Cyber Node Report


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Cyber Node Report

  1. 1. Cyber-Node Report This Years Projects & Plans Cyber Futures Report Arcturus Background
  2. 2. Projects 2007 • Future of Logistics Lockheed/ORNL • Disaster Knowledge Management System • 30 Local Resilience Network Prototypes • Ford Fndn New Thinking in Foreign Policy • World Business Academy 100 Year Vision • Darfur Initiative • Print on Demand SOF • Complexity Proposal • ILM RFP Virtual World Feasibility Study
  3. 3. New Web Sites • • United Futures • Darfur • MPiPhone • Entangled Futures • Google Node Map • SOFI Dashboard
  4. 4. Millennium Project On Apple’s iPhone • Audio Discussion Groups & Event Calendar Millennium Project Travel & Conferencing Futures Matrix Futures Learning Tool Real-Time Delphi & Decision Support Tools
  5. 5. The MetaVerse Emerges From Weak Signals to Tectonic Shifts
  6. 6. Dimensions of the Metaverse
  7. 7. Sentient World Simlation An Example of Mirror Worlds Exists now called: The Sentient World Simulation Based on Purdue’s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations Platform Up to 1 to 1 granularity in population in 65 countries
  8. 8. Augmented Reality & Lifelogging Nike & iPod Jog Blog Heads Up Display Overlays Data on Environment Nokia’s LifeBlog
  9. 9. Virtual Worlds - Artificial Economies Shift from Email to Texting and Open Communications in Social Networking Spaces
  10. 10. Exponential Population Growth
  11. 11. Out-Sourcing Reality
  12. 12. SOFI for Virtual Worlds Tracking Emergent Virtual Economies & Cultures Explosion of Virtual State Sponsored Worlds Population Cyber Warfare Revenues matching Non State Based mid range GNPs Cyber Terrorism Migration by major Organized Cyber Corp’s and NGOs Crime Diplomatic Non Organized Recognition Cyber Crime and Governance Issues Country sponsored Virtual Worlds Open Source Intelligence
  13. 13. Where is the Cyber-Node The Arcturus R&D Campus, Hawi, HI
  14. 14. Who areFusion 42Ford Foundation Cybernode Prime the members Hull Ketch ft Steel of the No, Really it’s our Cyber Office In SF Arcturus And where are forArcturus Research they located Beamer Collaboratory New Thinking Peter Andrea Dean Artesia Liz Managing Hawaii In Foreign Policy Community Hawi, Dir Univ Hawaii Performance Interns Leadership Entrepreneurial Studies Forrest Arnold Arts Richard Trainer Community Dev Ret Aerospace Festival Lehua Willson Entrepreneur Community Skipper Boston Cambridge CyberNode Leadership Coach Dev Intern Prime Fusion Consultant CyberNode Bay Area Office Liz Walker Advanced Andria Winther Artesia Producer Doug Spanjard Interns Making Capagrossi WirelessAssoc Dir IISC Fred Suga Kunitomo Apprentice Frmr Prof of John Denver’s Producer Largest Distance Learning KavaKava Technology Producer Cornell University Johnathan Park in Asia AndyJim Channon Winther Windstar Conferences Street Festival Marianne Hughes Graphic in the Design Lab Master Arts Tai Chi At Work IISC Founding Partner Dir Harvard Univ Press Dr. Tibetan Medicine Arcturus Design
  15. 15. Most Recent CyberNode Members Unix Configuration Security Analysis Open Source Software Programming John Toby Knudsen, Cambridge Electrical Engineer Associate Dean Lesley College Graduate School Arts & Social Sciences Performance Art & Pedagogy Gene Diaz, Cambridge Intern- Nate Berkopec, Minneapolis