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 INCONTRI AL CINEMA - HUS VM: la nuova piattaforma unificata di Hitachi Data Systems
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INCONTRI AL CINEMA - HUS VM: la nuova piattaforma unificata di Hitachi Data Systems


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Il 15 novembre 2012, presso la Odeon Suite del Cinema Odeon di Milano, si è tenuto il primo appuntamento con gli "Incontri al Cinema" promossi da Mauden, un nuovo format di evento "leggero", …

Il 15 novembre 2012, presso la Odeon Suite del Cinema Odeon di Milano, si è tenuto il primo appuntamento con gli "Incontri al Cinema" promossi da Mauden, un nuovo format di evento "leggero", particolarmente orientato alla cura delle relazioni piuttosto che a presentazioni tecniche fini a se stesse: dopo l’aperitivo di benvenuto, una sintetica ma chiara introduzione a una novità del mercato IT precede la proiezione di un film in prima visione da godere in totale relax.
Il riuscito esperimento, ripetuto con le stesse modalità e il medesimo programma il martedì successivo, 20 novembre, anche a Roma, presso il Cinema Moderno di Piazza della Repubblica, è stato realizzato in collaborazione con HDS, sponsor di questa prima iniziativa “su grande schermo”.
Tema ufficiale di queste prime due serate, infatti, è stato il il nuovissimo Hitachi Unified Storage.
Questa è la presentazione visionata dai nostri ospiti prima della proiezione del film "7 Psicopatici", con Colin Farrel, Christopher Walken e Sam Rockwell.

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  • I’m not sure about all this talk about cloud this, cloud that.I think we all agree that Storage is losing relevance in our customers mind. They are looking for Hitachi to do more. They want to work with Hitachi more. I hear "I love your team"; "your team has been amazing" I just wish you could offer more.
  • We have all experienced significant tradeoff between purchasing the best of the best and purchasing a product sold based on a cost-sensitive factor. The storage industry has been no different. The highest level of storage technology to achieve the best performance, productivity and efficiency requires significant upfront investment that is justified through a long payback. Large companies fund these initiatives to remain competitive, and small to medium companies lean toward more price efficient investments to keep initial costs down, but sacrifice on feature set. This has historically been an accepted paradigm.
  • Hitachi Unified Storage VM combines the best of our technologies to create a new entry enterprise storage system.Hitachi Command Suite unified management for all storage and data typesHitachi Virtual Storage Platform storage virtualization and high availability architectureHitachi NAS high performance network file services Hitachi Unified Storage 100 modular form factor and storage tray designWithin our integrated, scalable storage portfolio, this new platform fills the gap between enterprise and midrangeIt is a new, entry level enterprise storage platformIt is a unified extension to our new family of HUS products and bridges the gap to our VSP enterprise systemIt is complemented by the rest of the portfolio of NAS, HCP, HDIAnd unified management across the line creating a comprehensive architecture for all data---------------------------------------------------------------------------We are combining the microcode and controller architecture of our VSP with the modular form factor and disk storage of our HUS 100 familyFrom the VSP, the microcode offers the same enterprise functionality it supplies for open systems (no mainframe)The controller, although smaller in package, is designed with the shared resource design of the VSP with clustered processor/cached modules which share a global cacheAs such, it is a new dual node, Hierarchical Star Network controller.It is not a stripped-down VSP, nor an HUS 150 with new firmware.Like the HUS 100 family the controller is a modular form factor designed to fit in any standard 19” cabinet using Hitachi provided mounting railsThe disk drives and corresponding trays are also shared although their firmware is unique, thus they are not interchangeable between HUS 100 family and this new design
  • This versatile, scalable storage system will manage your choice of dataNew virtualization platform provides central storage servicesWith it you can extend key storage services to your existing storage assetsAdd a high performance clustered file option for completely unified storageIt is available with a choice of internal drives; high performance, high capacity and solid state drivesWithout any drives at all, you can use it to virtualize and manage your existing storageThe platform is a single product model offered in 4 main configurations1. the new storage virtualization controller alone for managing existing external storage2. the new controller with your choice of 2.5” or 3.5” hard drives and solid state drives3. the new controller with a file option in addition to internal storage as a uniifed architecture4. the new controller with a future high density all flash configuration, to be released in the future
  • As we just noted, over 60% of our customers purchase for consolidationOur unified architecture allows you to consolidate the data for multiple applications and protocolsOur storage virtualization allows you to consolidate storage from multiple vendorsOur management platform allows you to centrally manage a pool of storage for your applications
  • Wister is designed for 99.999% availabilityThe file module is available in a clustered configuration for higher availabilityThe block module features shared processor and cache resourcesNew design integrating VSP functions into smaller package utilizing the HiStar Network architectureNot a scaled down VSP, an all new product specifically designed for this market segmentCache backup protection is onboard via flash device which is battery powered Hitachi HiTrack remote monitoring is available to oversee system functionsUpdates of components and microcode can be accomplished under operation
  • This is the next generation of unified storageProviding one platform for all your data typesNow you don’t have to compromise, you can get the functionality you need for the best valueThe highest performance for your virtual server applicationsLower your monthly operating costs compared with alternative storage systemsHigh scalability inside and outside the storage systemIncrease your capacity efficiency using storage virtualizationEase the migration of data with less effortNow that we’ve reviewed our new product, can we discuss your impressions and define some next steps?TechValidate 3/11 virtualization solution research: over 50% said their investment was paid back in less than one yearTechValidate VSP research: over 50% said their utilization increased at least 26-40+%The monthly operating cost of an EMC VMAXe is $21,000. Wister is $13,000.IBM XIV only scales to 180 drives. Wister scales to 1,152.NetApp WAFL file system consumes twice the capacity of HNAS.The HP 3PAR P10000 does not offer external multi-vendor storage virtualization, and is not a unified block and file architecture
  • Transcript

