effective at driving significant uplifts in site advertising individually have an impact, thevisitation, search queries, and conversions even in combination of the two is far greater than eitherthe face of minimal clicks individually.• Adding video to a display plan results in an In tough economic times like these it is important to increase in both site visitation and search usage. drive targeted traffic to the different product and services’ websites and take extra care of the money• Video is able to generate a more immediate invested to avoid waste or over-investment. impact in the first five exposures than display ads in terms of increases in site visitation and CPC and engagement are not divorced entities. The search queries. . best way to drive targeted traffic to your site, build brand awareness and in turn get the best ROI on• After studying consumers exposed to video & your investment, is to get the best value of each display over display alone during a four-week channel from integration. campaign, we could observe a lift of 28% in advertiser site reach when adding video into the This research methodology can really help mix. advertisers to prove the effectiveness of online advertising and online video. If you want to have more information about how to achieve your communication objectives with high efficiency in your media plans, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss with you how to create targeted and effective digital communication solutions for your brand or company. Mauricio Montenegro Havas Media New Business Director +1 (305) 702-1576 Something similar happened with the Search: We Fernando Monedero Havas Digital Managing Director observed a lift of 21% in usage of advertiser branded and generic search terms by adding +1 (305) 702-1561 video into the plan.