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Prodipe   2013  catalogue - english

Prodipe 2013 catalogue - english



Prodipe - The bright choice

Prodipe - The bright choice

Great studio monitors, head- and microphones for



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    Prodipe   2013  catalogue - english Prodipe 2013 catalogue - english Document Transcript

    • Monitoring • Speakers • Microphones • Accessories • Headphones • Interfaces • Softwares THE BRIGHT CHOICE 2013
    • Prodipe – a new brand of thinking , , Being able to play a part in the creation of professional products that are practically identical in quality to the big name brands, but at affordable prices, has been a real challenge for us.With a level of transparency that defies established norms. With prodipe the gamble has paid off. When a manufacturer is able to offerEach of us is born with ears and a sense of hearing. such high quality at prices that have never been equaled for this level ofSome of us are more able to develop this sense of hearing than others, but that doesn’t mean that we should professionalism, then we’re right behind them.only be offered two types of sound quality – one for professionals and one for everyone else. Claude Salmieri We’ve been in this business for more than thirty years now and we respect itOur solution has been to manufacture professional products at a price that makes them available to everyone, Drummer / Pianist / Composer so much that we would never put our names to products that can’t provide thenot just the thousands of professionals who use them! • Live and studio accompanist for Ray Charles, quality we want. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Just compare theAnd you don’t have to take our word for it. Test out our commitment by testing our products. France Gall, Michel Berger, Renaud, Don Cherry, products for yourselves and you’ll understand what attracted us to Prodipe in Marvin Gaye, Véronique Sanson, Vladimir the first place. Cosma, Lalo Schiffrin, Yves Simon, Robert Charlebois, Francis Cabrel, Larry Carlton and Prodipe make products that are up there with the top names we use in ourFIRSTLY, WHO ARE WE? Robben Ford. everyday work.We’re a French company and our aim is to positively engage with globalisation. We are proud to have chosensecond-to-none manufacturers who currently supply quality electronic components at exceptional value. We alsohave no hesitation in saying that these manufacturers are Asian.And to top it all, our partners in Asia also manufacture many of the bestselling brand name products on the • Member of Magma alongside Christian Vander, one of the three founder members (Yannick Top and Eric Seva are the other two) of STS • Has been involved in some of the biggest WHEN YOU’VE TESTED THEIR PRODUCTS AGAINST THE BEST, THIS JUST LEAVES YOU WITH ONE CHOICE TO MAKE…THE BRIGHT CHOICE! ,, musicals: Starmania, Tycoon, Notre Dame demarket. Paris, etc. aryBy combining the savoir-faire of French engineers with the most efficient Asian factories in the business, we • Today he plays with his jazz quintet, thehave managed to create. mm Projection Jazz Series. SuA RANGE OF QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT ARE ON A PAR WITH THE FINESTIN THE MARKET BUT AT UNBEATABLE PRICES.Our research and development is carried out in France with regular input from Ludovic Lanen, who checksout how our prototypes perform in situ. When given the seal of approval, our products then go on to becomeprofessional tools that can rise to any occasion. All Prodipe products are used on the biggest stages or in the Monitoring P. 04>11biggest studios. Ludovic Lanen TDC 8 / TDC 6 / TDC 5 Pro8 v2 / Pro5 v2 P. 04-05 P. 06-07 Sound EngineerAnd to reach such a high standard of quality for such a low price we have had to adopt some very particular Pro10S / Pro8 3W P. 08-09methods: Ludovic Lanen has been a studio/live sound Pro6 / MS4C P. 10-11 engineer for many years. He has worked with The moulds used for our products are fully depreciated moulds where possible – this keeps production Francis Cabrel, the Orchestre National de Speakers costs down. Jazz, François Béranger, Patricia Kaas, Serge CAB100 / CAB200 P. 12-13 Our development has been based entirely on the quality of the main components, whether it be the Lama, Claude Salmiéri, Bertand Lajudie, Paga Group, Michel Delpech, Francis Lalanne, Jean electronic components, the parts used on all our products or the cartridges for our mics. This trick of the trade is one of the reasons behind our unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices. Félix Lalanne, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gilbert Montagné, Rose Laurens, Chimène Badi, Yves Microphones P. 14>27 TT1 / TT1 Pro / TT1 Instruments / MC1 P. 14-15 Duteil, Zachary Richard and Nolwenn Leroy. Cutting out the middleman means that we can purchase our components directly from the manufacturer; V85 Lanen / M85 Lanen P. 16-17 that’s why we can offer an equivalent quality at lower prices. We also have our own distribution channels, STC-3D / ST1 / ST1 Condenser / ST USB P.18-19 reducing time to market costs by at least 30%. Duo A1 / RSL / Ribbon 1 P. 20-21 So we focus our efforts on eliminating unnecessary spending without impacting on the core elements of TT1 UHF / TT1 UHF Duo P. 22-23 the Prodipe product. TT1 UHF Pack / TT1 Headset Lanen / Micro Lavalier P. 24-25 ST8 / ST4 P. 26-27Since the advent of global marketing and the increased flow of savoir-faire, a highly priced product is no Accessories P. 28-29longer a guarantee of high quality.We’re not trying to criticise the big names in the market, but invariably, a top of the range product is outside most Headphones P. 30>33 Pro 880 / Pro 780 / Pro 980 P. 30-31people’s budgets. Money brings choice, but if you have limited means, our products represent unparalleled Pro 580 / IEM3 / Pro3000BR / Pro3000W P. 32-33value.And please don’t be tempted to compare our products with lower priced brand Audio / Midi Interfaces P. 34>35name lines or cheap alternatives. When you compare a Prodipe product, compare it Studio 88 Pro / Studio 22 Prowith the best the market has to offer and we know you’ll want to switch to Prodipe. Studio 22 USB / USB Midi Interfaces P. 34-35WITH PRODIPE, YOU’RE PAYING FOR THE QUALITY,NOT THE BRAND Softwares P. 36>37 Piano Score Unlimited Vol1 / Vol2 Jean-Luc Masson TimeStretch / My Voice / No Voice P. 36-37 CEO of IPE Music/Prodipe
    • MONITORING NEW TDC 5 5’’ bi-amplified (pair) Coaxial Studio Monitors 75 watt dynamic Prodipe introduces an innovative range of monitors based on coaxial technology – TDC 5, NEW TDC 6 and TDC 8. Robust, compact, versatile and also reversible those monitors provide reversible, unparalleled accuracy and neutrality at PRODIPE prices. TDC 6 6’’ bi-amplified (pair) TDC 8 (pa i r ) NEW 90 watt dynamic TDC5 TDC6 2 Way Bi-amplified Coaxial Near-field Studio Speakers Low Driver 5.25“ Aluminium Cone 6.5“ Aluminium Cone High Driver 1’’ Magnetically Shielded Natural Silk Dome Power Rating 40 Watt Woofer, 20 Watt Tweeter 60 Watt Woofer, 20 Watt Tweeter Frequency Response 60Hz-20KHz (+/-3dB) 50Hz-20KHz (+/-3dB) S/N Ratio >92dB Typical A-weighted Active Crossover Network HF Adjust -2dB, -1dB, 0dB, +1dB Input Impedance 20K Ohms Balanced // 10K Ohms Unbalanced Input Connectors One XLR Balanced Input // One TRS Balanced/Unbalance Input // One RCA Unbalanced Input Power Requirements 110-120V~/60Hz & 220-240V~/50Hz Select 8’’ bi-amplified - 140 watt dynamic Dimension 274.8mm(H) x 181mm(W) x 210mm(D) // 6Kg / PCS 306.5mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 251mm(D) // 8Kg / PCS UPC : 3 760 010 252 895 UPC : 3 760 010 252 901 TDC5 2 Way Bi-amplified Coaxial Near-field Studio Monitors Low Driver 8’’ Aluminium Cone High Driver 1’’ Magnetically Shielded Natural Silk Dome Power Rating Frequency Response 80 Watt Woofer, 30 Watt Tweeter 40Hz-20KHz (+/-3dB) The TDC range is elegant and compact S/N Ratio More compact speakers can be manufactured using coaxial technology >98dB Typical A-weighted because the tweeter is positioned at the centre of the woofer. Coaxial TDC6 Active Crossover Network Active Crossover Network HF Adjust -2dB, -1dB, 0dB, +1dB speakers offer an identical sound quality to the standard tweeter/woofer Input Impedance 20K Ohms Balanced // 10K Ohms Unbalanced combination. The TDC range is versatile Input Connectors One XLR Balanced Input // One TRS Balanced/Unbalance Input One RCA Unbalanced Input Power Requirements 110-120V~/60Hz & 220-240V~/50Hz Select When placed flat, on a stand or raised, the TDC behaves like a Dimension 350mm(H) x 250mm(W) x 280mm(D) // 10Kg / PCS conventional pro speaker. But it is also versatile. Having a 20° angled UPC : 3 760 010 252 918 cabinet means that you can put the TDC directly on a work surface, e.g. in front of where you sit next to your PC. The 20° angle directs the , , ,, sound towards your ears for close proximity listening. Coaxial If you want to hear the music listening to Prodipe. Clarence ,, without the hype you should be the Prodipe is innovative within that market line. Product super suitable for any professional music. , , For those looking for loyalty, comfort, safety and low cost monitors without losing quality for the famous, Coaxial technology has allowed the low and high-pitched sounds to come from the same point on the speaker, giving an exceptionally accurate stereo image and a uniformity in the timbre over a wider angled plane (horizontally and vertically). This type of speaker is more accurate McDonald Producer - Writer - Arranger – Keyboardist • USA than a standard speaker and we’re convinced that our new TDC coaxial Luizinho Mazzei range will quickly become a much sought after product by home studio Recording Engineer and Producer • Brazil pros, admirers of sound and users who expect nothing but the best.4 5
    • The legendary range of monitors gets a facelift with Aluminum woofers PRO5 V2 (pai r) PRO8 V2 ( pa i r ) After 10 years of loyal service, the Pro 5, Pro 8 and Pro 10S monitor speakers have been given 75 Watt a facelift. They are now available in version V2, each boasting an all aluminium woofer and new Bi-amplified Pro Audio Studio Monitors electronics for even more presence and neutrality. PRO5 V2 ( pa i r ) NEW NEW PRO8 V2 PRO5 V2 5’’ Active Studio Monitors 75 watt 5’’ Active Studio Monitors 75 watt Bi-amp Dynamic power Drivers 1’’ silk dome (tweeter) and 5’’ aluminium composite (woofer) PRO8 V2 Magnetically shielded drivers Input XLR, 1/4“ TRS, RCA Controls: Level control, HF adjust ( pair) Amplification 75 Watt 75 Watt 140 Watt Bi-amplified Pro Audio Studio Monitors Frequency Response 45Hz-22kHz +/- 2.0dB 50Hz-22kHz +/- 2.0dB Dimensions 381 x 265 x 304 mm 291 x 196 x 228 mm Weight 13 kg 7 kg UPC : 3 760 010 252 871 UPC : 3 760 010 252 864 In a bid to ensure reliability and strength, Prodipe have gone for the ,, type of high quality components that you’d normally expect to find in top of the range equipment: , , I have been lucky enough to be able to try out the Prodipe Pro 8, Prodipe’s Pro 8 Monitors have monitors and I have to say that a fantastic sound with excellent the sound is exactly the type of • The monitors have aluminium woofers, giving them more presence stereo imaging and tight punchy sound I want for my studio work. and allowing them to offer a very neutral, linear response from low to ... bass, ideal for many styles of What an amazing definition for high and an enhanced dynamic stability. music. Another particular favourite the price, better than any other of mine is the Lamp Studio product I know. I just can’t • All the magnetic parts of the silk dome tweeters have been immersed • There are ample connectors for an all-round use: XLR or TRS Pro Valve Microphone which is in ferrofluid for an improved sound quality in the higher frequencies 6.35 Jack for a symmetrical connection and a Cinch socket for an unbelievably smooth and flattering ,, believe how good the quality is. Now I couldn’t do without them! asymmetrical connection. to both vocals and acoustic • The transducer magnets have been shielded by anodized steel covers guitar, it is also very versatile and the passage from one transducer to another is via an active filter. • The design of the crossover circuit lets the high and low frequencies with its choices of cardioid, run at their extreme settings without distorting the sound. omni and figure of eight patterns Fifi Chayed • The speaker casing is made of high density wood, giving a consistent sound quality. • A compact, elegant design with a nicely finished exterior. making it attractive for all kinds of instruments, a true all rounder. Bass player - Composer • France , , Quite simply you can’t afford not • Unlike many other manufacturers, we have positioned the bass reflex to put these products on your wish vent at the front of the speaker. This ensures a better decompression list. on the bass response and it also means that you can place the speaker PRESS PROS: Smooth, non-fatiguing sound / Affordable / Optional subwoofer increases wherever you choose. the LF extension and improves the performance of the Pro5s. Damon Sawyer Engineer – Producer • United Kingdom CONS: Somewhat ‘soft’ sound, lacking in tightness at the low end. ... SUMMARY: Prodipe are generally very good at balancing cost against quality, and though I may seem a bit lukewarm about these speakers, don’t let that put you off trying them if space and cash are tight. Sound On Sound Review – March 2011 - www.soundonsound.com6 7
    • Intense Bass 3-Way Active Monitors Associated with PRO 5 or PRO 8 satellites, the base transmitter Pro 10S allows you to create for a subtle definition in the mid ranges. a perfectly adapted listening environment with high sound distribution and powerful bass reproduction. Pro1 ed 0S V2 225 watt amplifi NEW NEW ,, When I play in clubs internationally renowned in private evenings or during the Festival de Cannes, Already adopted by professionals, the Prodipe monitors have high sound quality with a greater linear frequency response, especially in low medium, which is clearer, and at the high end where the tweeter Pro 8-3W watt woofer 90 watt - Mid 40 (pai r) I am very picky about quality of material used. In my studio, I use isn’t inclined to take over. Tweeter 20 watt the system Monitoring Prodipe requirements. ,, Pro5 + Subwoofer Prodipe Pro10S because it fully meets my “ 3-Way monitors were so out of reach that having one for your home studio was unimaginable. It’s easy to understand why most home studio buffs opted for two-way. , , Prodipe Audio Equipment has 2-Way monitors often suffer from vulnerability and a lack of definition in made our work process graceful Michaël Canitrot Pro 10S V2 the mid ranges, whilst with 3-way each monitor can be optimized for a and easy. The quality of each DJ and producer • France Driver 10’’ high excursion aluminum composite wider frequency band, giving a consistent sound from the basses through individual product is world Peak power 225 Watt to trebles. class and the aesthetics are Magnetically shielded drivers Prodipe have created A NEW 3-WAY MONITOR THAT MEETS ALL OUR unparalleled. This is by far the PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Now most significant upgrade we Input XLR, 1/4’’ TRS, RCA could have ever made for our with the choice between a pairs of 2-way monitors and a pair of Prodipe Controls/Features Level, variable low-pass frequency, phase, 80Hz high pass studio. Prodipe embodies the 3-way monitors, it shouldn’t take anyone very long to come to “The Bright ,, Amplification 150 watts (RMS) vision of recording equipment to Frequency Response 30Hz-150Hz +/- 1.5dB Choice”. “ Claude Salmiéri and Ludovic Lanen come over the next millenium. Dimensions 38.2 x 35.5 x 39.8 cm // 17,7 kg UPC : 3 760 010 252 918 3 Ways Active Studio Monitors Low Driver 8’’ Magnetically Shielded Black Paper With Fibre Cone Jose Cancela Composer - Producer – Songwriter • USA Mid Driver 4’’ Magnetically Shielded Black P.P With Fibre Cone High Driver 1’’ Magnetically Shielded Natural Silk Dome Dome Power Rating 90 Watt Woofer, 40W Mid, 20 Watt Tweeter Frequency Response 45Hz-22KHz (+/-3dB) S/N Ratio >95dB Typical A-weighted Active Crossover Network Input Impedance 20K Ohms Balanced / 10K Ohms Unbalanced Input Connectors One XLR & TRS BalancedUnbalanced Input / One RCA Unbalanced Input HF Trim / HF Trim -2dB, -1dB, 0dB, +1dB, +2dB UPC Right: 3 760 010 252 796 UPC Left: 3 760 010 252 9708 9
    • Pro 6 (pair ) Multimedia Speakers 4’’ 90 Watt A perfect balance of low-pitched to high-pitched MS4CPowered Speaker System 2.0 Coaxial (pai r) for accurate response Bi-amplified NEW 2.0 Coaxial Powered Speaker System Designed for Professionals and Home-Studios , , The Pro 6 monitors perfectly Ex cellen t neu tral i ty Low Driver 4’’ Magnetically Shielded kevlar Cone combine listening quality for the High Driver 1’’ Magnetically Shielded Natural Silk Dome home studio, a sensible size for The new PRODIPE PRO 6 are not only elegant studio monitors, but by opting for a high end 6’’ aluminium Power Output 20 Watt RMS @1% THD+N Per Channel different work environments and woofer with dual added tweeters we have obtained outstanding results: the perfect balance of low-pitched Frequency Response 60Hz-20KHz the elegant good looks that you need when you spend much of to high-pitched for accurate response, excellent neutrality and maximum dynamism. S/N Ratio >90dB typical A-weighted your time working in the same If you place the Pro 6 monitors horizontally at ear level you can also enjoy a sound restitution for all your Passive Crossover Network room. music that is more optimum and covers a wider area. Input Impedance 10K Ohms Unbalanced And as always, our pro standard equipment is available to you at amazing price. Input Connectors RCA & AUX Unbalanced Input The first plus point is the Indicator Power on/off indicator on rear panel faithfulness of the listening - the Power Requirements 220-240V~/50Hz sound is very pleasant and has a Dimension 150mm(H) x 144mm(W) x 160mm(D) // 8 Kg/pair slightly flattering edge to it, even at low volume. 6’’ aluminium woofer and dual tweeters UPC : 3 760 010 252 802 The second plus point is the little 90 watt dynamic and bi-amplified power ,, blue light which adds the Zen Driver 2 x 1’’ silk dome (tweeter) and 6.5’’ Aluminium (woofer) Input XLR, 1/4’’ TRS, RCA Reversible factor when you’re in a creative ,, To listen to my music, I use mood. Controls Level control, HF adjust Prodipe monitorings which are of The final plus point is the excellent quality. Amplification 90 Watt The MS4C is half way between a studio monitor and a nearfield incredible price - and that’s when multimedia monitor. ,, Frequency Response 150 Watt (RMS) // 40Hz-30kHz +/- 2.0dB you’re extremely glad to be able Dimensions 38.2 x 35.5 x 39.8 cm // 9 kg Robust, compact, versatile and also reversible, they are perfect for low to enjoy the benefits of the 21st Vladimir Cosma UPC : 3 760 010 252 XXX budget professional monitoring. century. Composer - Director – Violonist • France A 4” bi-amplified coaxial monitor connected to a passive monitor, giving you quality and accuracy for backup work or when you are on the move, at very affordable price. Jean-Félix Lalanne Guitarist - Composer • France For multimedia purposes (MP3, PC, DVD, digital keyboards), monitors MS4C supplies an incredibly good sound in any situation.10 11
    • SPEAKERS New dimension The purity of studio sound both This equipment is all about delivering a sound that boasts power, purity and quality. Those speakers can be used on stage or at any on stage and at any other type of event other type of event; they can easily switch to being used as acoustic speakers: • Two L&R 6.35mm stereo jack inputs: to connect instruments for stereo sound (digital keyboard, electronic drum kit, etc.) along with MP3 players, iPhones, PCs and DVD players. • One 6.35mm HiZ mono jack instrument input: to connect electroacoustic instruments (guitar, violin, etc.). CAB100 • One XLR input: to connect a microphone. • One XLR link output: to provide cascading signals to additional , , CAB200 We started out in the music speakers or to hook up to another CAB speaker for extra amplification. business more than thirty • Each input has its own dedicated volume control and there is also a years ago and at the time the master control for the overall volume. professional sound equipment we worked with was heavy, bulky and • Included a bass and treble equalizers for fine tuning. expensive, but great on sound quality. Then lighter professional systems appeared, and although the sound CAB100 CAB200 quality didn’t change, the price of the equipment was still out 2 Ways Coaxial Powered Speaker System of reach for most people. JBL is Low Driver 10“ Magnetically Shielded Black Paper With Fibre Cone 12“ Magnetically Shielded Black Paper With Fibre Cone one of the brands that comes to High Driver 3“ Magnetically Shielded Black Paper With Fibre Cone mind - they really understood what Power Rating 100 Watt RMS 200 Watt RMS professionals needed. Frequency Response 40Hz-20KHz (+/-3dB) 35Hz-20KHz (+/-3dB) And after that, well, everything S/N Ratio >95dB Typical A-weighted went a little crazy. We’ve had a Passive Crossover Network stream of plastic products these Input Impedance 20K Ohms Balanced // 10K Ohms Unbalanced last few years, each one as bad as Input Connectors One XLR for MIC, Two TRS for Stereo & One TRS for INST Independence for the Group the next, and the manufacturers expect us to believe that this Output Connectors One XLR for Link Out new equipment is compact and Bass / Treble -6dB +6dB adjustable For a group, those speakers are a very economical way to set up a affordable! Volume STEREO, MIC, INST Independently adjustable and MASTER adjustable sound system and maintain a pure acoustic sound. Sound is what we know best. Power Requirements 110-120V~/60Hz & 220-240V~/50Hz Select A small group or ensemble - when connected as a pair to a mixing When events organisers have Dimension 310mm(H) x 218mm(W) x 230mm(D) 500mm(H) x 372mm(W) x 370mm(D) deck, the CAB 100 and the CAB 200 turn into front-of-house speakers had to rely on this type of plastic UPC : 3 760 010 252 819 UPC : 3 760 010 252 826 for small venues such as cabarets, cafés and rehearsal rooms. equipment, we find it hard to listen to the results. C A group or orchestra - angled at 45° for accurate directivity, each for cabinet: we chose wood rather than plastic for a better resonance. musician can have his or her own near-field speaker with customized WITH PRODIPE’S HELP WE CAN GIVE YOU THE REAL McCOY A settings. ALL OVER AGAIN. for acoustics: these speakers will give you the right level of sound if you play an instrument (guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums, etc.), and when set up in pairs you will also have a sound system that works for any size event. The CAB 100 and the CAB 200 speakers provide a perfect sound system for any event. Speakers can be used individually or in pairs to give a system which CAB 200. ,, Check out the CAB 100 and the B for coaxial boomer. It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that we have gone for coaxial technology, guarantees the purity of acoustic sound. Claude Salmiéri i.e. the tweeter inside the boomer will give a very pure and linear sound from low to high notes. The sound Ludovic Lanen is as close to a studio sound as you can get. CAB100 CAB200 100 for 100 Watts RMS = CAB 100 for your instrument or smaller venues. 200 for 200 Watts RMS = CAB 200 for venues where you need a higher volume.12 13
    • MICROPHONES dynamic TT1 PRO INSTRUMENTS New generation of professional dynamic Perfect for recording instruments microphones for vocalists engineered to last Cardioid TT1 Multi used microphones Dynamic PRO This is a well balanced mic with a high output level. It is perfect for Polar Pattern Sensitivity Frequency Response Uni-directionnal -49dBV/Pa (2.2mV/Pa) 50-15000 Hz singers who want the highest standards, as well as conference speakers, Output Impedance 600Ω ±30% at 1kHz Cardioid presenters and entertainers who want a true reproduction of their voice. UPC : 3 760 010 252 635 For Prodipe the quality has to be shared, that is why we develop such quality at affordable prices. The TT1 cartridge has been specially designed for recording and reproducing The TT1 offers an identical quality to many professional microphones the sound of acoustic instruments such as stringed instruments, wood, used on the big stage. wind, guitars and percussion, either live or in the studio. The new, rugged The TT1 mic is supplied with mount. TT1 Instruments mic has shown itself to be highly effective for amp micing (guitar, etc.). video TT1 Dynamic TT1 PRO TT1 Polar Pattern Sensitivity Uni-directionnal -49dB±3dB (0db=2.2mV/Pa) -49dBV/Pa (2.2mV/Pa) , , MC1 Frequency Response 50Hz-15KHz 50-15000 Hz Cardioid You shouldn’t let the price influence you, nor compare it to Output Impedance 600Ω ±30% 600 O±30% at 1kHz Cardioid a low quality mic! Even though UPC : 3 760 010 251 973 UPC : 3 760 010 252 543 the price is exceptionally low, this PRESS Professional dynamic microphones mic offers an identical quality to The TT1 work also really well on electric guitar, capturing bite without edginess and plenty of lower-mid warmth. At this price, you can afford to buy one as a spare mic - and who knows, it might just become a firm favourite!. for vocalists many professional mics that I have used on the big stage. On my last visit to Asia I tested, compared Sound On Sound – October 2010 and assessed the performance of more than a hundred cartridges Professional mics for stage vocalists designed to boost the video alongside the engineers from the person’s voice, especially in rock and other types of electric music. state of the art factory that we Neutral and respectful of natural timbre of the voice. work with. This close partnership enabled me Dynamic to develop the completely new ,, Polar Pattern Uni-directionnal TT1 and Sensitivity -55dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) I can absolutely guarantee its performance. Frequency Response 50Hz-16kHz ,, Output Impedance 400Ω±30% at 1kHz These mics are absolutely amazing! Ludovic Lanen 3 760 010 251 614 , , Everything about them pleases me - the technical side, which is every bit as good as the big name brands, and the price, which was unexpected. They’re perfect for studios that have to upgrade their equipment on a regular basis. I added the mics to my audio equipment straight away. video Sound engineer • United Kingdom Frédéric Manoukian Conductor - Arranger • France14 15
    • MICROPHONES dynamic NEW A nice vintage shape M85 Lanen Cardioid with a modern sound technology An absolute must for vocalists NEW V85 Lanen Cardioid A vintage look that oozes quality The M-85 is strong, versatile, and fitted with an anti-shock copper with a modern Prodipe sound that oozes technology mesh. It has been finished in rubber paint, giving an extra comfortable grip and improved noise reduction when handled.. During the development of the mic M-85, we placed a huge emphasis Dynamic on obtaining perfect neutrality in the frequency response because we Polar Pattern Uni-directionnal wanted to be able to offer increased gain and at the same time, respect Sensitivity - 49dB±3dB (0db=2.2mV/Pa) the rich harmony of the voice.. Frequency Response 50Hz-15KHz The M-85 is simple to use and manage with any type of equipment, Output Impedance 600 Ω ±30% 3 760 010 252 987 the new cartridge offer a stunning mix of finesse and precision to restore the grain and colour of your voice. ,, For over 25 years I’ve never been Prodipe have also invested in manufacturing a vintage style all metal mic body with a brilliant chrome finish. Yes, we’re bringing back the legendary mics of the 50s! , , able to use anything other than my faithful condenser mic. The V85 features a dynamic Prodipe cardioid cartridge and an increased Dynamic During my time as a sound After trying out a few of the output level which has been painstakingly adjusted by Ludovic Lanen for Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 16 kHz engineer I’ve used lots of different Prodipe mics I settled for an MC1 maximum impact and maximum balance on stage or in the studio. Pattern Uni-directional types of equipment and a whole Condenser for stage work; it’s very Sensitivity (0dB=1v/pa at 1kHz): - 71 ±3dB plethora of brands. On trying sensitive. And for recording work Impedance (at 1 kHz): 600 Ω ± 30% the Prodipe range I realised that I opted for an STC-3D; it gives a Weight 42 g technically their products were just beautiful texture to the voice, it as good as the other brand names, ,, handles anything you ask of it and UPC : 3 760 010 252 963 which is incredible when you think the value you get for your money is of the price. amazing. Hats off to Prodipe! Their studio monitors and mics have earned their rightful place Jean-Charles Gréau alongside the rest of the studio’s Crooner • France gear. And what I’m going to say ,, now I say in all sincerity. Prodipe are by far and away the least expensive of the major brands. René Ameline Studio Ferber Sound engineer • France16 17
    • MICROPHONES condenser From studio to stage Cardioid STC-3D Professional mic for live and studio recording Bi MC-1 Condenser Full-range vocal condenser with low handling noise, MC-1 condenser , , Uni/bi/omni directional for voice Omni mic brings you enhanced sensitivity and enhanced resolution. It is more To equip my studio, I have confidence in Prodipe. ,, and instruments. Versatile voice/instrument microphone for studio or for live situations, with a high pass filter and a 10 dB fade margin for an immediate response in sophisticated than a dynamic mic, giving you studio standard recording on stage. Must be connected to a 48V power supply and includes a low cut filter button (-10dB). MC-1 condenser mic is specially designed to last with Cardioid Francis Cabrel any situation. With its smoothness and neutrality, it will let you achieve an a complex cartridge suspension patented. Author - Composer – Interpreter • France extremely effective sound pickup. PRESS PROS: Gently flattering but smooth sound. Pad and filter switches. Three patterns: PRESS omni, cardioid and figure-of-eight. Includes case and rugged shockmount. PROS: Open, natural sound / Rugged build / Highly resistant to popping / Affordable video CONS: There are no obvious cons at this price. CONS: None at the price. SUMMARY: PIt’s in a fiercely competitive market, but the Prodipe STC-3D performs SUMMARY: An affordable, hand-held capacitor mic that delivers high-quality sound, resists well given its price range and is capable of excellent results. popping to an impressive degree, and is built to take the knocks of life on the road. Sound On Sound Review – October 2007 - www.soundonsound.com Sound and Sound - March 2012 - www.soundandsound.com video MC-1 Condenser Duo A1 Condenser High Quality Condenser Capsule Frequency Response 30Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz ST1 This high-quality fixed-cardioid condenser will help your recordings shine. Choose the ST1 for vocals and solo instruments including guitar, piano, Sensitivity Max. Input SPL Output Impedance -37±3dB ≥ 125dB( at 1 kHz) 100Ω±30% (at 1 kHz) -35dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) 135dB(at 1kHz 1% T.H.D) percussion & brass. For additional control, the ST1 includes a switchable UPC : 3 760 010 251 697 UPC : 3 760 010 252 703 pad and low-cut filter. ST-USB Cardioid STC3D ST-1 Pressure Gradient Transducer True Condenser Polar Pattern Frequency Response Uni/Bi/Omni 20Hz-20kHz Cardioid 20Hz-20kHz USB Studio Mic with Audio Card Sensitivity -31dB/-34dB/ -35dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) -37dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) Output Impedance 200Ω±30% (at 1kHz) 100Ω±30% (at 1kHz) PLUG & RECORD! Load Impedance ≥1000Ω ≥1000Ω Self Noise 14/15/16dB A ≤20dB A (IEC 581-5) , , ,, Max. Input SPL 130dB (at 1kHz ≤1% T.H.D) // 140dB (with 10dB pad) 130dB (at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D) Prodipe are amazing! The only Phantom Power Requirement 48V DC Phantom 48V DC Cardioid thing that’s budget about these mics is the price! S/N Ratio 80/79/78dB Bass Filter: 10dB /octave at 100Hz UPC : 3 760 010 251 553 UPC : 3 760 010 252 413 Designed to attach straight into your PC or Mac, the ST-USB will bring vocal or instrument recordings alive! Highly accurate, and no need for Adam Falkner Drummer - Currently the drummer any external power source, this mic works in the studio or on-the-road. and musical director for Amy Macdonald ,, I am truly honoured to be a part of the Prodipe family. To try and keep it as concise as possible, because there are Prodipe’s Asio 2 multicard driver and One eskimO • United Kingdom Continue the great work. ,, many adjectives I can use, let me say fi rst about the microphones... Excellentresponse both live and in the studio. The speakers, nothing short of astounding and I have sung your products praises to all within ear- shot. Onward and upward. Ellis Hall Adding Prodipe’s revolutionary Asio 2 multicard driver and a Prodipe audio interface has transformed the ST-USB into a fully-fledged mic input for all your ASIO DAW’s compatible. Multi-instrumentalist - Singer - Song writer – Producer • USA18 19
    • MICROPHONES condenser Warm sound for purists Professional Microphones The ribbon mic has amazing qualities that have made it a benchmark for Studio and Live recording for sound professionals. It largely contributed to the success of the great singers of the past, who enjoyed its especially warm and RSL natural pickups. But as with tube microphones, their high price, size and relative fragility meant they were replaced by more practical ,, In December 2011 I came to Paris equipment - only a few purists have continued to work with them, deciding not to sacrifice sound over ease of use. Bi with Georgios Sotiropoulos, my sound engineer, to record a new The ribbon mics are boasting a modern design and an affordable album and we were astonished when we discovered the Prodipe brand. We saw that Prodipe Duo A1(pair) Cardioid price for the exceptional quality, perfect for smaller studios, home studio buffs and musicians. products were being used in the big French studios. When we compared The A1 Duo is a pair of pencil condenser With the now affordable price of the Ribbon Stereo Lanen and Ludovic their speakers and mics with the top brands, we realized that they were mics, equally at home in the studio and Lanen Ribbon 1, you will finally be able to rediscover: • The warm and natural sounds of the 50s and 60s (jazz, rock and roll, and identical in quality. This aroused our curiosity even more, so we asked on stage. early pop). lots of questions and received lots • The speed of response obtained from the lightweight nature of a ribbon Bi of answers. Perfect for stereo recordings of acoustic instruments and vocal groups. that comprises 2.8 micron width aluminum. The Prodipe brand is a result of the The A1 mic is supplied with mount and shield. fusion between the know-how of • A respect for the timbre of each instrument and a very natural reproduction French people in the music business of their respective sounds. and the talents of a manufacturer. Pressure Gradient Transducer • An ability to manage very high sound levels (for example, guitar amplifier If we look at the music profession, Polar Pattern Uni-directional at full blast). it’s not because earnings have Frequency Response 30Hz~18kHz • High-pitched sounds that are never aggressive (brass, metal percussion), Ribbon1 gone down that the standard of performance has also gone Sensitivity -38dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) even if the pickup is nearby. Output Impedance 100Ω±30% (at 1kHz) down. Prodipe have understood • Figure-of-eight directional, so you can capture the atmosphere of the Load Impedance this completely. They have the ≥1000Ω room from behind and almost completely isolate any sources that are on manufacturing skills and knowledge Self Noise 20dB A (IEC 581-5) either side of the mic. to produce cheaper equipment, but Max Input SPL 134dB (at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D) , , at the same time they have made • In particular, the ribbon mic demonstrates its qualities when recording: S/N Ratio 74dB sure that the quality of the audio Electric guitar amps, Drum kit overheads, Percussion instruments, Brass The ribbon mic has amazing qualities 3 760 010 251 607 hasn’t altered.s and woodwind, Horn sections, Acoustic piano, Acoustic guitar, Stringed that have made it a benchmark All we hear is talk of crisis and PRESS instruments (solo), String sections, Choirs and orchestras, Voice. for sound professionals. It largely PROS: Inexpensive / Very versatile / Well-balanced tonality. contributed to the success of the austerity plans when we haven’t crooners, who enjoyed its especially been responsible for what our CONS: Unremarkable noise performance means it is best suited to close miking jobs. warm and natural pickups. But as politicians have done, well, it’s clear SUMMARY: A cost-effective mic that can cover just about any project application Ribbon Stereo Microphone (RSL) Ribbon1 with tube mics, their high price, size to us that a brand like Prodipe can in a capable manner Bi-directional and relative fragility meant they were make their mark in Greece. replaced by more practical equipment Sound On Sound Review – July 2009 - www.soundonsound.com Frequency Response 30Hz-18kHz 25Hz-18KHz They can offer quality at a lower - only a few purists have continued price. The value for money you get Self Noise 17dB A to work with them, deciding not to when you buy their products is Sensitivity -50dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz) sacrifice sound over ease of use. phenomenal and that’s why we have video Max.Input SPL 140dB (at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D) 148dB Now Prodipe and Ludovic Lanen have ,, opted for Prodipe. Output Impedance 20Ω // Load Impedance: 1000Ω 250Ω developed a new ribbon mic boasting Test their products out for yourselves. UPC : 3 760 010 252 390 UPC : 3 760 010 252 031 a modern design and a price that at ,, Let your ears decide! last makes exceptional quality available to smaller studios, home studio buffs Nikola Vardis and video and musicians. Georgios Sotiropoulos Ludovic Lanen Nikola Vardis - Bass Player-Composer / Sound engineer • United Kingdom Georgios Sotiropoulos - Sound Engineer • Greece RSL Ribbon120 21
    • MICROPHONES wireless PRODIPE launches a range of wireless mics for every uses Cardioid TT1 UHF DUO Cardioid TT1 UHF channels 16 selectable UHF 2 TT1 UHF mics for use with a 32 channel receiver unit 2 x 16 selectable UHF channels Balanced Timbre The famous TT1 mic, TT1 UHF TT1 UHF Duo , , I’ve played on a multitude of stages now available wireless 16 selectable UHF channels 2x16 selectable UHF channels and in just as many studios. A constant thorn in my side has been Accurate System Diversity the sorry state of the equipment on Balanced Timbre offer, especially at live events - the Frequency Range* UHF 740-786MHz organisers have been inclined to set Channel 16 16x2 me up with an all-purpose mic and I just grin and bear it! Frequency Stabilisation <±30ppm Studio work, apart from at some of the ,, With 30 years of sound engineering under my belt, both in the studio Dynamic Range Total Harmonic Distortion >90dB <0.5% legendary venues, means handling one or two ‘limited choice’ mics that have Cover Range 50M been picked out first and foremost for and at the biggest live events, I would have to say that achieving a TRANSMITTER their cost. highly professional sound is my number one challenge, making quality It’s so good to be able to bring your the most important factor in the product design process. Transmitter power 10m Watt own instrument and mics to home Modulation FM studios, the stage or anywhere else for What I’ve realized while working with Prodipe is that they use their Maximum Deviation ±50KHz that matter. Then the only thing left to knowhow to optimize the manufacture of exceptionally priced products High harmonic More than 40dB worry about is the quality of the mix, without stinting on the quality that I’m after. because the sound is always top notch Battery voltage AA1.5V×2 during miking. This brand has made professional standard equipment available to RECEIVER Finally there are high-performance, everyone and I’m proud to be on their team. Power supply AC100~240V/ 45-60Hz affordable mics. External 12~18V PRODIPE have really made an effort There’s no point comparing Prodipe with budget products or low price to design their mics for musicians like big brand equipment. You’re better off doing the opposite. Compare Power Consumption 5 Watt myself who only want the best, but our products with the best the market has to offer and you’ll find , , S/N Ratio >90dB who don’t want to spend a fortune yourself switching to Prodipe. P/N or F/N N Ratio >80dB getting it. Receiving sensitivity 5dBu (SINAD=20dB) The old days of ‘it’s not possible to PRODIPE - FOR MUSICIANS WHO WANT THE BEST. have decent equipment at a decent ,, Audio output XLR: 0~±300mV price’ are long gone. MICROPHONE A huge sigh of relief. And well done Ludovic Lanen Type Dynamic – Uni-directional PRODIPE! Sound engineer • United Kingdom Frequency response 50Hz~15KHz ±3dB . UPC : 3 760 010 252 XXX UPC : 3 760 010 252 925 Patrick Bourgoin Saxophonist / Flautist • France22 23
    • MICROPHONES wireless TT1 Headset LANEN Receiver + Body Pack + Headset The new Prodipe headset mic is specially designed for people on the move. It adapts perfectly to your morphology. Comfortable and light, it boasts a tailor made cardioid cartridge for singing and vocals. NEW Cardioid TT1 UHF Pack Microphone + Receiver + Body Pack + Headset Cardioid TT1 UHF mic UPC : 3 760 010 252 949 with adjustable headset mic 2 x 16 selectable UHF channels Balanced Timbre Frequency Range* UHF 740-786MHz ,, Channel 16x2 When I came across Prodipe’s range of mics I was impressed by their look and by their size, Frequency Stabilisation Dynamic Range Total Harmonic Distortion <±30ppm >90dB <0.5% MICRO Lavalier which was just right for studio Cover Range 50M Direction Omni-directional work, but what really struck me TRANSMITTER Frequency Response 30-18000H when I tested them was their Sensitivity -40dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1K Hz) Transmitter power 10m Watt quality. Modulation FM Output Impedance ≤200Ω For a lot less money they were Cable lengt 1M on a par with the brand name Maximum Deviation ±50KHz ,, products. High harmonic More than 40dB UPC : 3 760 010 252 956 Now they’re an integral part of my Battery voltage AA1.5V×2 equipment. RECEIVER Power supply AC100~240V/ 45-60Hz Georges Blumenfield External 12~18V Power Consumption 5 Watt Manager of Marcadet Studios • France S/N Ratio P/N or F/N N Ratio >90dB >80dB , , Over the years Prodipe has Receiving sensitivity 5dBu (SINAD=20dB) become a benchmark for audio ,, Audio output XLR: 0~±300mV pros. I regularly use Prodipe mics MICROPHONE for my recording work. I find them excellent. Type Dynamic – Uni-directional Frequency response 50Hz~15KHz ±3dB HEADSET Roland Romanelli Type Back electret condenser Accordionist – Pianist – Composer – Arranger • France Frequency response 100Hz – 12,5KHz UPC : 3 760 010 252 XXX * This equipment complies with the requirements of the R&TTE 99/5/CE European Directive (See section “Declaration of conformity“). The frequencies used are subject to license in Belgium and Germany. Before using the equipment, please act in accordance with the provisions of the legislation currently operating in your country.24 25
    • MICROPHONES drums ST4 4 pieces professional drum ,, microphone set When a manufacturer is able to offer this quality with prices unequalled at this level of professionalism, I have to say, “Yes to Prodipe!”. I am committed to Prodipe because it’s a brand that listens to ”musicians”. , , The ST-4 pack is an offshoot of the ST-8 and has been designed for the type of acoustic setup you would expect to find in a jazz club, Claude Salmiéri musical group or orchestra – for live and studio recording. Drummer - Pianist - Producer • France MAGMA with Christian Vander / He has participated on albums with artists as prestigious as Ray The Claude Salmiéri pack consists of 8 microphones: Charles, Don Cherry and Marvin Gaye. Participation in some of the most well known comedy musicals • 2 dynamic mics for bass and snare drums. such as Starmania, Tycoon and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He has accompanied many French and international stars such as Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. He is currently putting together his own • 2 electrostatic A1 overhead mics. trio, the Jazz Light Night and he has his own production label, BULLDOG MUSIC, SALMA RECORD and producing young artists. The ST-4 set is supplied in a durable carrying case and includes 2 SHIELDS and 2 HOLDER MOUNTS to use with the overheads. , , I’ve travelled the world for many years now as a professional drummer, but ST8 after my recent participation on ‘The Voice’ I’ve decided to become a singer, and this in addition to all the other things I do. 8 pieces professional drum microphone set Everywhere I go people tell me about Prodipe, emphasising the amazing X1 X1 X2 quality and the incredible prices. So I thought to myself, maybe it was time to find out more about the brand. After a little digging I learned that Prodipe was French and that they worked with Claude Salmiéri, one of the great video drummers, and Ludovic Lanen, a sound engineer whose reputation goes before him. My next move was to put the products to the test. X1 X3 X1 X3 ST8 // ST4 • SD First I recorded my album and DVD with the Lanen Ribbon Stereo mic, Type Dynamic the TT1 Instrument mic, the MC-1 mic Frequency Response 80Hz-12kHz and the Claude Salmiéri ST8 drum mic Claude Salmieri drum mic pack ST-8 was designed to restore your pack. I also used the STC-3D for my Directivity Characteristic Cardioid playing with as much accuracy as possible. voice and it gave me just what I expect Sensitivity -54±3dB 0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz from a mic – warmth and accuracy. Output Impedance 250Ω±30% (at1kHz) I did my mixing with the Pro Ribbon 8 The Claude Salmiéri pack consists of 8 microphones: ,, Thank you for thinking about • 1 dynamic unidirectional bass drum mic that faithfully reproduces the acoustic pressure of a bass drum. Type ST8 // ST4 • KD Dynamic speakers – I deliberately chose them because they’re spot on and they give a sense of space to my mixes. drummers in designing these Frequency Response 30Hz-12kHz So far I’ve been lucky. I’ve had the microphones. Material of this • 3 dynamic, unidirectional and ultra-versatile microphones for toms - Directivity Characteristic Hyper-cardioid best professional equipment money you can also use them with other percussion instruments such as ,, quality... Sensitivity -64±3dB 0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz can buy, but I seriously wonder why at that price! I only have one thing congas, bongos, etc. Output Impedance 200Ω±30%(at 1KHz) we should be paying so much when to say: that’s great Claude! professional quality at a reasonable • As for the snare drum there is 1 dynamic unidirectional mic to ST8 // ST4 • A1 price can be had by anyone. accurately transcribe what is essential in playing snaredrums - attack Type True Electrostatic Condenser And as they say in their literature: André Ceccarelli Drummer – composer • France and finesse. • 3 overheads (static condenser microphones) perfectly adapted to capture the different moods of drums and percussion instruments, but also ideal for the Charleston drum. Directivity Characteristic Frequency Response Sensitivity Output Impedance Cardioid 30Hz-20KHz -36±3dB 0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz 100Ω ± 30%(at1KHz) now a bona fide Prodipe user. ,, “You’ll switch to Prodipe too once you’ve tested our products.” Well, I’m Load Impedance ≥1000Ω Damien Schmitt Drummer – composer • France This pack also contains 3 shields and 3 clips to use with your Equivalent Noise Level ≤22dB A IEC 581-5 overheads. Max. Input SPL 130dB THD≤1.0% at 1KHz The mic set is protected by an hard case. Bass Filter 12dB/octave at 100 Hz Power Requirement 48V DC Phantom Power The ST-8 set is supplied in a durable carrying case and includes 3 UPC ST4: 3 760 010 252 468 // UPC ST8: 3 760 010 252 475 SHIELDS and 3 HOLDER MOUNTS to use with the overheads.26 27
    • MICROPHONES ACCESSORIES Professional drum mic clamp (For microphones ST-8 and ST-4) Drum mic clamp for tom-tom and snare drums. Thanks to their size and to their sturdiness, these clamps are the ideal support for your toms and snare drums mics: • Compact • Easy to fix and to remove • The ribbon absorbs the noises and the shocks Professional UPC : 3 760 010 252 744 Shock mount PRO SHM 12 SHM 12 is elastic suspending sock-proof brackets, which can reduce mechanical noise by more than 20dB. It is light, solid and easy to install, it also features a wide application range. Prodipe Pop Shield UPC : 3 760 010 252 734 Dampens the plosives (when you pronounce p’s and b’s) and protects your mic during voice recordings. Filter with double acoustic screen made from high quality nylon mesh. Professional Demountable frame for cleaning/changing filter. Adjustable universal clamp fixes securely to any mic stand. Shock mount PRO SHM 15 Flexible metal goose neck for precise and stable positioning. FOR EVERY DIAMETERS 19 TO 54 MM 14,5 cm diameter. - This microphone shockmount is designed to absorb vibrations from the floor and air, allowing a cleaner reproduction of sound. Suits medium diameter condenser UPC : 3 760 010 252 000 microphones (often long / pencil style) with a diameter between 19 mm and 54mm. - Attaches to any regular Mic Stand. UPC : 3 760 010 252 741 Professional Shock mount PRO SHM 8 Shockmount is designed to absorb vibrations from the floor and air, allowing a cleaner reproduction of sound. Suits large condenser microphones. The shockmount screws onto any regular mic stand and boom Professional mic stand UPC : 3 760 010 252 758 Mic stand with extendable boom arm, very strong with a metal base for maximum stability. Boom/straight convertible tilter. UPC : 3 760 010 252 376 Professional stereo microphone bar (For microphone Duo A1) Mic bar with mounts for two mics – can be attached to a mic stand. UPC : 3 760 010 252 36928 29
    • HEADPHONES A complete range of headphones Pro 780 Pro 880 Professional Monitoring & DJ Headphones Professional Extremely practical format compact and flexible Studio Monitor Headphones Those headphones, half open and designed for a perfect and precise monitoring, are intended to the professional musicians. For the studio, home-studio and DJ. Professional Monitoring Headphones Pro 880 is entirely closed and designed for a perfect and precise monitoring, for professional musicians, the studios and home-studios. PRO780 PRO980 Half open Closed back Impedance 60Ω 32Ω Impedance 32Ω Sensitivity 95dB±3dB 101 ±3dB at 1kHz Sensitivity 96±3dB Frequency Response 15Hz-30kHz 15Hz-25kHz Frequency Response 10-35kHz Max. Input Power 600m Watt 30m Watt Max Power 1500m Watt UPC : 3 760 010 252 789 UPC : 3 760 010 252 642 UPC : 3 760 010 252 253 PRESS PROS: « ...Ideal for broadcasts, studios and home studios but also for DJs. Its design offers an excellent isolation and an acoustic comfort. Moreover, it yields in a very practical compact format. Technically, this headphone offers reinforced bass and a good balance of mediums and clear high frequency...». Keyboard Recording - n°229 - www.keyboardsrecording.fr ,, Pro 980 Foldable Prodipes line of microphones, speakers and headphones have been a great addition to my studio. The clarity of my Pro5 & Pro8 monitors, as well as the Pro880 headphones have made them indispensable Stereo Headphones for playback: and the full range of microphones are perfect for recording the variety of instruments I use • Elegant design in my studio. I also congratulate Prodipe on the affordable pricing for their full range of products. This is great news • Dynamic sound for professional and amateur musicians alike, as it is now possible to economically equip a studio with • Perfect balance with deep bass, solid mid range , , professional audio equipment without compromising on quality. As a very satisfied and crisp highs Prodipe customer, I happily recommend Prodipe to anyone in the market for reliable, professional and affordable audio equipment. • Extra comfort with adjustable headband and leather ear cushions • Completely collapsible Christopher Young • Supplied in a semi-rigid case Film composer • USA30 31
    • HEADPHONES PRO3000W PRO3000 Pro 580 PRO3000BR BR Multi-purpose headphones This headphone has a very high quality listen. Aimed at musicians and ideal for DJ’s, it is comfortable, offering a balanced sound thanks to its bass boost. It can be used for long periods without causing hearing fatigue. Perfect for electronic instruments, virtual instruments, monitoring work, musical P ro f es s io n al lis ten in g in co lo u r informatics. Are you a musician? Someone who likes listening to music? Prodipe has added colour to its range of headphones. At home, in the studio or even on the train – they’ll look good anywhere. The new Prodipe 3000W and Prodipe 3000BR headphones are as classy as they are high performance, offering a professional sound alongside a brightly coloured, stylishly effective design. IEM3 In ear monitors PRO3000BR Operating Principle : Closed PRO3000W Fashion: Supra-aural The PRODIPE in-ear monitors (IEM3) have been ergonomically designed for musicians to ensure a complete seal from any external noise and an exceptional sound Transducer Type Loudhailer Dynamic 40mm , , I first learned about Prodipe when I reproduction on stage, in a studio or on the move. Impedance 32 was working with Claude Salmiéri. Supplied with a range of flexible moulds for maximum comfort. Sensitivity 95dB 3dB Ever since then I’m always using at Frequency Response 15Hz-22kHz least one of their products on stage or PRESS Max. Power 400m Watt in the studio. My home studio includes the superb Pro 8 monitors and an PROS: High volume and reasonably flat response / Low cost way to try in-ear monitoring. Rating Power 250m Watt STC-3D mic for vocals. CONS: Isolation level is lower than custom moulds, and varies from ear to ear. Cable About 3m (straight) On stage I’ve opted for an authentic SUMMARY: These affodable in-ear monitors are similar to many consumer products, but have acoustic guitar sound with the Prodipe ,, Plug 3.5mm+ 6.3mm been designed to play loudly and cleanly. How effectively the rubber grommets isolate you A1 mic. Quality like that on a tight from outside sound depends very much on the shape of your ear canal. Net Weight 233g (with cable) budget is definitely going to up the Norminal Headband Approx.2.8N creativity level. Sound and Sound - March 2012 - www.soundandsound.com Pressure UPC : 3 760 010 252 994 UPC : 3 760 010 253 007 Michel Deshays Guitarist-Writer-Composer-Producer-Interpreter • France PRO580 IEM3 Closed Frequency response 20 Hz -20 kHz 10Hz-22kHz Sensitivity 105 dB±3 95 ±3dB Impedance 32 Ohms 16Ω Max. Input Power 200m Watt X Supplied with a range of flexible moulds for maximum comfort. UPC : 3 760 010 252 017 UPC : 3 760 010 252 65932 33
    • AUDIO / MIDI INTERFACES Studio22 PRO (part 2/2) Studio88 PRO (part 2/2) Microphone preamps with antialiasing filters and LCF Phantom power switch on each input Transform your computer into a recording studio Gain input on each input HiZ switch on each input Overhead LED on each input 2 RCA line inputs, mixed with the front inputs 2 jack outputs ¼» balanced coupled with 2 RCA connectors / 8 jack outputs ¼» balanced coupled with 2 RCA connectors / THD+N : 0,005% (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) / SNR : 96dB THD+N : 0,005% (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) / SNR : 96dB (Signal Noise Ratio) / Dynamic range : 93 dB / LPF filter (Signal Noise Ratio) / Dynamic range : 93 dB / LPF filter 1 stereo headphone output ¼“ Monitoring mix knob direct<>play 1 MIDI input (16 channels) / 1 MIDI output (16 channels) STUDIO 88 PRO Self-powered thru USB connector 5V DC / 1A (power supply optional, depending on the power available on the USB connector ) Windows XP, Vista, Seven or higher Power supply (included) 5V DC / 1A Windows XP, Vista, Seven or higher and MAC OS X compatible (no driver needed) and MAC OS X (10.5 -> Lion) compatible UPC : 3 760 010 252 536 UPC : 3 760 010 252 567 STUDIO 22 PRO Studio22 USB One stereo output (Headphone jack 6,35mm and line on 2xRCA) • Chipsets Texas Instrument High Quality. ASIO 2: 44100 Hz / 48000 Hz, 16 bits • On each input: combo plug (XLR + jack 6,35 mm) • All Prodipe audio interfaces are shipped USB connection (Full speed) with phantom power, high impedance selector, with a «Prodipe ASIO 2» driver. Can be used by all Very low latency thanks to gain setting and saturation indicator. applications (Cubase for example) that require low «Prodipe ASIO 2» driver • Included 2 RCA inputs mixed with front inputs. latency. STUDIO 22switchable microphone USB Windows XP/Vista/7 (Up to 64 bits) • The «Prodipe ASIO 2» driver has a built-in and Mac OSX CUBASE LE: «Prodipe ASIO Merge®» function that lets you UPC : 3 760 010 252 628 • Based on the Steinberg Cubase advanced music use several Prodipe audio interfaces Two inputs (jack 6,35mm) production system used by professionals simultaneously in your ASIO applications. • Latency : 2ms. or high impedance for guitar around the world. • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg • Audio data formats: 16, 24 or 32 bits. or other compatible instruments. Audio Engine. + CUBASE LE + ASIO 2 + PRODIPE VE (See more information page 37) • Up to 48 simultaneous audiotracks with PRODIPE VE: 24bit/96kHz and 64 MIDI tracks. • Make music with all your MIDI software • Superb audio/MIDI recording, editing (sequencers, score editors). When you connect and mixing application. • Complete suite of 23 audio VST effect processors. • 25 instrument sounds for the included HALion your computer to your MIDI keyboard, Prodipe VE becomes a genuine musical instrument, capable of recreating a full orchestra from its component USB MIDI interfaces parts in real time and without latency. 1IN 1OUT ONE sample player. • It is also a professional expander for live • AudioWarp system for time-stretching and session work. and pitch-shifting in real time. Included Prodipe VE (Virtual Expander) • Streamlined score editing and printing feature set. • Cross-platform for Windows TIMESTRETCH (PC only): PRODIPE VE (See more information page 37) Make music with all your MIDI software (sequencers, score editors). When you and Mac OS X Universal Binary.. connect your computer to your MIDI keyboard, Prodipe VE becomes a genuine musical instrument, capable of recreating a full orchestra from its component parts in real time and without latency. It’s also a professional expander for live and session work. See details below. Studio22 PRO (part 1/2) Studio88 PRO (part 1/2) 2 audio inputs / 2 audio outputs 1 MIDI input / 1 MIDI output 8 audio inputs / 8 audio outputs 4IN 4OUT No 1 S/PIDF input / 1 S/PDIF output Included MERGE function Professional audio quality (high quality electronic components) The MIDI USB Prodipe 4i4o is a convenient 4 in / 4 out, 64 MIDI channels, USB USB connection (1.1 and 2.0 compatible) MIDI interface for PC and Mac computers. «Plug and play» (no driver needed) With the MIDI USB Prodipe 4i4o you can obtain perfect MIDI timing 2 combo inputs (XLR + jack ¼“) 8 combo inputs (XLR + jack ¼“) and performance at an extremely affordable price. THD+N : 0,01% (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) / SNR : 89dB (Signal Noise Ratio)34 35
    • SOFTWARES / DVD Piano Scores Unlimited TIMESTRETCH vol.1 Change the tempo on your cds, and your wav, mp3 and wma files THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF PIANO SCORES CONTAINED ON A SINGLE without adjusting the pitch and vice-versa DVD-ROM FOR LISTENING TO OR PRINTING, ROYALTY FREE AND WITHOUT RESTRICTION. For copyists music teachers students by reducing the tempo of your CDs to a • 630 major works organized according to level of difficulty minimum, TimeStretch opens up a whole new world of possibilities. • 2,500 pages of music to print Musical dictation in all its forms is feasible from your audio CDs, but you can also • 26 hours of listening time (the equivalent to 20 audio CDs) choose a rhythm that allows you to analyze the myriad complexities of a particular • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Up to 64 bits). piece, and this is available in nonstop play.. MUSIC SCHOOLS / CONSERVATOIRES / MULTIMEDIA LIBRARIES / SCHOOLS For everyone, / PIANO TEACHERS / EXPERIENCED OR NOVICE PIANISTS, CONCERT • Extract parts of an audio CD / Extract the audio content of a video file or a DVD video PERFORMERS / can give the scores out freely for lessons, exams, homework, • Create a compilation of titles on audio CD or mp3 player / Prepare your playlists etc. without them being considered as photocopies. for the big occasion. • Easily add ringtones to your cell phone by selecting the part you want (Babell, Bach, Beethoven, Bizet, Boccherini, Burgmuller, Chopin, Clementi, Corelli, from the chosen title. Couperin, Czerny, Daquin, Debussy, Diabelli, Franck, Gluck, Gounod, Graupner, • Convert your files to WAV, MP3 or WMA. Gurlitt, Haendel, Hasse, Haydn, Hässler, Joplin, Krebs, Krieger, Lully, Martini, • Burn new audio CDS that include your new settings: tempo, transposition, Massenet, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Pachelbel, Petzold, Purcell, Rameau, Scarlatti, selections, etc. Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Tchaikovski, Telemann, Türk). • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Up to 64 bits). UPC : 3 760 010 252 116 Software available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch UPC : 3 760 010 251 263 Piano Scores Unlimited vol.2 No Voice/My voice Be the singer, become the star! A COMPLETE REPERTOIRE OF JAZZ, MODERN JAZZ, BLUES, POP, ROCK, BOSSA, LATIN, and BOOGIE... for lessons, exams, auditions and work at home. Audio CD vocal removal software for a Real Karaoke session FOR PIANO TEACHERS / EXPERIENCED OR NOVICE PIANISTS / SCHOOLS OF MUSIC / CONSERVATOIRES / MULTIMEDIA LIBRARIES / EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS, ... Using your own audio CD’s, MyVoice allow you to mask the voice of singers in real time. You will be able to sing with the original musicians of your favorite bands 128 SCORES: • Can be printed and given out without being considered as photocopies • Transpose, change the tempo, use studio sound effects, create your remixes, or illegal file copies. engrave your own audio CD’s. • Each score has its own bass/drum accompaniment - can be exported as • Karaoke function with synchronized scrolling of words. a MIDI file or an MP3 audio file. • Ripper function to convert your audio CD’s in WAV or MP3 fi les. • JAZZ, LATIN rythms, BOSSA NOVA, MODERN JAZZ, BLUES, BOOGIE, ROCK... • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Up to 64 bits). from beginner to intermediate level. • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Up to 64 bits). Included a microphone. UPC : 3 760 010 252 185 Software available in French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. UPC : 3 760 010 250 70936 37