    • 1. INCONTRI AL CINEMAHUS VM: la nuova piattaforma unificata di Hitachi Data Systems 15 NOVEMBRE 2012 Odeon Suite, c/o Cinema Odeon Via Santa Radegonda 8, Milano
    • 2. HITACHI UNIFIED STORAGE VM ANNUNZIATO ZAPPAVIGNA2 © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved.
    • 3. WHAT DO WE SEE TODAY? DATA “Managing GROWTH unstructured data “Help us maximize COST growth is strategic our assets.” to our plans.” “It’s a world of siloes: “We need a 6-12 “Reduce my costs data, applications month ROI.” (OPEX and CAPEX).” and infrastructure.” “There are too many “Our data is trapped – unanswered questionsCOMPLEXITY it’s not governed and around the public can’t be reused.” cloud and big data.”
    • 4. And there’s Been a Gap in information InfrastructureFORCING A LEAP FROM MIDRANGE TO ENTERPRISE STORAGE What do you do when you’re ready for enterprise… ‒ Functionality but not enterprise level investments? – Features but not the enterprise staffing to manage them? – Competition but not the enterprise tolerance for long paybacks?
    • 5. INTEGRATED SCALABLE PORTFOLIO Hitachi Unified Hitachi Unified Storage VM Hitachi Virtual Storage Storage 100 Platform Midrange Entry Level Enterprise Enterprise• Simple • Cost Effective • Virtualized • Highly Available • Multi-Protocols • Multi-Protocols • Scalable • Applications Optimized • Highly Functional • Highly Functional • Cost Effective • Totally Virtualized • Application Optimized • Multi-Platform
    • 6. Virtualize, unify and manage any dataVERSATILE SCALABLE STORAGE SYSTEM• New virtualization platform provides #4 Flash central storage services Storage• Extend capabilities to #3 your existing storage• Manage all data types• Choose the storage to Internal Virtual File Storage Controller Option match your data needs and capacity requirements #2 External #1 Storage
    • 8. High availabilityACHIEVE HIGH AVAILABILITY FOR YOUR INFORMATION ASSETS• 100% data availability Hitachi HiTrack®• Clustered file Monitor Service controllers• Shared resource block Online service and microcode updates controllers• Built-in protection for Mirrored cached data write cache• Update components and microcode while Active–active clustered file services operating Shared resource block controllers
    • 9. Virtualize any dataTHE NEXT GENERATION OF UNIFIED STORAGE $ 40% 50% Reduced More OPEX per Utilization Month 80% 40% Less Refresh Reclaimed Effort Capacity 50% 100% Data Less Admin Time Availability Warranty © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved.