Lessons for New Creative Leaders
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Lessons for New Creative Leaders



Some tips I've learned along the way. Highlights from a presentation and article.

Some tips I've learned along the way. Highlights from a presentation and article.



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Lessons for New Creative Leaders Lessons for New Creative Leaders Presentation Transcript

  • It starts before you get start.
  • What do you want me to change? What do you want me to protect? What do you want me to focus on now? *Inspired by Jack Welch
  • People crave leadership. Vision comes later.
  • Criticism without showing a standard forward is simply lazy leadership.
  • Don’t send company-wide ones.
  • Maybe they wanted your job. Maybe they were inspired by change. Who cares. It’s natural. Recruit new.
  • Read analyst reports, set up news alerts. Know as much as you can about every industry in which you’re working.
  • Avoid travel away from the office where possible in the first weeks, or provide video and phone contact during.
  • It doesn’t have to be big, but it showsyou are capable of some kind of success.
  • Avoid weekend contact. This sets boundaries for later.
  • How are things going? you’ll be asked in the elevator. Have something insightful to say back.
  • Read briefs in advance. Learn about the product on your own. Don’t expect things to be handed to you.
  • Spend time with younger staff. Take them to events. (You’ll work for them one day anyway.)
  • Look for warts. Praise good stuff.Encourage humbleness. Discourage excuses.
  • Don’t take the first opinion you hear as fact. There’s usually much more to the story.
  • A little venting, sure.But you’re not the chief complaint officer. (Unless you are.)
  • People can tell who you talk to — and who you don’t.
  • Give it constantly, specifically, privately.
  • Don’t overly expense things or show off your position. It’s amateur and gross.
  • Ask clients how the presentation really went.Ask people what is in their way of greatness.
  • Selling ideas is a craft. Show people how to do it.
  • Write very detailed descriptions of events you go to so people feel like you were there for all of them.
  • Speak well of management even if you don’t agree with everything. You’re part of the problem so fix it.
  • You’re new, and it shows humbleness. It also gets stuff done faster.
  • You’ll get signed up for stuff. Limit it as much as possible. Committees suck time and life out of anything new.
  • Make a big deal out of great work. But don’t celebrate everything.
  • Every minute you’re in a meeting, you’re not creating something new. Keep them to 45 minutes or less.
  • Plans and promises are boring.Be judged by actions and do the same with your people.
  • http://theadbuzz.com/2011/02/voices-what-i-wish-someone-had-told-me/
  • It should change based on what you learn & figure out.
  • For questions + commentary on creative management: Mat Zucker www.matzucker.com Twitter: @matzucker