    • Professionals have adopted Prodipe Patrice Küng Sound engineer - LOOBEELOO STUDIO: Julia Migenes, Patrick Bruel, Maurane, Maxime le Forestier, Manau, Dany Brillant and Cunnie Williams • France “As far as I’m concerned, Prodipe is the best brand on the market. The Pro5 and Pro8 studio Marc Bercovitz monitors easily do the same job as any other brand, except that other brands can cost over Composer – arranger • France 1,000 euros.“ “I used PRODIPE products every day for my job because they hold their own with many reference of the market that cost a great deal more. For all your new equipment: studio, homestudio ... please! Test by yourself and you will reach the same conclusion as me: this brand has become a reference and Frédéric Manoukian fully embodies the need for renewal of our profession ... So what saved the budgets used to promote Arranger and musical director of TV programmes presented by Michel Drucker on France 2: ‘Samedi soir avec’, “Tenue de Soirée“, “Tour en Fête“ and “Cérémonie des Molières“ • France artists, we all need that! And what professional equipment may be available to everyone. This is done For the last two years he and his Big Band have been accompanying Laurent Gerra’s shows (TV, shoots, etc.). with Prodipe.“ He has just finished a double album for Pierre Perret and co-produced a show in tribute to the songs of Frank Sinatra. The Frédéric Manoukian Big Band has also accompanied Guy Marchand, Paul Anka, Robin McKelle, Sophia Nelson, Roberto Alagna, Johnny Halliday, Patrick Bruel, Nolwenn Leroy, Patrick Fiori, Liane Foly, Julien Clerc, Hélène Ségara, Tina Arena, Yannick Noah, Florent MiTcH LJ Pagny, Michel Leeb, Enrico Macias, Adamo, Pascal Obispo, Michel Delpech, Maurane, Laura Pausini, Marcel Amont, Nicole Croisille, Michel Fugain, Charlélie Couture, Jeane Manson and Michel Jonasz. DJ & producer • France “I checked out plenty of speakers, but I eventually went for the Prodipe Ribbon 8 because the “When I’m not traveling, I work in studio productions that I will play. After comparing with other brands, ribbon tweeter, in combination with a high quality woofer, gave a perfect sound from bass to I have chosen the monitoring system Prodipe Pro8 with subwoofer Prodipe Pro10S for a high quality treble. record.“ My decision was based on the brand’s expertise and attitude, but if you factor in the price as well, these speakers are definitely worth having. Congratulations to Prodipe for making this quality at this price. Gary Atkins Prodipe have become a key player in the pro audio world.“ Composer - Guitarist - Keyboardist - Arranger - Orchestrator - Copyist • Canada “Prodipe monitors and microphones give me the sound I have been looking for. In my studio I use the Prodipe Monitoring pack (The PRODIPE Pro10 and the ProRibbon8s/ ProRibbon5s). This system Daniel Carlet Director of Hocco Studios • France allows me to monitor at low volumes without suffering from ear fatigue, and create the mixes I need. Hocco Studios has been a leader in musical rehearsals for the last 12 years. French and international show business professionals, As Technology Co-ordinator of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), I use the same monitoring as well as numerous amateurs, take advantage of the four studios for their rehearsals. The 1000m² of backline offers a full range of system and mics (Ludovic Lanen STC-3D Studio Microphone, Ribbon 1 Ludovic Lanen; and the TT1 equipment which is regularly updated to meet the needs of a very loyal and discerning clientele. Ludovic Lanen microphone). At the Conservatory we record everything from solo performances to full “These mics are absolutely amazing. Everything about them pleases me - the technical side, orchestras and our Prodipe mics are part of the tools we use to consistently deliver quality recordings. which is every bit as good as the big name brands, and the price, which was unexpected. I love the sound that I get for live situations using the TT1; this is one great dynamic mic. For recording They’re perfect for studios that have to upgrade their equipment on a regular basis. I added the that sweet, smooth vocal sound I always reach for the Ribbon 1 Ludovic Lanen first.“ mics to my audio equipment straight away. All my Prodipe mics were used in the recording of Eva Marchal’s last live album in January 2007.“ Sandy Newman Yvon Guillard Lead vocalist of world famous Scottish pop/rock group Marmalade • United Kingdom “I’m delighted with my new Pro 8’s. They are better compared to anything I have used in the past. Director of Hocco Studios • France Belongs to a class of musicians whose careers have developed through bold experimentation based on nonstop musical research. The bass response is very tight with a soft and muiscal top end. A classical training from a conservatoire combined with a natural affinity for jazz, rhythm and blues paved the way for Yvon Guillard I’ve also enjoyed listening to music for pleasure on this honest setup. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the likes of Weidorje at one end of the spectrum and Jacques Higelin at the other, not forgetting Bernard Lavilliers, Véronique Sanson, Bill Deraime, Serge Gainsbourg, Magma, Youssou N’Dour, l’Affaire Louis Trio, the Silencers, Eva Marchal and work on my new solo album with these monitors.“ Claude Salmiéri in the middle. “Ribbon technology is the absolute mark of quality amongst sound professionals. With Prodipe I was pulled in by the excellent value for money of their ribbon-based audio systems, so I had no hesitation in choosing to equip my studio with a pair of Pro Ribbon 5 speakers and a Ribbon Flora Purim 1 mic for recording horns. This mic is capable of handling extremely high sound levels and yet Jazz Singer • Brazil Her music has interwoven the life fabric of anyone with a passing interest in Latin and American jazz music for over 25 years. it respects the timbre of the instruments and restores the sound as naturally as possible. The Her once-in-a-generation six-octave voice has earned her two Grammy nominations for Best Female Jazz Performance and Downbeat trebles are never aggressive, even with close miking. As for the speakers, they’re perfect for magazines Best Female Singer accolade on four occasions. Her musical partners have included Gil Evans, Stan Getz, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie and Airto Moreira, with whom she has collaborated acoustic recording where timbre and space considerations are paramount.“ on over 30 albums since moving with him from her native Rio to New York in 1967. Her musical genius was inbred thanks to a Russian émigré father who played violin and a mother who was a talented pianist in her own right. Before leaving Brazil to escape the repressive military regime of the time, she had mastered piano and guitar and liberated an exhilarating vocal talent. After nearly four decades of extraordinary performance, Flora Purim has become synonymous with Brazilian jazz — her seductive voice intertwining effortlessly with native rhythms and exotic instrumentation. Tony Match TONY MATCH was musically reared on famous jazz players and jazz labels. Now he has created his own style mixing elements “I recorded with microphones Prodipe, Ribbon 1, in studio and I felt in love. of jazz, soul and breakbeat jazz. Since 1998 he has been involved in the Nu Jazz scene and worked with singers and musicians such as Flora Purim (Miles Davis, Stan), Mozez (Zero7), Awsa Bergstrom (Nick Cave, London Gospel City Choir), Jean Baptiste I do not want to use other microphones for my voice recordings.“ Laya (Christian Escoudé), Dynamax, DB Clifford, the songwriter Beth Hirsch, Sol, KaoriKaneko, Neelam. • France “The RSL blew me away! When you compare it to classic ribbon mics, the Prodipe RSL offers a similar level of performance. It gives you everything you’d want from a ribbon mic - softness, roundness, warmth and a natural reproduction of the instrument sound, for example, with a guitar or any other harmonically Jean-Luc Escriva rich acoustic instrument the RSL brings out the purity of the timbre and the presence of the instrument Writer-Composer-Interpreter • France with incredible accuracy. “As a singer and choral director I’m always on the lookout for the ‘must have’ mic. Recently I had the The Prodipe RSL fills a gap in the market for this type of mic and my feeling is that no studio or home chance to try out PRODIPE’s range and I was pleasantly surprised by the accurate sound reproduction. studio should be without one.“ Even better, the mics are great looking, solid and they feel really good. The value for money is excellent as well. I can’t speak highly enough of these mics - quality products available to a maximum number of people and nothing to fear from the bigger brands.“ See all the Artists www.prodipe.com/en/artists38 39
    • Prodipe is distributed all around the worldU.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Italy , France, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,… Please check your local distributor for product availability and retail prices on: prodipe com • www.prodipe.com • international@prodipe.com H eadquarter: 20, Rue Clément Ader • ZA LES GLORIETS • 85340 • Olonne sur Mer • France International Department: 51, Rue de l’Echiquier • 75010 Paris • France Prodipe is a division of IPE Music All our products are designed in France